Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hit and Run Love (Magnolias and Moonshine) by Jennifer Peel

When it comes to life, Kallie Clemmons is on top of her game. A no-nonsense lawyer, with beauty and a kind heart to match. But when it comes to love, she runs the other way. That is until she runs, literally, into her old college boyfriend, Officer Harrison Monroe. This time around, Harrison isn’t going to let her do another hit and run. He’s determined to find out why she left him five years ago, without even a goodbye, and if at all possible, convince her to give up her running shoes.

What Harrison doesn’t know is that the key to their future hinges on her past and the secret she’s kept from him.

Will Harrison be able to unlock her secret and help her overcome her fears? Or will he have Kallie running scared?

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This is the last book in this Magnolias and Moonshine series.  I've been enjoying the few titles that I've read.  There are twenty books, ten sweet, and ten spicy.  The sweet romances have a pink cover and the spicy (adult content) a purple cover.  I love the color coding!

Kallie and Harrison have a history.  They used to be together in college but Kallie ran away scared and hasn't seen Harrison since.  They literally "run" into each other one day and so begins the chase.  Harrison is the most persistent guy and ever so sweet.  I loved him.  This novella works because you know Kallie and Harrison have a history.  Their love isn't new, it's just re-kindling.  But it gave me butterflies like it was new!  ;)

If I were to offer a complaint it would be that this book was too short.  I wanted MORE.  More time with these characters, more of their story, just MORE.  

Jennifer Peel is my favorite.  She writes stories that just feel good to my heart and soul.  Her characters are full of life and personality.  I am so spoiled by her books.  That's why I wanted more from this story.  I wanted this to be a full length novel because it was over way too soon.  I know what a full length novel from Jennifer feels like.  When I voiced this to her over Facebook she told me she felt the same way and was thinking of maybe writing a follow up.  Well, that made me happy!

This was a fun novella, light and enjoyable!  

Content:  Clean, some kissing

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Cookbook Review: Simplify Supper by Krista Numbers

From her grandfather Salvatore Granato's roots in Southern Italy to the legacy of her family's beloved Italian deli in the heart of Salt Lake City, Krista Numbers has a deep-seated love for good food. In Simplify Supper, this busy wife and mother proves that simple can be satisfying as she dishes up dozens of delectable dinners. From some of her family's best-loved Italian meals to fast feasts with an international flair, discover quick comfort foods you'll want at the heart of your dinner table.

I love looking through new cookbooks.  This one was especially fantastic because every single recipe has a full page picture to go with it.  I'm a visual girl so I love being able to see what the recipe is describing.  The pictures in this book made me want to start cooking and that's something because if I'm being completely honest, I hate cooking.  It's a chore for me, not a pleasure.  So, yay! for this recipe book for inspiring me to cook!  My family will be so happy.  :)

My first recipe will be the marina sauce.  (I just got this book a couple days ago and haven't had a chance to try out any recipes yet)  This recipe looks so easy and sounds delish!  I love the tips included that suggest doubling the recipe and then freezing some for quick use with another meal.  Now that's my kind of cooking!

There are several recipes that include this marina sauce, like the Classic Chicken Parmesan that I will be trying out as well.  I'm also going to try the Cilantro Lime Rice and the Mini Wanton Tacos.  Yum!

This book includes definitions, tips for cooking, and some recipes even have step by step instructions with pictures.  That's handy for a girl like me!  Oh and there are little quotes sprinkled throughout as well.  I loved those!  Here's one:

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one hasn't eaten well."  Virginia Wolf

Here's to feeding our people (and ourselves) well!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chance for Home by Traci Hunter Abramson + $25 and Book Giveaway

Beautiful pre-med student Kari Evans believes she’s found the man of her dreams—right up until the moment she discovers he’s a two-timing cheat. Desperately gathering the pieces of her broken heart, she realizes that what she needs most is space to reconsider her future. A summer in Washington, DC, with her professional baseball player brother, Ben, sounds like just the change of scene she’s after. But if complicated romantic entanglements are what she’s trying to escape, she’s out of luck. Ryan Strobel has had it with spotlight-seeking women. As third baseman for the Washington Nationals, he’s dealt with more than his fair share of opportunistic admirers—but his ex-fiancée, Brandi, may be the worst. When the woman refuses to take no for an answer, Ryan’s teammate Ben offers a crazy solution: Ben’s sister will pose as Ryan’s new girlfriend. Though an unlikely pair, Ryan and Kari find themselves getting surprisingly comfortable with the charade. Soon, the line between fact and fiction is blurred, and the very real feelings that develop between the couple are undeniable. But when faced with the interference of conniving exes, family objections, and the reality of their very different lives, are Ryan and Kari destined to strike out in the game of love?

Traci Abramson is best known for her suspense novels, but not long ago she made the jump into clean romance and I'm so glad she did.  This is the second book and while I guess it isn't a series, characters from the first book are in this book as prominent secondary characters.  So you don't have to read these books in order, but you might want to just for the backstory.  

Hello, BASEBALL!  I love when books encompass things I love.  Like music or books or chocolate or baseball!  :)  In this book Ryan is a professional baseball player and is good friends with his teammate Ben.  Ben has a sister, Kari, who is conveniently available to help Ryan out of a bit of a sticky situation.  From there, the two develop a friendship that leads to more.  Kari spends a lot of time at the baseball field and I wanted to be there with her.  

Kari is an easy girl to like.  She has a go with the flow attitude for the most part which is important with Ryan's spotlight career and extra unwanted attention.  Kari and Ryan encounter bumps in the road, but nothing too over the top of unbelievable.  The whole story felt real and was easy to settle in with.  I really enjoyed it!  It hit the spot and satisfied my craving for a sweet romance.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Story Tellers: An Evening with Colorful Characters by Covenant Communications

On cold night in the Utah Territory, three opinionated men seemingly by chance find themselves sharing a campfire as they tell tales, swap insults, and expound on their personal beliefs and philosophies. However, one of the men is not there by mere coincidence. Join Porter Rockwell, Mark Twain, and J. Golden Kimball for an entertaining and intriguing evening with three of the most colorful characters of the Old West.

I thought the actors did a great job of portraying these real life characters.  They looked the part and sounded the part too.  I loved the scenery.  I learned things about these three people that I didn't know.  LDS history buffs may find this interesting.

This was literally an hour of three guys sitting around the fire talking.  It isn't a movie so much as a documentary of sorts.  Children will not be impressed by this movie.  My teenager quickly became bored.  Even my adult children were less than impressed.  I think we all pictured something a little different.  It might have been better if there had been some flashbacks to the stories the characters were describing that included movement and acting things out.  Instead, it was just talking, talking, talking.

I think if you go into this understanding that it isn't a movie in the traditional sense, and more of a documentary exploring an idea of what would happen if these three men met one night around a campfire, you will enjoy it more.  The stories shared were interesting, touching and religious.  

Content:  Some talk about polygamy, characters talk about cursing and swearing but you never hear actual words, some religious elements

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Defiance by A.L. Sowards + $25 and Book Giveaway

Eight years after immigrating to the United States, German-born Lukas Ley embodies the American dream: successful athlete, gorgeous girlfriend, loving family. But beneath the surface, eighteen-year-old Lukas is driven by ambition, resolved to avenge the murder of his father at the hands of the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, a failed physical throws his plans for flight school off course. Unlike his war-hero older brother, Lukas’s purpose is unclear. He can’t fly, and in the eyes of the military, he’s good for only one thing—the front lines.

From the foxholes of war-ravaged Luxembourg to the devastation of an enormous German offensive, Lukas’s journey is fraught with peril. But when he’s taken as a prisoner of war, he realizes life is about to get much worse. In the enemy camp, Lukas is viewed as a German fighting for the wrong side. Ripped from the innocence of an idealistic youth, he becomes a man beaten by the horrors of war. Now his only hope of survival is to hold tightly to his faith in God and his love of family and home. But even if he manages to make it out alive, can he ever be whole again?

Sometimes survival is the ultimate act of Defiance.

First, I love this cover.  The picture within the picture is awesome and I feel like it fits the story so well.

I love reading books by A. L. Sowards.  You can tell that she does her homework because her stories come to life.  They feel meaty, real and emotional.  One of my favorite genres is historical fiction- just like this.

War is never an easy subject to read about.  While I loved this book, I had to read it in doses because my heart just couldn't take it all in one sitting.  I had so many emotions reading this book- gratitude, heart break, anger, sadness, pride, hope, relief, but mostly gratitude.  So many people have given so much- everything, really, to defend humanity from tyrants, to ensure freedoms and to defend what is right.  It's humbling.  This book brings all of this to the forefront for me.

Content:  War violence.  LDS Fiction, (some references to things specific to the LDS religion, but mostly general talk about morals, praying and finding forgiveness)

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

My grandpa served in WWII in England.  He married my grandmother in the middle of that war.  He told my grandma to tell him which church to be at and when and he would do his best to make it there to marry her.  He hitchhiked on his two day leave and barely made it to the church on time.  Actually, he was late.  Roads were bombed out and with all the detours, he had a hard time getting there.  He spent one short night with my grandma before heading back to his base.  She had to give him money to get back there!  There was a bombing raid the night before the wedding and my grandma tells of running downstairs to make sure her cake was okay.  A bombing raid.  And she was worried about her cake.  Brides.  <sigh> They saved a lot of sugar rations for that cake and it was important! 


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chasing Red by Lauren Winder Farnsworth + Giveaway!

Ryder Redmond can’t wait to begin her new life in New York City, with her first real job after college. But the big city gets a little more complicated once she meets the charming and mysterious Damian Wolfe. On the surface he seems perfect, but her friend Hunter is suspicious of his all-too-straight smile and his motives towards Ryder. With her heart on the line, Ryder will have to decide just how much she trusts the handsome city slicker.

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Okay, first I have a confession.  I had no idea when reading this book that it was a Little Red Riding Hood re-telling.  Yeah, I know.  It's written right on the cover of this book.  Even when reading it I made no connection.  I live in la-la land apparently.  Looking back now it's so obvious.  I mean OBVIOUS. (just look at the names, for goodness sake!)  I feel like an idiot.  ha.  

Moving on from my idiot-ness.  

Ryder is a small town girl headed to the big city.  She is almost instantly swept off her feet by the charming Damian.  Ryder is a sweet girl who looks for the good in everything and everyone.  It makes her likable.  Yes, she is a bit naive, but she is also courageous and I loved her for that.  

At first, this book may seem like a fluffy romance, but as you go along you get hints of something more going on until by the end you have a full blown, behind the scenes mystery.  Everything and everyone are definitely NOT as they seem.  It was so fun!  I really enjoyed this book.

Content:  LDS fiction (characters attend church, some mention of morals and values associated with LDS religion although nothing preachy), an almost rape scene, mild violence, some kissing.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

The Wedding Charm: The Wedding Whisperer (Magnolias and Moonshine) by Susan Hatler

Maid of honor Sarah Carlton hasn’t failed at anything since her high school science project was sabotaged by a relentless competitor. So, she’ll do whatever it takes to make her best friend Jill’s wedding absolutely perfect. That includes taking the next flight out of Sacramento to retrieve the panicked bride’s cherished family wedding charm from her late grandmother’s attic in Atlanta Georgia.

Unfortunately, someone else has offered to come to the bride’s rescue—best man Ben Atkins, the same man who destroyed Sarah’s high school science project all those years ago. Now he wants to one-up her by retrieving the charm first? Sarah refuses to let that happen. The race is on.

When Sarah and Ben arrive in Atlanta, instead of finding the wedding charm there’s a letter from the bride’s grandmother directing the bride and groom to complete a series of tasks in order to prove their commitment to each other. With the wedding only two days away, Sarah and Ben must join forces by pretending to be the bride and groom in order to earn the wedding charm. Should be a cinch. After all, how hard can it be to fake true love for forty-eight hours?

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I'm so excited about this series!  There are so many authors I love taking part in it.  Something to keep in mind though, if you are in the market for "clean" romance like me, this series has both sweet and clean along with spicier.  Pink=sweet, Purple=spicy.  Just so you know.  :)

This story!!  I fell in love with it.  Love, lovey, love love.  It was sweet romance and adventure all rolled into one.  Sarah and Ben are on a quest to collect a prized piece of jewelry and save a wedding.  Everything is riding on their success.  They have to complete a series of tasks, in a short amount of time, all while pretending to be in love.  Sarah and Ben have known each other for a long time- they have a rocky history.  But, their chemistry is off the charts!

Susan Hatler did such a good job of drawing me right into this story and making me feel connected so quickly.  I loved this story!  It was fun and light and it just made me happy!  (Which isn't surprising.  I love Susan Hatler and her books!  She's one of my favorites!)

I'm excited to read more from this series.  I have another official review coming the 30th for Jennifer Peel's book- YaY!  I'm reading some of the others in this series but won't be reviewing them here on my blog.  You can follow or friend me on Goodreads though because I will be mentioning them there.  😊

Content:  Clean

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

On Tour with The Matching Making Game by Donna Hatch + Giveaway!

The Matchmaking Game
(Timeless Romance Single)
Donna Hatch
Adult Historical Romance
ebook, 126 pages
April 18th 2017 by Mirror Press

From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling & #1 Amazon bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean & Wholesome Romance, comes the Timeless Romance Singles line.

THE MATCHMAKING GAME: A brand new historical romance novella from bestselling author Donna Hatch.

Rowena’s childhood friend, Evan, has returned home from war a handsome, but mysterious stranger. In an effort to bring happiness to her father, not to mention uncover the Evan she remembers from their youth, Rowena seeks to unite their parents. Who better to match a lonely widow and widower together than their adoring children? Her matchmaking game could help their parents find happiness and draw out her childhood friend buried beneath Evan’s new reserve … or it could break more than one heart.


I love books by Donna Hatch and I'm always so excited to see a new one coming out.  This book is novella size, so it's a bit shorter in length.  I gobbled this book up in one sitting and loved every minute of it.

Stories about childhood friends turning into more is a classically fun premise.  Especially when there is a glitch in the system (like he's courting another girl!).  Curse Evan and his loyal, honor bound heart!  Just kidding.  Evan wouldn't be Evan without that honor.  Rowena is a friend I would like to have.  She is bright and happy.  Donna Hatch does such a good job of creating characters that feel real and sincere.  I love that.

This book was just fun.  It made me smile and left me feeling happy.  What more could I ask for?!

Content:  Clean, kissing

- I received a copy of this book in conjunction with this blog tour.  All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author

Donna Hatch is the author of the best-selling “Rogue Hearts Series,” and a winner of writing awards such as The Golden Quill and the International Digital Award. A hopeless romantic and adventurer at heart, she discovered her writing passion at the tender age of 8 and has been listening to those voices ever since. She has become a sought-after workshop presenter, and also juggles freelance editing, multiple volunteer positions, and most of all, her six children (seven, counting her husband). A native of Arizona who recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, she and her husband of over twenty five years are living proof that there really is a happily ever after.

Tour Giveaway

- 1 winner will receive a print copy of Heart Strings by Donna Hatch (US only)
- 1 winner will receive an ebook of Heart Strings by Donna Hatch (open internationally)
- Ends April 22nd

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart by Jennifer Moore + $25 and Book Giveaway!

Australia, 1814

As a young child bound for a strange country, Sarah Whitaker dreamed of life with her father on his sprawling Australian ranch. But her hopes were shattered when she learned of his death and of her new role as heiress of the largest sheep farm in New Wales. Orphaned in a land greatly populated by petty criminals exiled from England, the future seemed grim. But now, ten years later, Sarah has defied the odds and become a successful businesswoman much to the chagrin of her male counterparts. Hardened by the dishonesty of both her fellow ranchers and the felons in her employ, Sarah has learned one important truth: no one is to be trusted.

Daniel Burton is a lucky man. Sentenced to death for his role in a horse-race scandal, Daniel was granted reprieve thanks to the influence of his wealthy relatives. Now, rather than death, Daniel faces exile in Australia an opportunity to put past mistakes behind him. But when he purchases land with the intention of farming it, he unwittingly arouses the wrath of his new neighbor, Sarah. What begins as a battle of wits, however, soon becomes a warm friendship and perhaps something more. But when Daniel's secret past is revealed, will Sarah be able forgive yet another deception?

First, I love this cover.  It feels so romantic to me.  <sigh>  

Second, I love Jennifer Moore's books.  She has such a unique take on regency romances.  They vary in settings and never feel very typical.  This one is set in New Wales (Australia) where Sarah Whitaker is carving out the life her father started in ranching and sheep.  We get our first look at Sarah as she crosses the oceans on her way to New Wales as a young girl.  I loved the glimpse at who Sarah was in the beginning before struggle, sadness and distrust took over.  

Daniel is a good counter balance to Sarah.  He believes in mercy and second chances where Sarah has hardened herself against those who need and desire those very things.  Daniel and Sarah come from very different places due to life's experiences.  I loved how I could see and sympathize with both sides of this story.  I loved both Sarah and Daniel.

I honestly loved this book.  I loved the struggle, the setting, the characters, everything.  It settled gently into my mind and heart.  LOVE!

Content:  Some mild peril 

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher in conjunction with this blog tour.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Vicar's Daughter by Josi Kilpack (A Proper Romance)

Cassie, the youngest of six daughters in the Wilton family, is bold, bright, and ready to enter society. There's only one problem: her older sister Lenora, whose extreme shyness prevents her from attending many social events. Lenora is now entering her third season, and since their father has decreed that only one Wilton girl can be out at a time, Cassie has no choice except to wait her turn.

Evan Glenside, a soft-spoken, East London clerk, has just been named his great-uncle's heir and, though he is eager to learn all that will be required of him, he struggles to feel accepted in a new town and in his new position.

A chance meeting between Evan and Lenora promises to change everything, but when Lenora proves too shy to pursue the relationship, Cassie begins to write Mr. Glenside letters in the name of her sister. Her good intentions lead to disaster when Cassie realizes she is falling in love with Evan. But then Evan begins to court Lenora, thinking she is the author of the letters.

As secrets are revealed, the hearts of Cassie, Evan, and Lenora are tested. Will the final letter sent by the vicar's daughter be able to reunite the sisters as well as unite Evan with his true love?

Happiness is reading books by Josi Kilpack.  She has refined her craft and become such a fabulous writer.  This book felt more like a journey than a story.  Her characters, flawed yet so endearing, settled right into my mind and my heart.  

This story weaves several characters together- Cassie, Evan and Lenora.  Each play a vital role in the story.  Cassie has become impatient waiting for her older sister Lenora to make a match and decides to take matters into her own hands.  What starts as a little charade turns into a mess of epic proportions.  Cassie is left to pick up the pieces and set things back to right for not just her family but Evan and his family as well.  I loved Cassie's desire to make things right.  She owns up to her faults and tries desperately to make restitution.  You can't help but admire that.  I absolutely adored Evan.  He is a genuinely good person and that is portrayed all through this book.  Evan is a constant- and anchor of sorts for this book.  Loved him.

There is a gentle flow to this book.  It isn't fast paced or surprising but kept me engaged all the way through.  I was really pulling for Cassie, hoping that she would find her own happy in the end.  I wasn't disappointed.  The ending was worth the struggle to get there.

Content:  Clean

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happily Ever After (Cinder & Ella #2) Book Blast! Giveaway & Excerpt

Title: Happily Ever After
Series: Cinder & Ella #2
Author: Kelly Oram
Publisher: Bluefields Publishing
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sequel
Release Date: April 11, 2017

The end of one story is often the beginning of another. Hollywood heartthrob Brian Oliver and his Cinderella princess Ellamara Rodriguez have finally found love outside the digital world. But leaving their anonymity behind creates a whole new set of obstacles for the nation's new favorite sweethearts. With the stress of Brian's fame and the pressures of a new relationship weighing down on them, the It Couple quickly begins to wonder if they can hold on to their newfound joy, or if maybe happily ever after is only a fairy tale after all.

Happily Ever After (Cinder & Ella #2) will be released on April 11th!  You can pick it up on Amazon for .99 cents today!  

I haven't read this book yet, but I plan to.  Just an advisory on content if you care about that, this book contains mild swearing (which you will see in the excerpt).  Most of Kelly Oram's books contain innuendo, and might not be considered "clean".


Scott closed his laptop, which was a sign that he was really serious now. “Like it or not, Brian, she is in this. Up to her eyeballs in it, in fact. She won’t be able to avoid it forever, and when it catches up to her, she’s going to have some real choices to make. If you don’t bring her in with you, then your management team—along with everyone else in town—will bypass you and go straight to her. Do you really want her to meet with people and make decisions without you?”
My jaw clenched. Hollywood people could be nice enough, but they were all sharks in sheep’s clothing. Ella was a strong, smart woman, but she wasn’t used to playing their game. No way did I want her having to navigate this business on her own.
“You’re absolutely right that your team will try to use her as much as possible. That’s why you should be there when they do. At least if you’re together, you can tell her when they’re trying to work her over.”
Damn him again. Why did he always have to be right? Letting out a breath of defeat, I scrubbed my hands over my face and then raked them through my hair. “All right, all right, fine. Let’s schedule a meeting with Ella. But not yet. After the holidays. After New Year’s.”
Scott’s posture eased up a little, and he gave me an apologetic smile. “I don’t think they want to wait that long. You guys are in the headlines now. You’re the biggest story of the year. With the movie releasing in two days, they want to take advantage of all this free publicity.”
I huffed in exasperation. “The Druid Prince is the biggest release of the holiday. The studio has put millions of dollars into advertising. How much more publicity does it need?”
“Not the film, Brian; you.”
“I don’t care about the publicity. I don’t want the attention.”
I shot to my feet with a groan and headed for my coffee again. It wasn’t as hot now, so I chugged it as if it held the answers to all my problems.
“You do want it this time. And so does Ella.”
I was still frowning, but I leaned against the counter again and gave him my full attention. He jumped on the window of opportunity but spoke cautiously, as if he was afraid I might explode if I didn’t like what he said. “How you and Ella deal with this attention will affect your future, and you know it. The world loves you guys right now. You’re a real-life fairy tale. People are dying to see the two of you living out the happily-ever-after you promised them.”
“Forget the world. I want that. But if the freaking media doesn’t leave us alone, no one will get that happily-ever-after, because Ella will dump my famous ass.”
Scott’s snort of disbelief was only mildly reassuring.
“She’s not like everyone else, Scott. She doesn’t care about the money, and my fame is a problem in her eyes, not a fun perk. She’s fragile. If this gets too crazy, she’ll throw in the towel. She’ll have to. And I’ll have to let her.”
“If you would just make a couple of appearances together, do an interview or two and a photo shoot, that would satiate the public, and things would die down.”
“Tell that to Kim and Kanye.”
Again, Scott spoke right over my cynical mutterings. “It would help you both in other ways, too.  Ella is exactly what you need for your career. This relationship will completely erase your last year or so of debauchery.”
I cocked an eyebrow at Scott, trying my hardest not to smile. It wasn’t easy. “Debauchery?”
His cheeks turned a little pink, but he stood his ground. “Do you have a better word for all the partying and womanizing?”
I held his gaze a moment longer but then cracked. “Fine. Debauchery.”
“Right. And after a few appearances with Ella, as in love as you guys are, not even Kyle Hamilton will remember your previous reputation as an arrogant, immature playboy.”
My eyebrow went up again, and this time it was Scott who relented. “Okay, Kyle might. But no one else will; I guarantee it. You’ll be the mature down-to-earth A-list actor who chose to be with a physically-disabled woman when he could have anyone. You’ll be admired by all of Hollywood. And a man like that might just win himself an Oscar, whether he earned it onscreen or not—that’s simple Academy politics. Not that you haven’t earned it, but no one in the Academy would hesitate to vote for you. And no director will hesitate to consider you for a role in the future. Play your cards correctly right now, and you’ll be earning thirty million a picture for the Cinder Chronicles sequels and turning down roles you’d beg for right now.”
A year ago, that would have been a persuasive argument. “It’s not me I’m worried about. I’ll earn my A-list status eventually; I don’t need to use Ella to get there.”
“She might want to use this opportunity, though. You should at least explain to her what is going on and what it means for her. From what you’ve told me, she’s an extremely independent woman and isn’t going to want to live off of her father’s money forever, or yours. This could be a very lucrative time for her. It could help her with her future and even give her something to focus on. It could give her positive reasons for living with the fame and maybe help her make sense of how much her life has just changed.”
I shot Scott a glare, hating that last accusation, and got his Super-Assistant-Stare-Down again. “Like it or not, Brian, the moment you gave that Cinderella interview on The Kenneth Long Show, you changed her life. There’s no going back for her, so help her move forward. Help her make the best of a hard situation. Ease this transition for her by being straight with her. You know no one else will.”
I rubbed my head. All this thinking about the future first thing in the morning was giving me a headache.
“Sorry, boss, I know it’s not what you want to do, but it is what you need to do. I’d let you keep ignoring them and turn off my phone over the holiday if it wasn’t.”
My hands dropped to my sides as all the fight left me, and I met Scott’s gaze again, frowning. “Do you ever get tired of being right?”
The corners of Scott’s mouth twitched. “Not really, no.”

Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen—a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which her family and friends still tease her. She's obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and likes to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, four children, and her cat, Mr. Darcy.

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Connect with Kelly on social media:
Twitter: @kellyoram
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