Friday, December 11, 2020

Snowed in at Silver Lake by Stephanie Fowers


Getting snowed in with a stranger is dangerous—especially for her heart.

Gracie Turner just broke up with her fiancé before Christmas, so after a severe snowstorm causes her car to skid off the road into the deadly waters of Silver Lake, she can’t help falling for her rugged, handsome rescuer. There’s only one problem. He’s a fugitive running from the law.

Barron Hart has a plan to bring his brother’s killers to justice, and it does not involve Gracie. But when the snowy winds batter the backwoods cabin he’s using as his hideout, he has no choice but to wait out the storm with the Sheriff’s daughter. Against her will. Although, if he’s being honest with himself, she’s the one holding his heart captive.

After their first explosive encounter, nothing will warm Gracie up… or stop the sparks flying between them. There are too many secrets keeping them apart. Barron is further dismayed when Gracie uncovers his tragic past. She has the faith to help him heal, but he’s not ready to give up his revenge. Will the mysteries that brought them together, now have the power to tear them apart?

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How many times can Gracie fall into a frozen lake?  Many times.  And who saves her?  Every. Single. Time.?  Barron.  Yeah, he's that kind of guy.

The build up in both plot and between characters was good.  I could feel the tension mounting.  I love when a love story gives me a bit of suspense to liven things up and this one was exactly right and balanced fantastically.  

I liked Gracie but I LOVED Barron and his dog too. This book moves along at a great pace and I read through it quickly.  It was a fun one!  

Content:  Christian Fiction (talk of God, praying etc.), kissing, mild peril, mild violence

This book is available on KU.

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