Saturday, August 30, 2014

A May Bride by Meg Moseley

She’s prepared for her wedding all her life … but she forgot a few things.
Ellie Martin, a country girl in Atlanta, often de-stresses from city life by tending the flower beds of a church near her apartment. She has dreamed of a traditional wedding all her life, a wedding like the one her younger sister is planning back in their hometown. Their single mom will pay for Alexa’s wedding, but Ellie started her own wedding fund years ago. She only needs to find a groom.

She bumps into a man who’s a guest at a wedding on the church grounds. She’s noticed him around the neighborhood, but today he introduces himself as Gray Whitby. They embark on a whirlwind romance, but her mother doesn’t trust freewheeling men like him. Standing up to Mom leads Ellie to stick up for Alexa too. When Ellie risks her own plans for her sister’s sake, Gray feels betrayed. Will he always play second fiddle?
Will Ellie and Gray reconcile their differences so her dream wedding can come true, or will the romance they’ve begun come crashing down?

Slowly but surely I'm making my way through the Year of Weddings Novellas series.  This series features a new novella by a different author every month for a year.  What I love about this series is that first, they are all clean.  Second, I love that they are light, fluffy and I can read them in one sitting.  They are the perfect escape books.

In "A May Bride" we meet Ellie and Gray.  I like Gray.  He's a man who sees something he wants and goes for it.  All in, straight up.  He stands up for what he believes in and he doesn't mess around.  He enjoys life and he loves Ellie.  

Ellie has a few more glitches- namely her family.  Her mother is crazed and honestly, not very kind.  She rules the roost and Ellie lets her.  But it's hard to break from something you've always known and dealt with.  Ellie has a kind heart and while she also knows what she wants, she has a harder time getting there.

I enjoyed this book.  It was fun and romantic.  A sweet escape for sure.

You can purchase A May Bride at Amazon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A SWEET Sale- Sweet Montana Bride Series only $.99 each through Labor Day!

Sweet Montana Bride Series Sale!

Looking to rope yourself some Labor Day reads? Well saddle up, 'cuz the entire Sweet Montana Bride series is on sale at last. We've got Reese's Cowboy Kiss, Jade's Cowboy Crush, and Cassie's Cowboy Crave. Three sweet and steamy clean romance novels complete with cowboys, romance, and happily ever afters. Featuring the witness protection program - rancher style, these ebooks sale for $3.99 a piece, but this week you can snag 'em for just .99 cents each on Amazon.

Here's a bit about each book just to whet your appetite. Happy romance reading!

Reese's Cowboy Kiss:
Texan pageant winner, Reese Taylor, has a former classmate who wants her dead. Now she must leave her friends and family to enter a protection program on Emerson Ranch. A group of good-looking cowboys awaits her, but Reese has her eye on Blake Emerson, the one man too busy with the ranch to give her a chance. Blake Emerson has no time to go lookin’ for love. He’s got a ranch to run, positions to fill, and an ache in his heart from love gone wrong. So when he agrees to harbor a witness to help on the ranch, Blake assumes his first two problems are solved. But he never dreamed his new guest would be a woman. One he was destined to lose his heart to. With sparks burning hot and danger around the bend, one question lingers in his mind: Has he only added to his list of troubles, or has Blake just found the woman of his dreams? * Though this novel is considered clean romance, it does contain passionate kissing and a few minor curse words. *

Jade's Cowboy Crush:
Single mother, Jade Miller, has just witnessed a murder. Now, set to testify against the cold-blooded killer, Jade must be placed under protection. While she is grateful to the kind folks who’ve offered to take in her and her son, Jade is surprised to find the man escorting them from L.A. to Montana is Gavin Emerson. A womanizing, far-too-attractive-for-his-own-good, rebel cowboy. Jade assures Gavin that she has sworn off men until her son is grown, but all too soon she finds herself fighting back feelings for the man who’s agreed to care for them. Gavin wants nothing to do with ranch life. Not since the ugly fallout he had with his father over eight years ago. But when he agrees to come back, harboring Jade and her son for a time, Gavin falls in love with life on the land once again. Above that, he finds his heart has been captured by his lovely house guest, Jade Miller. After reservations on both parts, the two are finally ready to open up and give their new-found love a try. Only they aren’t in the clear just yet, and as a dark and deadly threat falls upon them, Gavin finds that his bad-boy past may have led the danger right to their door. *Though this novel is considered clean romance, it contains passionate kissing & a few mild curse words.*

Cassie's Cowboy Crave:
Twenty-four-year-old Cassie Lovell has a great job, good friends, and an apartment with a killer view. That is, until life is turned upside down. Without the chance to say goodbye, Cassie is forced into a witness protection program on Emerson Ranch. Just when she fears life is doomed, Cassie meets Shane Emerson, the stunningly handsome cowboy who’ll be posing as her newlywed groom. Shane Emerson is determined not to fall for the woman he’s agreed to harbor. Especially since the whole thing was his family’s way of trying to get him hitched. So why is it when he takes Cassie into his home, Shane wants nothing more than to turn their make-believe marriage into more than just a sham? In a moment of weakness, Shane steals a kiss. In return, Cassie steals his heart. Yet before they confess their undying love, a hidden danger threatens to tear them apart. *Though this novel is considered clean romance, it contains passionate kissing & a few mild curse words.*

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Willow Springs by Carolyn Steele

Crissa, beginning a new life in Willow Springs, finds herself caught between a local miner and a handsome Express rider. Laugh and cry with Crissa as she escapes her past to find true love.

Crissa is hiding something.  You know from the beginning of the book that she holds secrets and as the story progresses you find out bits and pieces.  Crissa is a kind soul, I think.  She is gentle and has a lot of love to give.  She is also strong.  Living through painful and hard things makes you strong.  Fortunately Crissa doesn't allow the hard things to make her hard or bitter.

I really enjoyed this book.  It held my interest and I wondered how it would all work out in the end.  This is a book of secrets.  Every character in this book seems to hold secrets that come out eventually, intertwining and blending together.  The supporting cast of characters were definable and added a lot to the overall feel of the book.

This is a romantic and clean historical fiction book.

You can purchase a copy of this book at Amazon.

My thanks to the publisher, Cedar Fort, for allowing me to read and review this title for them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thirty-Two Going On Spinster $50 Book Blast

thirty two

Julia Dorning is a spinster, or at least on the road to becoming one. She has no social life, hates her job, and lives in her parent’s basement with her cat, Charlie.

With the arrival of Jared Moody, the new hire at work, Julia’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down. Her instant (and totally ridiculous) crush on the new guy causes Julia to finally make some long-overdue changes, in hopes to find a life that includes more than baking and hanging out with Charlie.
But when the biggest and most unexpected change comes, will the new and improved Julia be able to overcome it? Or will she go back to her spinster ways?

Purchase your copy for just $2.99!!

  Praise for Thirty-Two Going on... Spinster   "Oh my, oh my. I have just finished wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes. This is seriously funny." ~Julie Darley (Never judge a Book by its Movie)

 "This was a refreshing change of pace for me to read. Some good clean romance was found in it’s pages and that is a rare find these days. It was some great chick-lit. I would not have thought this was Becky’s debut book, it was so well done." ~Liberty Ann (SnifferWalkBooks)

  Becky Monson
Author Becky Monson By day, Becky Monson is a mother of three young children, and a wife. By night, she escapes with reading books and writing. In her debut novel, Becky uses humor and true-life experiences to bring her characters to life. She loves all things chick-lit (movies, books, etc), and wishes she had a British accent. She has recently given up Diet Coke for the fiftieth time and is hopeful time will last... But it probably won't. Becky runs a large book club on Facebook called "This Chick Reads".  

  BookBlast Giveaway $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 9/30/14 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shenandoah: Daughter of the Stars (A Civil War Story Book 3)

During the turbulent years of the Civil War, three young people struggle to follow their dreams as the war devastates their homeland and their way of life in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Hannah Yeager works hard on her family’s farm and teaches young children in a nearby school. She and her parents remain loyal to the Union. Secretly her fourteen-year-old heart thrills to romantic literature. She dreams that someday she will find a true love. When she does, he is a handsome Confederate colonel.

The strong female character of Hannah will appeal to girls who often see the Civil War as all about the boys. Hannah is empowered by “The Crazy Man” who lives in nearby caves. She learns from him that she can do what she must do. 

Hannah’s thirteen-year-old brother, Willy, is spirited and headstrong. He rebels against his family’s values and seeks adventure by joining an outlaw raider band, terrorizing the Union Army.

Charlie Richison is a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. He dreams of bringing honor to the Confederacy, to his family, and to himself. He joins other VMI cadets to fight against the Union Army in the Battle of New Market.

Shenandoah, Daughter of the Stars, presents the beauty of the valley and the devastation brought by the war. It shows the effect of the Reconstruction years which follow the war. It presents real people, General George Armstrong Custer, General “Stonewall” Jackson, General John Breckinridge and shows their effect on the lives of valley residents.

Shenandoah examines the perennial dilemmas presented by war.

This is the second MG Historical Fiction book set during the Civil War that I've read in the past couple weeks.  That's just the way things lined up I guess, but when that happens and I read books similar in genre I can't help but compare them to each other.

The "young people" in this book are in their upper teens-well, except Willy.  Their voices are older than middle grade so they deal with things as young people on the brink of adulthood.   While the voices of the characters in this book are older, the story is written in a very middle grade fashion, if that makes any sense.

This is the third book in a series, which I didn't realize when I first started reading but if there was more before, I didn't feel like I missed out on anything.  I liked that real historical figures were represented in the book which helped give the book a more authentic feel.  I didn't really feel a connection to the characters and that could be because I haven't read the previous books but this book seemed to be more plot driven with less character development.  My emotions were never invested in the characters but I did enjoy the story.  It brought a real family element to the harsh realities of war.

I lived in Virginia for a couple years and many of the places and people mentioned are very much a part of the whole essence of that area.  I have visited many battle fields and museums there.  My dad is a history buff and we went on a "Mosby" tour in Warrenton and surrounding areas.  It was so interesting.  

Books like this are good for younger kids to read, I think.  It brings a human side to a war they only scratch the surface of in school.  

Content:  mild swearing, some war violence and death

You can purchase Shenandoah:  Daughter of the Stars at Amazon.

Nancy Johnson is a former teacher and the author of two other nonfiction books, "My Brothers' Keeper" and "A Sweet-Sounding Place," also about young people during the Civil War. She lives in Encinitas, California.  Visit her at

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Acting Up (Covington Falls Chronicles Book 2) by Kristin Wallace

Addison Covington is the reigning Ice Queen of television. Until her producer husband falls in love with her on-screen daughter and a well-placed punch on national television casts her as the wicked ex-wife. Fired and disgraced, she escapes to Covington Falls, the idyllic Southern town where she found comfort in a time of turmoil as a teenager.

Life is constantly on the brink of chaos for widower Ethan Thomas. Being a single father is one challenge. As a high school principal he also has to deal with hundreds of students and their interfering parents. Now, he’s short one drama teacher and if he doesn’t find a replacement to direct the spring musical he’s going to have a riot on his hands. His childhood neighbor, Addison Covington, could be an answer to prayer. Or one more complication he can’t afford.

Before Addison can say “Casting Call” she's drafted to direct the high school musical. Soon she’d dealing with some off-key caterwauling, a bitter stepson showing up on her doorstep, and the boy-next-door turned sexiest high school principal she's ever met. One thing Addison and Ethan agree on is that there’s no room in their lives for romance. He’s got too much at stake, and she needs to reclaim her former glory in Hollywood. In the end, these two lost souls will choreograph a happy ending with the help of Grace, Love and a Curtain Call.

This was a sweet Christian fiction book and such a fun read.  I enjoyed the humor (often sarcastic by Addison) which put a smile on my face in many occasions.

Addison is having a tough go of things.  Her childhood was less than easy but left her with a determination to be something- to make something of herself.  And she does- as an actress in a hit TV show.  Her stardom teeters on the brink when things fall apart with her well known producer husband and Addison becomes the center of an embarrassing fit of emotion.  

Addison is an imperfect character.  She has a lot of emotional baggage.  She makes mistakes.  But the grand thing about Addison is that she keeps trying.  There is no giving up or giving in.  I love the fighter spirit that trumps the hurtful and nasty things that keep happening to her.  The softer side is there and I love when it emerges for everyone to see.

Addison and Ethan together is sparkly.  Or, full of sparks.  Definite sparks.  Ethan is fighting his own demons and struggling to fight his attraction to Addsion who is the woman to finally get him feeling like a man again.  You gotta love that.

I read through this book fast.  It was one I had a hard time putting down because I love romantic tension.  There are some very Christian moments to this book but it was "clean" and I always appreciate a clean romance!  I'll be looking for more by this author and more in this series.

You can purchase this book at Amazon.  My thanks to Astraea Press for allowing me to read and review this book for them.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich $50 Book Blast!

secret bliss
The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich by Marcia Lynn McClure “Oh! Do link arms with me, Calliope,” Blanche whispered, her brown eyes widening with apprehension. She took Calliope’s arm, tightly linking it with her own. “The old Mulholland house still gives me the willies every time I walk past it. I hate to think on what might have gone on inside. It’s truly terrifyin’!” “Oh, don’t be silly, Blanche,” Calliope said, feigning calm. “Poor Prudence’s lunacy…it’s sad. And besides, her fiendish acts were not committed inside the house. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just…it’s just a sad, empty building.” Calliope Ipswich felt the hypocrite, however, as an uncomfortable shiver of residual dread and unease shuttered down her spine, More than six months had passed since the All Hollow’s Eve when the dangerous state of Prudence Mulholland’s fracturing mind had been revealed to the townsfolk of Meadowlark Lake. And now, each time Calliope thought of poor Prudence and her family, not only did her heart ache for their family’s unhappy lot but a chill of lingering horror rippled through her being. In truth, at times Calliope wondered if it had all been simply a bad dream—a nightmare. But it hadn’t. It really had happened—all of it.

Purchase your copy on

Author Marcia Lynn McClure Marcia Lynn McClure’s intoxicating succession of novels, novellas, and e-books, has established her as one of the most favored and engaging authors of true romance. Her unprecedented forte in weaving captivating stories of western, medieval, regency, and contemporary amour void of brusque intimacy has earned her the title “The Queen of Kissing.” Marcia, who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has spent her life intrigued with people, history, love, and romance. A wife, mother, grandmother, family historian, poet, and author, Marcia Lynn McClure spins her tales of splendor for the sake of offering respite through the beauty, mirth, and delight of a worthwhile and wonderful story.  
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Much Do You Love Me? by Paul Mark Tag

Lovers James and Keiko marry quickly before James goes to World War II and Keiko to an internment camp. Sixty years later their daughter Kazuko, born in the camps, uncovers a secret that could overwhelm the family. Discover the very definition of human love and self-sacrifice in this saga of war, mystery, and romance.

This is the story of a young couple and their families set during WWII when the Japanese Americans were sent into internment camps.  The history behind this book is sad.  There is just no other way to describe the awful treatment of all Japanese Americans during this time in our American history.  It should never have happened.

I appreciate the story itself.  It is a good reminder of a past mistake that hopefully never happens again.  There is emotion and depth.  It is a good tribute to those who should be remembered.

The story moved along very slowly for me.  It was hard to stay focused and engaged.  The very last bit of the book picked up as Kazuko finally puts the missing puzzle pieces together to solve her family mystery but otherwise the book kept a very sedate pace.  I read another blogger's review of this book and she said that the whole book held an overall sadness.  I completely agree.  Sadness but love too.

Overall "How Much Do You Love Me" was a nice, pleasant read.  It wasn't gripping or charged in a way that sucked me in and kept me engaged but it was nice.  It felt like a good representation of what really could have happened during this time period.

You can purchase this book at Amazon.  My thanks to the publisher, Cedar Fort, for allowing me to read and review this title for them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Mind's Eye (SYNSK #1) by K.C. Finn

A girl with a telepathic gift finds a boy clinging to his last hope during the war-torn climate of Europe, 1940.

At fifteen, Kit Cavendish is one the oldest evacuees to escape London at the start of the Second World War due to a long term illness that sees her stuck in a wheelchair most of the time. But Kit has an extraordinary psychic power: she can put herself into the minds of others, see through their eyes, feel their emotions, even talk to them – though she dares not speak out for fear of her secret ability being exposed.

As Kit settles into her new life in the North Wales village of Bryn Eira Bach, solitude and curiosity encourage her to gain better control of her gift. Until one day her search for information on the developing war leads her to the mind of Henri, a seventeen-year-old Norwegian boy witnessing the German occupation of his beloved city, Oslo. As Henri discovers more about the English girl occupying his mind, the psychic and emotional bonds between them strengthen and Kit guides him through an oppressive and dangerous time.

There are secrets to be uncovered, both at home and abroad, and it’s up to Kit and Henri to come together and fight their own battles in the depths of the world’s greatest war.

I'm happy today to be featuring another book from Clean Teen Publishing.  I was originally going to review a different book but then I went to the Clean Teen Publishing website and thanks to their content guide, realized that that book was not going to be a good fit for me.  Instead, I picked this book which I found free on Amazon and already had in my stash.  :)  

I love Clean Teen Publishing and I'll tell you why.  They are not censoring books, they are giving information on content so I can make decisions about the books that will be the best fit for me.  They give me knowledge.  I love that.  Here's the picture of content for The Mind's Eye .  
You can go to their website and read the full disclosure.  You can do this for any book they publish.  With pre-teen and teenage readers in my house, this is such a useful tool.  Everyone has different comfort levels regarding content and it's nice to know I can know I can find out content before I read.  Yay for Clean Teen Publishing!

The Mind's Eye is set during WWII.  Kit and her brother have been sent off to live with another family in Wales for their protection during the war.  Kit is in a wheelchair, struggling with a debilitating disease which gives the story an added element depth and interest.

Kit is a strong girl.  She gradually comes to realize her strength as she pushes herself to do hard things- both mentally and physically.  It's always nice as a reader to feel like a character is growing in some way.  Kit's was a marked growth and it was so satisfying to see.  

This book created real images in my head that played out much like a movie.  The story held my interest and I wanted to keep reading until I was done.  There was a simple, sweet innocence to this story.  Kit's relationship with Henri was one of growing friendship, loyalty and eventually love.  The supporting cast of characters were all fantastic.

I love historical fiction and I loved that element in this book.  The ending leaves off with room for a sequel, but didn't leave me utterly hanging, which I really appreciated.  I love me some happy endings.  :)

As I mentioned above, I picked up this kindle book free on Amazon.  Hopefully it will still be free when you read this.  And hopefully we will get a sequel to this great book.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Summer in New York Collection

In USA Today bestselling author Janette Rallison’s delightful novella, JOB HAZARDS, Lydia Robinson is posing as a prostitute. Undercover of course. Lydia’s job as a police officer hasn’t reeled in her prince charming yet. That is, until Harrison Aldridge, old high school flame, pulls up to the corner to rescue the fallen damsel. Lydia can’t exactly give Harrison the truth without blowing her cover, and it takes a series of mishaps and another whole set of misunderstandings before Lydia will even consider letting Harrison back into her life.

In Heather B. Moore’s enchanting novella, A TASTE OF SUN, Winona Grant embarks on a summer-long visit to NYC to house-sit for her great-aunt after a nasty break-up with her boyfriend Paul. But when her aunt commissions neighbor Steve Monti to tour Winona around, they strike a deal. Winona has too many deadlines to play tourist, and Steve is looking for a distraction from his looming gallery opening. So Steve goes on the tours by himself, and Winona reports back to her aunt as if she’d gone too. The longer this happens, the more Winona wants to change her mind. Seeing the city with Steve might be the perfect solution to forgetting about Paul.

In Luisa Perkins’s sweet romance novella, DULCE DE LECHE, Marisol is desperate for another nanny job after being unfairly fired from her previous position. She has only two more semesters of college, but she’s too proud to ask her wealthy parents for financial help. When her potential new employer, a single father working long hours as an anesthesiologist, decides she’s too young and pretty to hire, she practically begs him for the job. Darius finally agrees, and as he watches her work miracles with his Asperger’s son, he realizes there is much more to Marisol than he first believed.

In TAKE A CHANCE, a captivating story by Sarah M. Eden, Miguel Santos has a stopover in New York. When the announcement of delayed flights comes over the PA system, Miguel is looking at spending several hours at the airport. Determined to get comfortable for the long wait, he’s surprised when he spies a familiar face amongst the stranded passengers: Jane Schoonenburg, the last person he expected to see. Three months have passed since he asked Jane to marry him—three months of misery. And now he knows that he must talk to her, if only to find out why she broke his heart.

Annette Lyon’s entrancing novella, FIRSTS AND LASTS, begins with Dani’s last week in New York. She’s failed in her dreams to catch a break as an actress and is now ready to return home and dust herself off. As she visits the places on her final to-see list, she meets Mark, another New York City transplant with big dreams. Except Mark hasn’t given up on his. As they spend the day together, Dani realizes that even though she hasn’t hit the “big time” she might be living her dream after all. Only problem: she has a one-way ticket back home.

In Lisa Mangum’s whimsically titled story: &, Lucy is riding a wave of success at having found a bestselling novel in the slush pile at an exclusive New York publishing house. If only her personal life was storybook perfect as well. Her relationship with Devon is on the rocks, and even though she's been put in charge of the house while her boss is gone on business, Lucy isn't sure she's up to the task. It will take a chance encounter with a handsome wordsmith to help Lucy claim the courage that has always been a part of her heart.

I always feel just a little bit lucky when I get to read and review these romance anthology books.  I have loved them from the beginning.  I feel like I say pretty much the same thing every time I review one, but the thing is- I always feel the same way!

This collection brought in a few authors that don't usually appear in these anthologies.  Janette Rallison, Luisa Perkins and Lisa Mangum.  What a great addition!  I loved reading their short stories in addition to the more familiar names that usually come with these anthologies.  Janette Rallison really starts the book off right with her short story.  She has a knack for writing with humor that always leaves a smile on my face.

I think this anthology collection was one of my favorites.  It was probably a combination of the New York contemporary setting, the added flavor of new authors and some fabulous writing by all.

These stories are all so good.  You just cannot go wrong with this book.  Read them all at once in one giant feast or one by one, here and there as a snack you can.  Either way you are in for a treat.  (I swear I'm not hungry.)  :)

Content:  There is some mild swearing scattered throughout.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tortured Souls (Orion Circle Book 1) by Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Sometimes Rest in Peace isn't an option.

Kacie Ramsey sees ghosts—and it's ruining her life. Her mother left, her father blames her, and no matter how hard she tries, she can't keep the ghosts away. Now a new power has emerged. Nightly visions of grisly murders and a relentless predator draw her to the brink of insanity.

When the phantom appears at a party, Kacie's longtime crush, Logan, saves her. He invites her to join the Orion Circle, a group of supernatural hunters with chapters in schools all over the country. Through the Circle, Kacie learns to embrace her spiritual powers, and for the first time in her life she feels in control rather than a victim.

But the Foxblood Demon will not give up so easily. A demented serial killer in life who trapped the souls of the thirteen children he murdered, imprisoning them within the walls of his mansion. Now in death, he plots his return while drawing power from the pure souls of the children. He recognizes something in Kacie he's never seen before—a medium powerful enough to provide a vessel for his tainted soul.

Kacie can't ignore the tortured souls of the children crying out to her every night. With Logan at her side, she will fight the Foxblood Demon. But can they banish this powerful phantom, or will Kacie lose not only her body, but her eternal soul to the monster.

Oh, wow.  Okay.  So here's my take.

I don't know if this is what I would call paranormal.  Are ghosts and demonic possesed people paranormal?  When I think paranormal in books, I think vampires, werewolves, aliens, freaky super power enhanced people...  This was all about ghosts, tormented ghosts who are trapped and need released from the nightmare of a demonic dude still torturing and posessing humans in his quest to return to a human form.  FREAKY.

For me, paranormal is one thing.  Demonic possession is another.  The title of this book has it right though, these are tortured souls.

This book was well written, fast paced and engaging.  It held my interest as a reader and didn't let up.  I liked Kacie and her friends and I liked how they worked together.  Everyone had a role to play.  Logan was sweet and gentle with Kacie.  It was easy to like him.  The story was fluid and the places and events were clear in my mind.  Maybe too clear.

Yes, I am a bit of a chicken.  I admit it freely and without hesitation.  For me, this book was over my freaky lines.  It made me uncomfortable but that is a completely personal reaction.  It has nothing at all to do with the writing because I will also freely admit that this book is well written and engaging.  All the way through.

Content:  There is frequent swearing and profanity as well as all the above mentioned demonic/satanic things which include human sacrifice and rituals.  There is violence.

You can purchase "Tortured Souls" at Amazon.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

On Tour with Storm Siren by Mary Weber: Review and Giveaway!

Storm Siren (Storm Siren #1)
Publisher: Thomas Nelson / HarperCollins

“I raise my chin as the buyers stare. Yes. Look. You don’t want me. Because, eventually, accidentally, I will destroy you.”

In a world at war, a slave girl’s lethal curse could become one kingdom’s weapon of salvation. If the curse—and the girl—can be controlled.

As a slave in the war-weary kingdom of Faelen, seventeen-year-old Nym isn’t merely devoid of rights, her Elemental kind are only born male and always killed at birth — meaning, she shouldn’t even exist.

Standing on the auction block beneath smoke-drenched mountains, Nym faces her fifteenth sell. But when her hood is removed and her storm-summoning killing curse revealed, Nym is snatched up by a court advisor and given a choice: be trained as the weapon Faelen needs to win the war, or be killed.

Choosing the former, Nym is unleashed into a world of politics, bizarre parties, and rumors of an evil more sinister than she’s being prepared to fight . . . not to mention the handsome trainer whose dark secrets lie behind a mysterious ability to calm every lightning strike she summons.

But what if she doesn’t want to be the weapon they’ve all been waiting for?

Set in a beautifully eclectic world of suspicion, super abilities, and monsters, Storm Siren is a story of power. And whoever controls that power will win.

I feel like I've been waiting forever to get to read this book.  I signed on to do the review tour months ago and this book has been sitting there, staring at me for SO long.  It took great restraint to leave it alone until now.  Isn't the cover amazing?  I love it.  It is perfect for this story.

I seriously don't know where to start with this book.  There is so much to say but I have to be so careful as not to give anything away.  That is going to be hard.

The words in this book had such beautiful moments -flowing, full of imagery and emotion.  Worlds were created for me with those words.  I loved it.

This book literally sucked me in from the very first page and did not let up at all.  I felt like I was on one continuous roller coaster ride- start to finish.  And it was a fast roller coaster.  This book was always on the move.  There was nothing stagnant or lulling.  I started this book in the morning and finished it at night.  There was no way I was putting that book down for long.  Honestly, I couldn't read a book like this every day not just because nothing would get done, but it was emotionally exhausting!  I loved every minute of it.  Ha.  (I just read back through this paragraph and it sounds like I'm a crazy person but I'm leaving it just the way it is because I feel kind of crazy right now)

I loved Nym.  Yeah, she's a tough girl but mostly that toughness protects her beaten down spirit.  Nym has been through so, so much.  My heart ached for her.  As a reader, I am always looking for characters who are challenged and grow in some way.  I want to see enlightenment and empowerment through that growth.  I got that one hundred percent with this book.

Yeah, this book was good.  Great even.  BUT.  Anyone who has read this book will know exactly what I'm ranting about and those of you who haven't yet read this book (I say "yet" because you really ought to pick this book up) will just have to wonder at my adamant and heartfelt ranting vagueness.

<start rant>

WHAT!?!  That is the ending?  That is what you just gave to me?  The faithful, invested reader.  I am NOT happy with that ending.  The last few chapters- WHAT?  You cannot do that.  But, wait.  Yes you can because you just did it.  I thought the first two heart wrenching things were bad and I was ready to rant about that but then you went and ruined everything with that LAST LINE?  WHAT?!  I don't even know what to do with this right now.  Yeah, I'm annoyed.  I feel like everything was just ripped away from me.  EVERYTHING.  All I can say is that there better be a book two, and it better come out soon.  That was just mean.

<end rant>

Don't let the rant scare you.  If a book can evoke feelings like that, there must be something good about it.  It would be worse if I closed the book and didn't care much about not getting the ending I wanted.  SIGH.  

This was so well done.  If you love fast paced paranormal fantasy type books with magic and danger, you are going to LOVE this book.  I'm now handing this book off to my daughter.  I can't wait to see how she reacts to this book.  I know she is going to love it.

Content:  No swearing (there are some words in place of swearing that mean nothing to me in my world but were obviously swear words to them) and no sexual situations.  There is quite a bit of violence.

Aside from Goodreads, I hang out on FACEBOOKTWITTER, and my BLOG. Come say hi!

Officially though: Mary Weber is a ridiculously uncoordinated girl plotting to take over make-believe worlds through books, handstands, and imaginary throwing knives. In her spare time, she feeds unicorns, sings 80’s hairband songs to her three muggle children, and ogles her husband who looks strikingly like Wolverine. They live in California, which is perfect for stalking L.A. bands, Joss Whedon, and the ocean. She likes orange trees, tattoos, and ALL the music. ;0) 

BOOK 1 in my YA fantasy STORM SIREN trilogy releases Aug 2014 from Thomas Nelson, HarperCollins. Eep!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Steam and Sensibility by Kirsten Weiss

Steam rising. California Territory, 1848. Gold has been discovered, emptying the village of San Francisco of its male population. Steam-powered technology is still in its infancy.

At 19, Englishwoman Sensibility Grey has spent her life tinkering in her father’s laboratory and missing the finer points of proper British life. But when her father dies in penury, she’s shipped to San Francisco and to the protection of an uncle she’s never met.

The California Territory may hold more dangers than even the indomitable Miss Grey can manage. Pursued by government agents, a secret society, and the enigmatic Mr. Krieg Night, Sensibility must decipher the clockwork secrets in her father’s final journal, unaware she’ll change the world forever.

Magic, mayhem, and mechanicals. STEAM AND SENSIBILITY is a pre-Steampunk novel of paranormal suspense set in the wild west of the California gold rush.

First of all I want to mention the cover of this book.  I think it's really cool.  It really gives you a sense of that steampunk genre that is becoming more and more popular.  I love the gears and the symbols and even the tower in the back that all come into play in this book.  I know I've said this before but I love when a cover does  such a good job of representing what is inside.

I know this book is labeled as YA but the characters and feel of this book really didn't make me feel like this was YA.  The main character, Sensibility, spoke, thought and acted much like an adult.  I often found myself forgeting that she was nineteen.  Since there were no other younger characters to bring that youthful side out, it overall just felt like an adult novel.

Sensibility's name surely fits her.  She really is a no nonsense kind of girl.  She's a thinker and she's been through a lot.  I never really connected with Sensibility on an emotional level but she had a lot of admirable qualities.  I think one thing that was hard for me as a reader (and this is a small but important thing, I think) was that Sensibility was always Sensibility.  Her name was never shortened and she never had a nickname or anything.  It was all so formal all the time.  Sensibility is such a mouth full of a name.  Even when reading it silently in your head!  :)  Because that familiarity wasn't formed between any characters, it wasn't formed for me either.  I hope that makes sense.

I enjoyed the tinker steampunk aspect of this book.  I've read a few steampunk books and while I wouldn't say this was my favorite, it was good.  This book has a bit of the paranormal thrown in with some suspense which added and interesting mix of flavors.

Overall, this was a book was okay.  I didn't fall in love with it and I wasn't emotionally drawn in.  It didn't always hold my interest but it had some good moments.

Content:  There is some mild swearing and violence

You can purchase "Steam and Sensibility" at Amazon.

Kirsten Weiss worked overseas for nearly fourteen years, in the fringes of the former USSR and deep in the Afghan war zone. Her experiences abroad not only gave her glimpses into the darker side of human nature, but also sparked an interest in the effects of mysticism and mythology, and how both are woven into our daily lives.

Now based in San Mateo, CA, she writes paranormal mysteries, blending her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.
Kirsten has never met a dessert she didn’t like, and her guilty pleasures are watching True Blood and drinking good wine.

Follow her on Twitter @RigaHayworth or on her blog at

Monday, August 11, 2014

Loving Mindy by Karen Erickson

He's the one who got away. She's the one he can't forget…

Mindy McKenzie’s day has gone from bad to worse. First, her ex whisked her kids away to attend his elopement, leaving her alone for the holidays. And then the man whose heart she broke years ago winds up on her doorstep—stranded. Josh Powers still has a body that can make her mouth water, but unfortunately, she’s sure she missed her chance with him.

Waiting out a storm with an attractive woman isn’t normally a bad thing. But when it’s the woman Josh Powers has never been able to get out of his head, it’s pure torture. Especially since he knows she’ll never feel the same way. Mindy is just as sexy and tempting as he remembers, but he can’t risk his heart a second time.

If you are looking for a quick romantic fix this novella length book might be your answer.  Josh and Mindy are easy to like and they will have you rooting for them after just a few pages.  Mindy is going through a rough patch and what better than a handsome man from her past showing up stranded and looking so fine, to take her mind off her problems?

You could literally feel the tension in this book.  It grew to exploding.

I think my favorite scene may have been the cookie frosting scene.  :)

I loved the happily ever after ending.  It ended just how it was supposed to to make my world happy.

I first picked this book up because Entangled started this Bliss line and it was pretty clean as far as romances go.  I don't know what's happened but for me, a lot of the Bliss line books have crossed over and include scenes that are definitely not clean in my opinion.  And yes, I realize this is a very subjective topic.  I'm just giving my opinion on the matter.  In this book there are sexual situations, the outright sex is not described, but things leading up to it are.  If you don't mind that, this might be the book for you.  However, if you are looking for a "clean" romance, this is probably not the book for you.  There is also some swearing.

You can purchase Loving Mindy at Amazon.  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Son of War Daughter of Chaos by Janette Rallison: Review, Excerpt and $25 Giveaway

Aislynn is accustomed to watching for the enemy. Her parents instructed her from the time she was young to look for the signs: people with greater than normal strength, eyes that can glow green, and have the ability to jump long distances. Over the years, Aislynn has come to view her parents’ fears as quirks—things that get in the way of having a normal high school life. When Aislynn’s mother dies under suspicious conditions, her father doubles his restrictions. But all his precautions can’t stop the boy with glowing green eyes from finding Aislynn. She realizes too late she’s been drafted into an ancient Egyptian war, whether she’s prepared or not.  

Am I allowed to whine first in a review?  Is that uncool?  Well, I've just got to whine a little teeny bit.  I'll tell you why.  Whenever I read a book by Janette Rallison (or C.J. Hill) I walk away frustrated because I know the next book will take FOREVER to come out.  The wait between books seems SO, SO long.  (best whiny voice here)  Why can't they just come out sooner so I don't have to wait so long?!  Why are there no promises of a next book already in the works?  Why?

Okay.  Whine over.

I only say all that because I love this book.  My daughter loves this book.  We had a sob fest over the fact that we'd have to wait so long get the next book- if there even will be one.  (oh.  did I say the whining was over?  oops.  my bad.)  It's the same deal with the Slayer series.  You know?  I need the next books faster than they are coming out.  What can I do to help that process along?  Send the author chocolate?  Or maybe just write really awesome reviews so everyone else will want to read the books too and then we'll all join up together and WHINE.  It probably won't work.  The author has five kids and she's probably immune anyway.  It happens with kids.  

This book is paranormal with an Egyptian twist on vampires.  They aren't vampires, but yeah, they kinda are.  I loved all the Egyptian stuff, it was cool.  I could imagine easily every setting that the story took me from the hot Arizona monsoon (I've lived through those) to the sand in Egypt (I haven't been there) and on the east coast beach.  I feel like I traveled the world in this book.  I even went to Antarctica and England!  

I loved the struggle Aislynn had between what was right and what was wrong for the two warring groups.  Those lines seemed so blurred to her- especially when love and loyalty came into play.  It was interesting to me how I felt that confusion too.  I love when the female leads are smart girls, resourceful and also compassionate.  That is exactly what I got with Aislynn.

This book has awesome pacing.  I was compelled to keep reading.  I didn't want to put it down and I was maybe just slightly annoyed when I had to in order to feed the children.  :)  I love books that leave me wanting more.  The action and romance was evenly distributed to give the book a balanced feel.  My favorite scenes were the ones with rain references.  Oh, kissing in the rain is hot.  H-O-T.  

So, yeah.  Another fantastic book by Janette Rallison.  Who, if she has any compassion and mercy in her heart will beging writing the next book today.  :)

Content:  Clean 

Enjoy the following excerpt!

I was on my feet and running down the path before I could fully process what was happening. The dark swarm flew toward me. Their wings sounded like the dull hum of an incoming storm. I didn’t have to see them to know they were scarabs—the flesh-eating kind. The Horusians had pinpointed our location and flown in beetles to kill us. How they found us, I didn’t know.
As I fled down the slope, I slipped. My feet jerked out in front of me. I hit the ground, hard, skidding and then flipped over. I tumbled down the slope, clawing at the ice, trying to get a handhold. White flashes of snow jumbled together in my vision. Finally, I hit a flat spot. I managed to stop, pick myself up, and run again. Panic wrapped around me. I couldn’t make it off the ridge before the scarabs reached me, and even if I could, I had nowhere to hide from the beetles on this open stretch of land. Still, I ran. I wouldn’t stand still for death.
  Janette Rallison
Janette Rallison is old. Don’t ask how old, because it isn’t polite. Let’s just say she’s older than she’d like to be and leave it at that. Janette lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, five children and enough cats to classify her as “an eccentric cat lady.” She did not do this on purpose. (The cats, that is; she had the children on purpose.) Every single one of the felines showed up on its own and refuses to leave. Not even the family’s fearless little Westie dog can drive them off. Since Janette has five children and deadlines to write books, she doesn’t have much time left over for hobbies. But since this is the internet and you can’t actually check up to see if anything on this site is true, let’s just say she enjoys dancing, scuba diving, horse back riding and long talks with Orlando Bloom. (Well, I never said he answers back.)
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sense & Sensibility by Rebecca H. Jamison

Which is the key to love—passion or sensibility? Sensible Elly and romantic Maren are sisters trying to hold their family together in the wake of their father’s bankruptcy and death. As both unexpectedly encounter the madness and misadventures of love, they find out what true happiness means. This modern reimagining of the Jane Austen favorite will capture your heart all over again.

Here is an old favorite of mine, re-done in a contemporary setting.  I loved that I still felt the familiar chords of the orginal story but also felt something fresh and new being added in.  

The story started out slowly for me.  It took a little while for me to settle in and become more invested but it did happen.  Elly and Maren are both likeable characters with flaws and quirks that will endear them to you.  It's a rocky road of love and relationships for them but one that is worth it in the end.  The last third of the book was my favorite because the story kicks up a notch and things really start happening.

I loved the ending.  It wrapped everything up in way that made me happy and left me feeling content.  (Stand alone books can be so refreshing after reading so many books in a series that leave you hanging!)

This book is LDS based, there is some mentions of church related things although nothing I would consider preachy.  Because it does have that base, it is also free of swearing and sexual situations, which I love.  

You can purchase Sense & Sensibility at Amazon.  My thanks to Cedar Fort for allowing me to read and review for them.