Review Policy

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy.  I appreciate that!  I am open to reviewing all kinds of books from fiction to non-fiction, YA, MG and even picture books.  I am a fairly conservative reader and do ask that if you submit a book to me as a review request that it be free of sexual content and swearing.  I like them squeaky clean!  If you would please submit a content disclosure with your review request.  That will really help me out a lot.

I will never accept erotica or horror books.  Thrillers and mysteries are not my favorite genres, but I have been known to review a cozy mystery or two.

I prefer e-books, in mobi format.  (I can do print and pdf's if I need to)

My review calendar is such that I'm usually booking reviews 3-4 months out.  There are times when my review calendar become so full I put a hold on accepting new reviews.

I always cross post my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon and send a link out on Twitter.

Please note that all reviews are my own honest opinion.  I do not accept money in exchange for reviews.  I reserve the right to decline reading and reviewing a book if I start reading and find the book has content I am uncomfortable with.

You can contact me via email at gettingyourreadon(at)gmail(dot)com