Saturday, October 17, 2015

An Unexpected Love (Treasured Dreams #3) by Susan Hatler

An unexpected offer could be the answer to Holly's dreams or could crush them completely.

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This is a short story.  And I mean SHORT story.  If you have five minutes, you have time for this book.  Well, if you haven't read the two previous short stories in this series, then you will need fifteen minutes to read them all.  :)  Do you have 15 minutes?  Think lunch break for waiting for your kids at practice or those 15 minutes of peace right before bed.

This is the continuation of Holly's life.  We get glimpses of her life in these tiny little nuggets.  The first book is An Unexpected Date .  Then comes An Unexpected Kiss .  This one is that moment of love that follows the dates and the kissing.  :)  It is so sweet!  My heart melted just a wee tad.

Susan Hatler is one of my all time favorites for zingy, light and fun romances.  It's amazing what she can accomplish in five minutes of reading for me!

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