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Rules are made to be Ignored (The Rules Series #2) by Mylissa Demeyere


I’ve sworn off men. For good! Finding your boyfriend cheating on you will crush even the most romantic of hearts.

Never again will Shelley allow herself to believe in happily-ever-afters that don't exist. At least, not for her. The only guy she is willing to let into her heart is Ben, her adorable eleven-year-old nephew, who just moved into town with his dad.

Adrian has finally landed the job of his dreams. His new dreams, that is. He gave up on his real dreams eleven years ago. For the last decade, he has struggled to raise his son on his own after his girlfriend split, leaving him to figure out parenthood on his own.

When Shelley offers to help out with Ben, Adrian finds himself leaning on her in ways he thought he never needed. And it’s awakening something inside him that he thought was gone forever.

Will Shelley and Adrian continue to hide behind their fixed excuses, or will they conquer the obstacles that stand between them and take what could be theirs?

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Yay for book number two in this series!!  This is a fun one, friends.  It's the kind of relationship that has the potential for some cringes as Shelley's sister has a kid with the guy she is crushing on.  Awkward, right?  Nothing like falling in love with your sister's ex.  Fortunately it didn't come off too weird and Adrian and Shelley are both great characters.  It was easy to like them and easy to root for them.

This story is told in alternating first person perspectives.  I liked seeing things from both Shelley and Adrian's points of view.  One other thing I really liked is that Shelly and Adrian didn't have some great big misunderstanding that tore them apart.  They both faced a challenge that they had to work through but they did it with relatively little drama on their parts.  I like when characters face things together.  Their love for Ben was big, obvious and I loved how it drove their decision making in the best of ways.

It was fun to see characters from the previous book, giving a feeling of community and family to this book.  Don't worry, you don't have to read the previous book to love this book but you might have a more vested interest in the secondary characters if you do.  This book is on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.

Content:  kissing

Enjoy the following excerpt! 




“It’s okay, Shell.” He calmed me down. His voice sounded in my ear, so close. Looking up, my eyes landed on his lips. Right in front of me. I got up on my knees, facing him. “It’s only a shirt.” My hand stilled, right on his chest. The heat of his body blazed through the fabric of his shirt, causing my insides to melt in a pool of hot, dark chocolate. Staring up into a similarly colored pair of eyes didn’t do much good for my unbalanced state.

“Shell.” Adrian’s voice dropped low, and I started to tremble, affected by the nearness of him. My hand clasped the fabric of his shirt, hoping to ground myself in the moment and also keep myself from toppling over. Adrian’s muscles tightened under my touch, and it was nearly my undoing. He reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. “What are we doing here?” he whispered, his breath fanning over my face.

My eyes closed, and I released the breath I’d been holding. “I don’t know.” I opened my eyes and forced them up, passing Adrian’s tempting lips to his eyes. The same burning desire I felt reflected in his gaze.

“I don’t either,” Adrian whispered. His hand moved to my cheek and lingered there. I leaned in, soaking up the warmth of his gentle touch.



Mylissa Demeyere was born in Belgium, and resides in the beautiful city of Ghent. She lives in a somewhat organized home with her four beautiful children and the love of her life. If she isn’t working, she’s writing, exercising, reading, or enjoying time with her kids, who are growing up way too fast.

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