Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Price of Valor (Global Search and Rescue #3) by Susan May Warren


Former Navy SEAL Hamilton Jones thought that the love of his life was dead. But when a girl claiming to be his daughter shows up with a dire message from his wife, Ham knows he will stop at nothing to find her and bring her home.

Kidnapped by rebels while serving as an interpreter in Ukraine, Signe Kincaid has spent the past decade secreting out valuable information about Russian assets in the US to her CIA handler. Fearing for her daughter after being discovered as an operative, Signe sends her to Ham for safekeeping. She's ready to give her life for her country, and she can hardly expect Ham to rescue her after breaking his heart over and over.

When Ham discovers the reason Signe has kept her distance, he must choose between love for his wife and love for the nation he has vowed to protect. Will he save the many? Or the few?

USA Today bestselling author Susan May Warren takes you on a global search and rescue mission where the stakes are higher than ever in this final installment of her popular series.

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Oh wow, was that an on the edge of my seat adventure!  I can't remember, did I even breathe while reading this book?!  I must have but seriously, it felt like I was holding my breath the whole time.  This story is fast paced and just doesn't let up.  I found myself surprised a couple of times and I really like that.

One thing I really like about this series is that it follows several characters in each book.  While this book give focus to Ham and Signe, Orion's and Jenny's continued story is going on as well.  There is so much going on.  Oh, and there were cross over characters from previous series as well!  That was fun!

I'm not sure I had a ton of emotional connection to the characters but I liked them a lot.  I felt invested in their outcome.  It's really hard not to like people who put so much on the line to save other people.  Heroes are the best kinds of characters.  Noble, brave, sacrificing everything.  Warren always gives her characters plenty of mental/spiritual/emotional growth which helps me feel like they are human with flaws even though they are pretty much saving the world.  It's always a good balance.

 Is this really the end of this series?  Sad.  But I was sure grateful for the ending where happy endings reigned supreme.  It always feels good to reach a satisfying, positive conclusion.  I can't wait to see where this author goes next!

Content:  peril, violence, mention of rape, abuse and abortion.  Talk of God and religious elements.  Death.  Kissing. 

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Some Awesome Deals to Share!


Just $.99 right now!  Perfect timing because the second book in this series releases next month!  I've read them both and they are AWESOME!  You all know Jennifer Peel is one of my favorites!   * Amazon * Goodreads * All Other Ebook Platforms *

Here's a book by Melissa Tagg I picked up today for $.99. One Royal Christmas originally appeared in the 2019 novella collection Royally Yours. This is a standalone novella filled with romance, royalty and small-town charm. * Amazon *

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

On the Run (Guardian #4) by Traci Hunter Abramson



As one of the top investigative journalists in the nation, Elle Jameson has a knack for uncovering the truth. So when a promising lead points to corruption on a German military base, Elle anticipates a straightforward assignment. But then she stumbles upon a deadly conspiracy beyond anything she’s faced before, and her scrutiny does not go unnoticed. She knows too much, and she can’t be allowed to live. With no idea where to turn for help, she does the only thing she can: she runs.

The guardians, an elite team of undercover agents, have one job: safeguard those under their protection. As a new guardian, Nolan has just received his first solo assignment to help a young woman who just survived an assassination attempt. Within minutes of making contact with the beautiful journalist, however, their location is discovered. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse spanning the globe as the two work to stay ahead of a determined assassin. Nolan fights to buy Elle time to complete her investigation, and what she discovers is a plot that threatens the very fabric of America. In a desperate race against evil, Nolan and Elle are the only ones who can prevent global catastrophe.

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Yes!  Lately I've been craving books just like this.  Suspenseful and fast paced with enough romance to keep me happy.  This author is one of my favorites in the romantic suspense genre so anytime she releases a new book, it's cause for celebration! 

I really love this Guardian series.  I've been reading them since the beginning and they are all so good.  I don't think you need to read this series in order although I'm pretty sure you will be happier if you do.  Characters from the previous books pop in and out of the story so it means more if you know them and their history.

Ell and Nolan are two smart people.  They have been trained well and they definitely put all their skills to good use in this story!  They are literally on the run from beginning to end in this book.  The story moves along quickly without a lot of down time and I loved the sense of urgency I felt as I read.  I could feel the tensions rising.  So good.  Nolan is new to the guardian role and his support team really did a great job of helping through the tough stuff.  I really like how they all worked together on this case.

The book wraps many things up but still leaves some room for another book.  I really hope that is the case.  Fingers crossed!  I need more romantic suspense books in my life.

This book releases October 12th.  

Content:  peril, violence, death, kissing.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Home Sweet Holiday (Holiday Harbor) by Michele Paige Holmes



Nearly four years have passed since Anna Lawrence fled her hometown the same day her best friends broke her heart and she was left at the altar. She’s hardly looked back since, while forging a new and solitary life in Seattle. When duty calls her home, she reluctantly returns to take care of the family store while her parents are away.

Eli Steiner is visiting his late great-grandfather’s estate in Holiday, Alabama, for the first and last time—to see the place he’s inherited and meet the other benefactor of his great-grandfather’s will before turning everything over to her. When the woman he meets is both the same, and very different, from the one in his grandfather’s letters, Eli’s intrigue leads him to stay longer, to uncover the mystery of Anna Lawrence and possibly heal her heart. 

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This is the second book in the Holiday Harbor series.  I would recommend reading the books in order but I don't think you necessarily have to.

Michele Paige Holmes definitely fills her books with real life problems and real life emotions. This book isn't light, happy reading.  It's full of personal struggle, forgiveness and heavier emotional topics.  So if you are looking for a lighter, fluffier romantic story, this isn't it.  Also, this is a long book.  In my opinion, too long.  I think much of this book could have been condensed and still accomplished the emotion and end goal.  It took me a long time to get through it and I will admit to some skimming. 

I'm so glad that Anna got her story.  After reading the first book, my heart was broken for poor Anna.  I really, really wanted her to find healing and happiness so this book felt satisfying in that regard.  That healing sure didn't come easily or quickly for Anna but it did happen.  I really loved Anna's kindness.  She has a good heart that is willing to help people and that makes her so likeable. 

I love the small town of Holiday. The residents there really know each other and take care of each other.  Even though there are some typical small town quirks and annoyances, for the most part, the people of Holiday are good people and I really liked that feeling of community coming through the story.

Content:  mention of cheating, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Heart of Gold by Stacy Henrie


They'll have to conquer more than the Klondike Trail to reach her father in time; they'll have to overcome their past too.

After months of silence from her father in the Klondike, Tava Rutherford finally receives word from him. Only the outdated letter reveals that her father is ill and may be dying. Desperate to discover his fate, Tava resolves to make the journey to the wilds of northwestern Canada. But Jess Lawmen, her ranch foreman and the man who broke her heart, insists she doesn't go alone. Jess intends to keep his promise to look out for her—even if that means traveling thousands of miles with Tava, the woman he claims to feel just friendship for but has never stopped loving.

With their own ragtag group of travelers in tow, Tava and Jess confront one challenge after another as they join the hundreds of stampeders scrambling to reach the goldfields. But as the two of them come face to face with their past hurts and mistakes in their race to reach Tava’s father, they will have to decide whether to cling to safety or risk their hearts for something even greater.

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This book is very sweet and very gentle.  Those are the two very best words I can come up with to describe it.  The characters are believable, their motives are mostly believable and genuine.  It was very easy to like both Tava and Jess.  I liked how Jess's story unfolded and how it came around in the end.

I guess I thought this story would be more.  The blurb makes it sound like a grand adventure through Canada but the adventure and the danger felt gentle.  The characters, gentle.  I wanted more build, more emotion, just more.  The story does have a nice, steady pace that stays consistent throughout the book.

If you like your books gentle, this is definitely one to pick up.
3/5 stars

Content:  mild peril, mention of drinking and alcohol abuse, a couple instances of kissing.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Seven Ways to Kill a King by Melissa Wright + Giveaway!

Seven Ways to Kill a King
By Melissa Wright
YA Fantasy
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 264 Pages
August 10, 2020

She was born a princess. They made her an assassin.

One was an accident. Two a coincidence. By three, they would know. It would be harder, but I would avenge my mother’s death. These kings would pay that price.

Seven cities make up the Storm Queen’s Realm, each of their self-crowned, murderous kings are one of Princess Myrina’s marks. The treasonous curs may have banded together to share a stolen throne, but soon they will fall.

They thought her dead, killed in the massacre. They thought their rule secure, but Myrina of Stormskeep has awoken. With the help of her loyal bloodsworn, the shadow princess of will have her revenge.

For fans of The Witcher and Game of Thrones—a new princess set on vengeance is here to steal your heart.

I think this book has a great premise.  Not totally unique but one worthy of repeating if done well.  Hidden princess coming out of hiding to seek revenge on the people who killed her mother and put her kingdom back to right as evil kings have lead in tyranny.  Enter bloodsworn, handsome man to help princess through the process.

This was definitely a plot driven book.  It was slow going for me at first but I could feel the build up as the story moved forward.  Each assassin attempt brought greater risk and difficulty for Myrina.  Things don't usually go as planned and I liked how she and the other characters were frequently in tight spots, trying to get out.  The best bits of the book for me were the sneaking, assassin attempts and the fighting.  They author did a great job of creating tension with those.  I was definitely interested in how the events would play out and the last third of the book was great as far as a climax of events.

My problem was that I didn't connect to the characters emotionally.  It was like I was on the outside looking in most of the time.  I enjoyed the story well enough, I just wanted more of a connection.  More emotion.  The relationship between Miri and Cass lacked emotion too.  No sparks at all.  I cared about the story but I wasn't invested in the characters.

3.5/5 stars for me.

Content:  peril, violence, killing, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author

Melissa is the author of more than a dozen young adult and fantasy novels and countless to-do lists. Her most popular titles are The Frey Saga and Descendants Series. She’s currently working on the next book, but when not writing can be spotted collecting the things she loves at Goodreads and Pinterest. Contact her through the web at www.melissa-wright.com

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Two Reasons to Run (The Pelican Harbor Series Book 2) by Colleen Coble

 A lie changed her world.

Police Chief Jane Hardy is still reeling from the scandal that rocked her small-town department just as she took over for her retired father—the man who wrecked her life with one little lie. Now she’s finally been reunited with her presumed-dead fifteen-year-old son, Will, and his father, documentarian Reid Bechtol. 

A crisis looms. 

When a murder aboard the oil platform Zeus exposes an environmental terrorist’s plot to flood Mobile Bay with crude oil, Jane and Reid must put their feelings for each other behind them and work together to prevent the rig from being sabotaged. 

A killer targets her son. 

Then the terrorist puts her son Will’s life on the line. Protecting him could be the common ground they need . . . but then ghosts from the past threaten to ruin Jane and Reid for good. 

She’s got plenty of reasons to run. But what if she stays? 

First I want to say that this book is the second in a series that should be read in order.  This book picks up where the last one left off and I think it would be hard to connect to the characters and understand the full story line if you don't read the first book.

I was in the mood for something fast paced and full of suspense and mystery and this book definitely delivered that.  It was a good change from the other genres I've been reading as of late.  Jane, Reid and Will are becoming very familiar to me.  I am invested in their stories and how their family will re-shape and how it will all end for them.  There are several loose ends individually and collectively for these characters that will continue into the next book.

The relationship between Jane and Reid is very slow moving and not terribly romantic so I wouldn't really label this as a romantic suspense but that isn't to say I don't like it, because I do.  I thought the story was interesting and like I said, the forward momentum was great.  I loved the constant danger that kept me engaged.  I'll be looking forward to the next book!

Content:  peril, violence, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Miracle Creek Christmas by Krista Lynne Jensen


When Riley Madigan moves to the sleepy mountain town of Miracle Creek, she hopes her new job as a high school art teacher will help her mend her recently broken heart. A little peace and quiet would be a gift this Christmas season. The last thing on her mind is love.

Former firefighter Mark Rivers has spent the last year recovering from burns sustained during a rescue operation. He’s been trying to piece his life back together but still struggles both emotionally and psychologically. When he meets Riley, he finally sees something that might bring some light back into his life.

When Mark asks Riley to work on a special nativity project, he finds himself falling for her quirky, unaffected ways. Riley doesn’t seem bothered by his scars, but is her affection for him real, or is this just another act of charity? One thing’s for certain, in a small town that views Mark as a fragile hero, it’s hard to pursue a relationship without everyone in his business. And although Riley has sincere feelings for Mark, is she ready to risk her heart?

Broken hearts and lives are mended as the town of Miracle Creek comes together to celebrate a Christmas to remember.

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It's my first Christmas book this year!  Yeah, it's kinda early and I am definitely NOT ready to jump into winter and Christmas just yet but I really loved this book and I would read it any time of the year because it's that good.

You get a sense right from the very beginning that these characters, especially Mark, are dealing with some heavy things.  Even though their struggles are apparent right from the start, I love how the details and emotions reveal themselves in layers throughout the book.  It made this book feel meatier and less fluffy.

Mark and Riley are great characters.  They are easy to like and easy to root for.  I loved how their relationship developed naturally.  It felt real and even though I don't have the same experiences, I have felt similar emotions which allowed me to connect with the characters.  The author did an excellent job with the characters and emotions of this book. The overall feelings of healing and hope were present even when the characters hit emotional lows.

I was invested and interested in this story from start to finish.  It was so hard to put it down and when I did, I was thinking about it and wanting to get back.  I love when that happens.  This book will be on my favorite list for the year for sure.  I loved this book!

 Content:  kissing, mention of peril and death.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Krista writes contemporary romance, historical romance, and fantasy. She has lived in lush Oregon and rugged Wyoming, but Washington is her beloved home state. She likes to choose familiar settings for her stories and is grateful to have such inspirational places to choose from. She is a mother of six, gramma of three, a gardener and cook, loves to travel, laugh, and hike, and lives ot make the best of what she’s been given. Find her on Instagram @kristajensenbooks.