Wednesday, October 21, 2015

North for Christmas by Christina Dymock


Ruby Jeavon certainly has her heart set on an engagement. It's the first step in creating the family she's always wanted. But things go slightly off course and instead of flying to Italy with her boyfriend, Ruby heads out of town to work as an elf in Nashville. Even though she's far away from her dream, she's about to discover the magic of a Nashville Christmas through the eyes of North Foxwell, her fellow elf and a Christmas expert. Even though North struggles with his own Christmas ghosts, Ruby manages to bring new light to his life. Can Ruby let go of her dream to find what her heart truly desires? Only time--at the North Pole--will tell.

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I'm just going to start this review by saying this was the perfect holiday romance book.  I really loved it.  I'm pretty sure it should be a Hallmark show.

Ruby starts out the book expecting a proposal from her boyfriend.  She is fully focused on doing whatever it takes to make this happen and so comes off in the beginning rather self centered and snotty.  Maybe to some extent, she is.  When Ruby's mother gives her an assignment right before Christmas it is both an answer to her prayers, and a nightmare.

I loved North even with his problems because that's how most of us usually come.  He has a kind heart.  Ruby and North are great characters.  There was a spark or two between them and I loved feeling the push and pull of attraction and interest as the book went on.

The whole holiday theme of this book really put me in the mood for Christmas.  It was a good reminder that there are so many people out there that could use a helping hand and extra love and kindness.  

I read through this book so quickly.  It really was like a Hallmark movie playing in my head.  Just perfect for this time of year!

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