Monday, November 23, 2020

Bound In Shallows (Natalie Marsh #4) by Stephanie Black



It’s the week before her wedding, and Natalie Marsh doesn’t have a moment to spare. But when a potential donor requests a meeting regarding Natalie’s mental health clinic, the soon-to-be-bride makes time for the conversation—especially since that donor is tied to a tragedy in the life of Natalie’s fiancé, Gideon: eight years ago, Gideon’s roommate Travis died of a drug overdose.

Now Travis’s mother wants to honor his memory by helping others avoid the same fate. It is a noble request that soon turns into a nightmare. As wedding celebrations ensue, old friends renew
acquaintances. But what begins as a party of wedding guests becomes a cast of suspects when the discovery of a bloodstained knife puts them all under the spotlight. Things are taking a deadly turn, leading Natalie and Gideon to a horrifying realization: all those years ago, Travis didn’t overdose—he was murdered. And his killer is willing to take deadly action to silence anyone who suspects the truth.

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Oh my.  I think Gideon and Natalie will need a lifetime of counseling after all the things that have happened not only in this book but the previous three.  How can two people go through so much?!

I love when I'm thinking about a book even when I'm not reading it.  This was one of those kind of books.   Every secondary character was a suspect in my mind at some point or another and it was a long list.  You know that a murder mystery is going well if you suspect everyone!  

Natalie and Gideon's relationship has been growing since the first book and in this book, it's wedding time.  I would really recommend reading this series in order.  You will have all the backstory understanding you need if you do.  While the books are more plot heavy, there are many characters who are in all (or most) of the books.  You will want to know them.  And if you are starting from the beginning, get ready for a crazy ride!!

The build up in this book was great.  I loved the tension and the multiple perspectives.  It was an excellent diversion.

Content:  Peril, violence, death.   

 - I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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