Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Home Can Be a Holy Place

Our homes can become holy places that prepare children to grow up in the Lord. This children s picture book tells the story of Lily, a young girl who is helping to make her home a holy place by the things she does each day. The engaging illustrations by LDS artist Dan Burr depict Lily s family in various settings that show how children can contribute to the spiritual environment in their home as they say their prayers, work together, read the scriptures, eat dinner as a family, make good decisions, observe the Sabbath day, participate in family home evening, share the gospel, and learn to love one another. Parents will find additional helps and resources to reinforce these concepts on the author s website. These resources are designed specifically to complement the themes presented in the book.

From one of the world's premier violinists comes a new collection of beautiful songs celebrating family and motherhood. The album features classic hymns, such as "Love at Home" and "I Am a Child of God," stunning classical arrangements, including Brahms's "Cradle Song," and beloved children's tunes. The gorgeous track "Love Is Spoken Here" features Jenny performing with all four of her children, ages eleven and younger.

Track list:
Love at Home
Jesus Once Was a Little Child
Songs My Mother Taught Me
I Feel My Savior's Love
Brahms's Cradle Song
I Am a Child of God
Love Is Spoken Here
I don't usually review religious non fiction on my blog.  But I do review music sometimes because I love music.  Jenny Oaks Baker is an amazing violinist and her music just makes me feel.  The violin is such a beautiful instrument.  I love this track list on this album.  This music is so soothing and peaceful and so, so beautiful.  My favorite was Jesus Once Was a Little Child, I think.  

The book that goes along with this music is just as beautiful.  The pictures are sweet and full of peace and love.  The world can be such a hard and cruel place some days but our homes can be our refuge.  We can make our homes a place where love prevails.  This book does a fabulous job of reminding us how.  As we work together, pray together, learn together and play together, our families and our homes become stronger.

The world needs all the beauty it can get and this music and this book (together or separately) definitely add to the good things of the world.

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