Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Royal's Best Friend: A Magnolia Bay Sweet Romance (Gentlemen of Magnolia Bay Book 1) by Brenna Jacobs

When best friends fake a relationship, will it lead to real love?

When disaster strikes for Will Maxwell’s best friend, Peyton, he leaves his glamorous life in London to help her save her family’s home in a sleepy South Carolina beach town.

Peyton Shellhouse can’t believe it when Will Maxwell appears on her doorstep, determined to rescue her after a hurricane wrecks her little island. But when his toxic ex-girlfriend crashes the scene, suddenly Will needs Peyton to save him once again from the clutches of the scheming Bianca. Reluctantly, Peyton agrees to his desperate plan: fake a relationship with each other to convince his ex he’s taken for good.

When Will’s fake romance with Peyton leads to real feelings, he must choose between his privileged life as the son of an earl or a chance at a new life with her. Peyton thinks it’s his itch for adventure doing the talking, and she refuses to risk their friendship over a few shockingly hot kisses. Can Will convince her that his old life is worth the sacrifice for this new love?

I'm excited about this new series by author Brenna Jacobs!  This book is set right on the coast of South Carolina which is definitely where I wish I could be right now, minus the hurricane. 

Will and Peyton are the best of friends.  They have a lot of history behind them and a firm foundation underneath them.  I could feel the level of comfort that existed between them.  I really enjoyed their gradual awareness of each other in new ways- Peyton can glam up and hobnob with the elite and Will can swing a hammer and use a saw.  Those new discoveries, along with some zingy kissing lead to that shift in thinking that brings Will and Peyton to deeper feelings of attraction and love.  It's a fun ride.  My favorite moments were Peyton standing up to Will's ex girlfriend and Will's grand surprise. 

This series is going to continue with Will's friends!  I'm excited about this because we get a glimpse of them in this book and I can tell it's going to be fun.  Hopefully we'll see Will and Peyton around in the next books too.

This book is on kindle unlimited.

Content:  kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Start With Me by Kara Isaac

Lacey O’Connor is finally a sure thing for the promotion she’s spent ten years working for. But when a scandal rocks her firm she finds herself on a collision course with the one person she has spent five years trying to forget. Only to discover he doesn’t even remember her…

Victor Carlisle has spent the last three years trying to convince his family he’s no longer the playboy alcoholic who tore their life apart. When a company merger is announced with a US sister firm, he’s presented with the perfect opportunity to prove he’s changed. Only to find himself falling for his competition and the one woman his family will never accept.

As the competition intensifies the choice looms between the professional and the personal. Can they find a way beyond their past decisions and present aspirations to take a chance on the one thing they’re not looking for?

I am so pleased to see a new book from author Kara Isaac.  At one time I thought there might not be any more from her and I was so disappointed but understood that life throws us curve balls and sometimes you just have to keep your head above water.  Thankfully, Kara Isaac is back to writing and I'm grateful. 

Because of the gap in time, it took me a bit to remember the last book this author wrote and how those characters lapped over into this book.  I think this book can stand alone but you will be more satisfied if you read Can't Help Falling first.  It really sets the stage for this book and it's main characters.

This is a story of forgiveness, redemption and love in many forms.  Lacey and Victor both have complicated family relations.  There is strain, tension and guilt for them both as they struggle with decisions they have made and how to repair mistakes and accept what cannot be changed.  It's like they are dancing a similar dance, facing outward until they bump into each other, turn, and really see the other person for the first time.  Then they realize they are both dancing similar dances.  They can see themselves in the other.

I enjoyed the slow burn romance and the attraction on the fringes.  I love how Victor was willing to put so much on the line to prove himself to everyone.  He felt so stripped down and vulnerable for so much of the book that I couldn't help but cheer for him.  He was the underdog in need of a good cheering section for sure.  On top of the familial tension, there is the professional tension for both Lacey and Victor.  They are battling against those things for most of the book.  It definitely felt like a sigh of relief to get to some resolution by the end of the book.

The players for the next book have been set up nicely and I'm excited to read their story!  This book is on KU if you have that.

Content:  talk of substance abuse, intimate relations outside of marriage (no details at all), kissing.  Talk of God, praying.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Fair as a Star (Victorian Romantics #1) by Mimi Matthews

A Secret Burden…

After a mysterious sojourn in Paris, Beryl Burnham has returned home to the village of Shepton Worthy ready to resume the life she left behind. Betrothed to the wealthy Sir Henry Rivenhall, she has no reason to be unhappy—or so people keep reminding her. But Beryl’s life isn’t as perfect as everyone believes.

A Longstanding Love…

As village curate, Mark Rivenhall is known for his compassionate understanding. When his older brother’s intended needs a shoulder to lean on, Mark’s more than willing to provide one. There’s no danger of losing his heart. He already lost that to Beryl a long time ago.

During an idyllic Victorian summer, friends and family gather in anticipation of Beryl and Sir Henry’s wedding. But in her darkest moment, it’s Mark who comes to Beryl’s aid. Can he help her without revealing his feelings—or betraying his brother?

Mimi Matthews is an author whose books I love.  There is something about the way she writes that resonates with me.  Her stories fall so gently around my heart and mind but honestly it's probably because of her characters.  I always feel so connected with them.  This was true for this book as well.  Beryl and Mark firmly planted themselves in my heart from the very beginning.  I absolutely adored them both but if I were picking, it would have to be Mark as the true gentleman and hero in this book.  The care he took with Beryl was endearing and yes, even romantic.

Beryl struggles with melancholy.  It's more than just a passing difficulty and I could really feel the heaviness Beryl carried because nobody understood what she was feeling and the treatments of the day were frightening, not to mention ineffective.  Mark though.  If everyone had a Mark the world would be a better place for sure.  He approached Beryl with compassion, thoughtfulness and love.  He really tried to understand and provide Beryl with things that he felt might help her.  I told you he was the hero of this book and I wasn't exaggerating.

Yes, this book is a bit heavier than other books by this author but I personally didn't feel overwhelmed by the weight of the subject matter.  There was a sweet balance because of Mark.  He brought light to Beryl and he brought light to the story.  The romance was sweet and believable.  It was so good.

If you haven't read anything by this author, you really need to.  She's one of my favorites and I always feel so lucky to read her books.  Release day for this book is July 14th but you can pre-order now!

Content:  kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Facial Recognition by Jennifer Peel

For her, it was love at first sight. For him, love wasn't an option.

Twenty years ago, Gracie Cartwright became the first prom queen in the history of Pecan Orchard High School to be stood up. Now, she's on a mission to plan the ultimate high school reunion and get the prom night she always envisioned. All she has to do is find the perfect date. But after going on thirty-five blind dates, she's losing hope that she'll find Mr. Right--or at least Mr. Right Now. Then Brooks Hamilton, the man she knew she was meant to marry, walks into her spa for a facial massage. Too bad she's never forgiven him for standing her up at prom all those years ago. If that isn't enough, she finds out he's dating her nemesis and he's a divorce lawyer who doesn't believe in marriage. And what's worse is, he doesn't recognize her.

However, when Brooks's estranged father falls ill, the pair are thrown together and sparks fly when the old friends butt heads about almost everything. But despite the tension, it doesn't take long for Brooks to recognize that maybe he made a huge mistake letting Gracie go all those years ago. But is it enough for him to let his guard down and admit he was wrong about relationships and give Gracie the prom night she always dreamed of? Or will they miss out on the love that's been right in front of their faces the entire time?

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Oh holy crow.  This book!  I'm going to say this right up front:  This is one of my favorite books this year so far.  Honestly.  The minute I finished it, I wanted to go back and read it again.  That's the highest praise I can give.

I absolutely loved to be amused and entertained when I read.  This book had me cracking up the whole way through.  Gracie's internal dialogue was hilarious to me.  Here's one of the many, many quotes from the book that I love:

"I'm sorry for not being a better friend to you."  If he said the F word one more time, I might start using some of my own F words.  You know, like fudge, fondue, flan and frosting straight out of the can.

Hahahahaha!!!!  See?  Funny.  Maybe I'm just craving the things that will bring fun and smiles into my life.  The world is a crazy place right now and being able to smile and laugh is important.  This book gave me that and I'm ever so grateful.

Yeah, the story wasn't all fun and games.  There was definitely some difficult things going on for the characters in this book but the humor balanced it out so well.  My heart expanded and fluttered with all kinds of emotion.  My tummy fluttered with the zingy attraction.  Brooks is a little (and by a little, I mean a LOT) slow on the uptake but when he comes around, be ready.  😍

Gracie is definitely one of my favorite characters from Jennifer Peel's books.  Her goodness is evident in everything she does.  I also kinda loved that Gracie is a bit more, shall we say, mature in age?  Her relationship with Brooks goes back a long way.  Second chance at first love is fun!

Gracie and her friends have just opened a spa and I cannot wait to see how the stories unfold for them all.  We get a little glimpse of them in this book and it has definitely peaked my interest.  

I loved every second of this book.  It will be one I re-read whenever I need a good pick-me-up romance.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book but have since bought my own copy.  This book is also on Kindle Unlimited.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Bride of Convenience (The Bride Ships #3) by Jody Hedlund

Upon discovering an abandoned baby, Pastor Abe Merivale joins efforts with Zoe Hart, one of the newly arrived bride-ship women, to care for the infant. With mounting pressure to find the baby a home, Abe offers his hand as Zoe's groom. But after a hasty wedding, they soon realize their marriage of convenience is not so convenient after all.

Happy release day to A Bride of Convenience by Jody Hedlund!  I am really loving this Bride Ship series.  It's crazy and so interesting to me that these bride ships were a real thing.  This author does a great job of making her characters human with clear strengths and flaws that I can relate to.

Zoe is such a gentle person, full of kindness and compassion.  I loved how quickly and easily she shared her love with those who needed it most.  It was so easy to love her character and her intentions.  Abe struggled with his situation and his follow through a bit more than Zoe but his intentions were usually noble.  He definitely became a better man and found sure footing in the wake of Zoe's love and compassion for others.

I enjoyed the setting and I also enjoyed seeing characters from previous books pop up in this story.  It gives the series a sense of community and I like that.  If you haven't started this series yet, now is the time!  It's so good.  I've loved every book so far.

Content:  mild violence, mild peril, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Not a Fine Gentleman (Rogue Hearts #6) by Donna Hatch + $20 Gift Card Giveaway!

Margaret, the eldest of the misbegotten Amesbury family, is accused of murdering her jerk of a husband and then fleeing. Conner Jackson, a Bow Street Runner, is hunting her down to bring her to justice. Or so he thinks...

This romantic story of loss and betrayal, forgiveness and redemption, and strangers marrying, will leave you laughing, crying, and swooning. Sprinkled liberally with suspense, mystery, and heart-melting kisses, this is not your ordinary historical tale of an arranged marriage nor of redeeming the rakes. Fans of Victorian and Regency Eras, as well as those seeking clean and wholesome romance with plenty of chemistry, will love this story!

I really had a fun time with this book.  I'm loving these Amesbury siblings because they are such a diverse group of characters but at the heart of it, they are all strong, loyal and brave.  Enter Margaret, accused of murdering her louse of a husband and on the run.  Conner Jackson is out to retrieve her but boy does he get more than he bargained for!

The mystery and intrigue started right off the bat, throwing me into the thick of things right along with Margaret.  I loved how the whole story played out because between the mystery and the sparks between Conner and Margaret, I was entirely engaged from beginning to end.  Margaret is feisty and determined but also so vulnerable and hurt.  I really loved her.  Bridging the gap in station between Conner and Margaret was tricky at times, especially for Conner, but thankfully Conner wised up about certain things.  Good thing, because I was about ready to smack him upside the head too.  :)

Donna Hatch is definitely a favorite of mine.  Her books have vibrant characters and excellent pacing with so much going on to entertain my brain.  This book was exactly what I was hoping for. 

This is book five in this series but I believe it can stand alone.  However, you will probably enjoy this series best if you read it in order.  

Content:  mild violence, peril, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Donna Hatch is the author of the best-selling “Rogue Hearts Series,” and a winner of writing awards such as The Golden Quill and the International Digital Award. A hopeless romantic and adventurer at heart, she discovered her writing passion at the tender age of 8 and has been listening to those voices ever since. She has become a sought-after workshop presenter, and also juggles freelance editing, multiple volunteer positions, and most of all, her six children (seven, counting her husband). A native of Arizona who recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, she and her husband of over twenty years are living proof that there really is a happily ever after.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Not Over You (Prosperity Ranch #3) by Heather B. Moore

He left her behind. She’s spent years ignoring him. But some things can never be forgotten.
Knox Prosper knows he can never go back in time and correct his mistakes, so he has to find a way to move forward, and start a new life. Become a better man, and a father, if only for his young daughter. His regrets have taught him to simplify and to focus on what’s real and important. Returning to his hometown to ride in the rodeo gives him a chance to spend time with his daughter and to continue mending bridges with the rest of his family. But what he doesn’t expect is to run into Jana Harris—the first woman he loved—the woman who faded from his life years before because Knox continued to mess up one thing after another. Someone as good and as sweet as Jana is the last person he deserves. Hope is dangerous. And hope can break his heart once again. Yet Jana might be the one person with the power to redeem his past once and for all.

 * Amazon * Goodreads *

Hello, Knox.  Star of this third book in the Prosperity Ranch series and without a doubt, the person in this family with the most drama swirling around him.  Knox has made a TON of mistakes and he knows it.  Now he is trying to make amends with his family, his community and Jana.  Knox is seeking redemption and forgiveness.  

I've really enjoyed seeing Knox change and grow over the length of the series.  In book one, he really doesn't give you much to hope for.  He's at the bottom of the barrel so to speak but by the end of that book, there is a smidgen of hope.  I love how far Knox comes in this book because now that he's in it for redemption, there's no turning back.  Knox works hard to set wrongs to right and he works hard to gain forgiveness from others and even himself.  Combine that with the second chance at first love with the sweetest Jana and you have yourself a good, satisfying story.  My favorite of the series so far, I think.

I'm enjoying the Prosper family and looking forward to the next book!

Content:  mention of infidelity, sex outside of marriage without any details.  Kissing.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty publications. Her historical novels and thrillers are written under pen name H.B. Moore. She writes women's fiction, romance and inspirational non-fiction under Heather B. Moore. This can all be confusing, so her kids just call her Mom. Heather attended Cairo American College in Egypt, the Anglican School of Jerusalem in Israel, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University in Utah. Heather is represented by Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Crushing Depths (Coastal Guardians #2) by Dani Pettrey

They know the power and peril of the ocean.
But as they get closer to the deadly truth . . .
An even greater danger lurks just beneath the surface.

When an accident claims the life of an oil-rig worker, Coast Guard Investigators Rissi Dawson and Mason Rogers are flown to the scene thirty-eight miles from shore. Tensions aboard the rig are high, and the death has everyone on edge. Environmental activists are threatening to do whatever it takes to stop the "plague on the environment" from continuing its work. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating on board about an ancient curse lurking in the depths below.

Mounting evidence shows the death might not have been an accident. Was the man killed by one of the activists or, more frighteningly, a member of his own crew? Rissi and Mason have to sort through not only numerous suspects, but also their own haunted pasts and their attraction to each other.

Just as the case seems about to break open, worse news arrives: a tropical storm has turned their way. Now they're cut off from any rescue--right where the killer wants them.

 * Amazon * Goodreads *

This story had me all in and invested from the very beginning and didn't let up.  It's that 'hold on tight because you know this will be a fun ride' feeling.  I love when that happens. 

Even though there is a strong forward momentum, the author does a good job of giving me space to know the characters.  Rissi and Mason have history together from when they were children.  It's not a great shared history but I enjoyed how their story unfolded and expanded my understanding of their relationship and their connection.  Rissi and Mason are both excellent characters and I enjoyed them so much.

There is danger, there is intrigue.  The mystery is swirling all over in this book making me anxious with anticipation.  It was good stuff.  There is another developing plot happening between some side characters and I'm hoping they will be in the spotlight for the next book.  It's shaping up to be good!!  Oh!  And as a side note, I never want to be an oil rig worker.  Or even visit an oil rig.  That's some scary stuff and I'm grateful for the people who do the hard jobs for people like me.

This series is about a group of people and they are all present in each book so it would probably help to read this series from the beginning for the best character development, but I honestly think this book can stand on it's own.  This book releases on June 30th.  If you haven't read the first book in the series, The Killing Tide, now is a great time to pick it up on Kindle.  It's just $1.49!  Find it HERE.

Content:  peril, death, mild violence, kissing, mentions of physical abuse.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Coming Home to Maverick by Sophia Summers

Bailey is back. Maverick thought he was over her. But neither can deny the feelings that will always be there.

Bailey has made mistakes, so many she doesn't think she'll really ever forgive herself. But her daughter deserves the kind of life Bailey had growing up. When she shows up on her parents' doorstep back to her hometown, the one person she isn't ready to see is Maverick. But will she ever be able to face him?

The minute Maverick hears Bailey is back, he knows his heart still belongs to her. But what kind of man trusts a woman who left him at the altar? As he grapples with a new daughter that he can't help but wish was his, all the responsibilities of running his family's ranch, and the hurt he feels about Bailey's betrayal, he finds new love and hope not only with her but with God.

As soon as God is a part of the equation, the sweetness they find is better than they ever had. Just maybe this second chance around is God's gift of happiness to them both.

Coming Home to Maverick is a story of forgiveness and redemption.  It is a story that will tug on your heart because who hasn't made mistakes, sometimes big ones, that require the forgiveness of others and also the hard task of forgiving yourself?  

Bailey left her man at the alter without a word.  She ran off with a different man who promised her stars and she had his child.  Now she is back in a small town where everyone knows her and knows her mistakes.  That's a pretty big challenge to overcome.  I really love how the author painted the town in good light, that the people there could accept Bailey back with open arms and love, especially Maverick's family.  Maverick hears Bailey is back and his family asks how he wants to treat her.  Should they ignore her?  Shun her?  Maverick tells them to be kind to her.  And I know this is just a fiction book, but that sort of sentiment restored a bit of hope in humanity for me.  I really want to believe that people are good enough to do this and that I am too.

Maverick is something else.  If you make a mistake, he's the guy you want forgiving you!  It was almost too easy for him but I'm willing to overlook this because I really want there to be people like this out there in the world.  Maverick is kind.  He is patient.  He is loyal.  He works hard and he is all things Texas cowboy.  Yeah.  He's good.

I enjoyed this book. It was a sweet story of love and forgiveness and it felt good around my heart.  Maverick has a whole family of boys so here's to hoping we get a story for each brother.

This book is just $.99 on Kindle right now and it is also on Kindle Unlimited.

Content:  mention of intimate relations outside of marriage with no details, Christian elements including prayer, forgiveness.

- I bought my own copy of this book.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Whispered Dance of Bees by Carol Warburton

Had fate and nature not conspired, Alyce Redgrave would have been a child of wealth and privilege. But the night of her birth was shadowed by an eerie Devils Moon and her christening day marred by a fierce hailstorm—ill omens that led the superstitious peasants to seek Alyce's life. Desperate to save her infant daughter, Alyce's mother flees with her baby, finding shelter and goodwill at the isolated farm of strangers . . .

There, Alyce's life is filled with secrets, unanswered questions, and a sense of foreboding. Her worst fears are realized when she narrowly escapes the clutches of a murderer by fleeing into the forest. Fate steps in once more to change the course of her life when Alyce is found and taken in by Elspeth, a wise woman with the uncanny ability to commune with nature. Trained by Elspeth in the art of healing, Alyce remains haunted by the puzzle of her past until she discovers her mother's lost pendant. With the help of this object and the aid of the enchanting William Pascoe, Alyce finally holds the key to who she once was and who she will become.

Carol Warburton has an amazing way with words.  They weave together to create a story that comes alive.  This book really does come alive, vividly.

The story is told from two perspectives- first from Arabelle and then from her daughter, Alyce.  It really just follows their lives and honestly, most of it carries sadness with it.  The story is slow moving but not uninteresting.  It really isn't a love story as a love interest doesn't even come into play until about two thirds of the way through and even then, it's very gentle.  This story is a journey.  The journey of Alyce and the many kind people who help her along the way.

I enjoyed much of this book.  Overall though, it was a little bit too sad and a little bit too slow for me.  There just wasn't enough tangible happiness to balance out the sad and hard bits.  I will say that it didn't feel like anything else I have been reading lately.  I'm always looking for books that feel new or different and this story was definitely that.

Content:  peril, death

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Viscount's Vow by Julie Coulter Bellon

Edward Rutledge, the newly minted Viscount Carlisle, has come back from war a changed man. The echo of the battlefield and the death of his best friend Marcus haunt him to the point that he decides to break his betrothal to Charlotte---the only woman he’s ever loved.

When he’s summoned home to Hartwell Manor, he comes face-to-face with her. Slowly, her strength and love make him see that he might be able to reclaim what he thought was lost. But when word reaches him that Marcus might not have died in Spain and yet lives, Edward will do anything to bring his friend home. As the mystery deepens, however, Edward is drawn into an intrigue that forces him to confront the demons that have plagued him since he returned to England. Will he have to sacrifice everything he’s built with Charlotte in order to keep her safe?

The beginning premise of this book isn't a unique one.  In fact, when I began reading, it felt very similar to a couple of regency books I've read recently.  Man comes home from war, feels he is unworthy/incapable of love for varying reasons so he refuses the girl.  I was excited when things took a turn as Edward goes on a mission to rescue his old friend, Marcus.  That's when I really became interested in this story.  I wish there had been more intensity to that part of the story because it all ended very gently without too much fuss.  I was a little disappointed.  I also felt like Marcus changed his mind regarding marrying Charlotte easily and quickly.  His promises to Charlotte's brother seemed contradictory to what he really intended.  I don't know.  Some of that just confused me. 

Edward and Charlotte are both nice characters, good people, easy to like.  The story is gentle, easy reading and the ending is sweet.  Although this book wasn't my favorite I liked it and I am a fan of this author.  Her military romantic suspense books are my very favorites.

Content:  kissing

This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Flying in Love by Chalon Linton

Paige Hall’s happy ending may just be in sight. She has been dating her boyfriend for months and feels confident their relationship is going in the right direction—until she catches him kissing another woman. Humiliated and hurt, Paige retreats from the dating scene and pledges to never fall hard again as she throws herself into her work as a speech therapist. Her vow is upended in a grocery store parking lot when she is nearly run over by a handsome and very apologetic air force pilot.

Captain Jake Summers is everything a girl could dream of: charming, considerate, and hardworking. Despite Paige’s determination to avoid falling into another relationship, her resolve is no match for the whirlwind romance that ensues. When Jake is not flying, he and Paige are inseparable, and Paige begins to believe in happily ever afters again. But when the couple faces a heartrending loss, they must find strength in each other and in their faith or risk losing a once-in-a-lifetime love.

I love the cover for this book.  I think it is a fantastic representation of what lies inside and it's also pretty.

This book was character driven which was perfect because Paige and Jake are great characters.  The conflict was mostly internal as Paige and Jake deal with their own insecurities and doubts.  Family relations are a big part of this book as well.  It all seemed very normal and realistic.  Their feelings and struggles seemed like those anyone and everyone might experience.  I liked that.  Both characters show growth and change which is satisfying as a reader. 

There are no great climactic, heart pounding moments in this book.  It all felt very gentle and sweet which was perfect for me this week when I read it.  With the world in so much turmoil right now, gentle and sweet feels really good.

Content:  Christian fiction (talk of God, praying, believing), kissing, death

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Forest of Firelight (The Riven Kingdoms Book 1) by Shari L. Tapscott

After the sudden death of her brother, Princess Amalia is charged with what feels like an impossible task—she must choose the next king. Youthful thoughts of love are pushed aside as she accepts her fate, setting upon a quest throughout the kingdom to find a man worthy of her father’s throne.

Little does Amalia know, someone has already set his sights on her.

Rhys is a man of secrets, and his mission is simple: befriend the princess of Renove. Coax her to trust him, convince her to follow him.

Betray her when it’s time.

All goes according to plan until Rhys meets the princess. Amalia is a disaster. Never has he met someone so drawn to trouble. Never has he met someone so irritatingly likable.

He’s not allowed to fall for her.

She could never entrust him with a crown.

But, unbeknownst to them, their unlikely partnership might be the key to saving their entire world from a darkness that’s slowly creeping from the wounded earth that separates one kingdom from the next.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for the beginning of this new series by Shari Tapscott.  This is the what I've been waiting for!  These adventure/romance books with a touch of the magical and fantasy are so good and I think this author excels in this genre.  (I actually love her books in all genres, but this might be my favorite)

There are definitely secrets swirling around in this book.  Intrigue and danger are everywhere.  Rhys is a bit of a mystery but his story is slowly unfolding and I really like it where it is going.  Amalia is endearing and so easy to like.  I love her sense of adventure and the loyalty she has to her family and her role as princess.  Rhys and Amalia together are yummy.  Too bad I have to wait for the next book.  I'd sure like to read it right now!

Content:  mild violence, peril, kissing

This book is on KU if you have that.  This is a series you will need to read in order.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Heart of a Hero (Global Search and Rescue #2) by Susan May Warren

Rescuing Aria Sinclair is just what former SEAL Jake Silver needs in order to redeem his past mistakes. Keeping her distance from Jake is what Aria needs to protect her heart. As a hurricane turns paradise into peril, they must save themselves and others in this story of second chances and survival--and the cost of both.

I love the adventure and danger mixed with romance in Susan May Warren's books.  It really keeps things exciting and moving along at a fantastic pace.  This series, like some of her other more recent, has individual stories happening along with an over arching story line.  It's all connected but comes together a bit at a time.  I really love this approach because it keeps everything interesting.  It also means that you really must read these books in order to keep up with everything happening.

Jake is the kind of guy that runs straight into danger.  Literally.  It's as if he just cannot help himself.  He is a hero by all definitions and in this book, he was running into danger on practically every single page.  It made my heart weak.  haha.  I loved his strength and determination.  I loved his hero kindness.

Aria is so smart and although she is battling some pretty big demons, she really keeps things together for other people when it counts.   I loved watching her grow and accept herself.  I was glad to have met Jake and Aria in book one and know their history there because it laid the foundation of their relationship and gave understanding to how it progressed in this book.

I always end Warren's books satisfied and happy but eagerly awaiting the next book.  They just cannot come fast enough.

Content:  this is a Christian fiction book and has moments of stronger Christian themes.  Some moments of violence, peril, death, kissing.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, June 1, 2020

A Change of Fortune by Traci Hunter Abramson

Law student Brooke Sherman leads an enviable life, with an impressive education, a prestigious internship, and an ambitious boyfriend who any girl on campus would love to date. But one phone call shatters everything: her father, the optimistic man who insists on buying lottery tickets and dreaming big, has terminal cancer. Desperate to get home and predictably unable to rely on her boyfriend, Brooke finds an unlikely hero in the form of her classmate.

Jason Ramsey has had a crush on his study partner Brooke for months, but he’d never encroach on someone else’s girlfriend—even if the guy doesn’t treat her the way she deserves. But when he learns of Brooke’s father’s diagnosis, Jason steps up to help however he can. In the weeks and months following, Jason is Brooke’s rock, and after Brooke’s breakup, Jason becomes much more than just a friend. But even as they plan for a future together, things get complicated: Brooke’s father had a dying wish, that his daughter buy one last lottery ticket. She never dreamed that fulfilling that wish would jeopardize a future with the man she loves.

This was such a sweet book.  Brooke and Jason were two good people who were easy to like and easy to root for.  It didn't take long to feel like I knew them and understood what motivated them.  They felt really good together.  Jason was so attentive and kind to Brooke especially when she needed him most.  I loved that about him.

The story unfolded in a very natural way and the circumstances felt believable.  It was very gentle and easy to read.  There weren't any heart pounding moments but there is something to be said for a story that is calming and gentle when the world around us is not.  This is definitely a feel good story.

Content:  death, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Royal Decoy (Fate of Eyrinthia, #1) by Heather Frost

A SERVANT blackmailed into becoming a princess’s decoy.

A BODYGUARD determined to keep her alive.

A PRINCE forced to execute his father’s brutal laws.

A PRISONER used to keep him compliant.

 A WORLD on the brink of war.

In one horrible night, Clare goes from kitchen maid to royal decoy. She has three months to become the princess's perfect double so she can ensure her betrothal to an enemy prince. Desperate to survive, Clare throws herself into self-defense training, taught by her distractingly attractive bodyguard. The danger increases when a ruthless assassin begins stalking her, intent on ending the tenuous peace.

Across the northern mountains, Prince Grayson is his father’s ultimate weapon. He carries out the king’s harsh orders because the one person he cares about is his father’s prisoner. Grayson's silent obedience is tested when his father plans to exploit the marriage alliance between two of their greatest enemies. If Grayson submits, the blood of thousands will spill. If he resists, the girl who means everything to him will die.

The fate of Eyrinthia hangs in the balance. Some want peace. Some want war. All will be thrown into chaos.

I've been so excited about reading this book.  From the blurb alone, I knew this was a book I wanted to read.  I've been craving a book like this.

This is a story that completely captured my attention from the very beginning and didn't let go the whole way through.  The pacing is fast and exciting, the plot is full of intrigue and danger.  There are a lot of characters in this book but the author did a great job of bringing everyone to me in a natural way and giving them all very distinctive personalities and roles so I could easily remember each one.  

There are two developing plot lines completely separate in location and with different characters but I can see they are going to collide at some point.  It makes me anxious and excited.

Clare.  Poor, brave Clare.  I love her.  How can you not love her?  The author did a fantastic job of creating characters that care about and like.  Clare is easy to love.  She is the definition of love and sacrifice.  She is also kind.  I am a big fan of kind characters.

Grayson is a more complex character and my heart nearly wretched out of my chest for him.  His tale is a sad one but somewhere in there I have hope that something good will come to him.  Please, please, please.

I was so sad to get to the end of this book.  Obviously this is a series and more books will be coming but not nearly fast enough for me.  I wish I had book two right now.  Sigh.  Waiting is going to be hard.

Content:  violence is high in this book, some graphic in nature.  Peril, kissing.

This book is on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but have since bought my own copy. 

Heather Frost writes mostly YA fiction and has a soft spot for tortured characters, breath-stealing romance, and happy endings. She is the author of the Seers trilogy and the Fate of Eyrinithia series. She has a BS in Creative Writing and a minor in Folklore, which means she got to read fairy tales and ghost stories and call it homework. When she’s not writing, Heather likes to read, travel, and hold Lord of the Rings movie marathons. She owns two typewriters, sings in the car, and dreams of living in a castle someday. She currently lives in a beautiful valley surrounded by towering mountains in Utah. To learn more about Heather and her books, visit her website: www.HeatherFrost.com












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