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Wrong Brother, Right Match (Anyone But You #3) by Jennifer Shirk + $20 Giveaway!

Wrong Brother, Right Match
Anyone But You #3
By: Jennifer Shirk
Releasing December 5, 2016
Entangled Bliss

Matchmaking guru Kennedy Pepperdine’s life is perfect. Perfect job. Perfect friends. Perfect boyfriend. Except...when she gets trapped in an elevator with a handsome stranger, she accidentally confesses a secret: maybe her perfect boyfriend, Justin, isn’t so perfect for her after all. But a matchmaker should be able to successfully match herself, right? Thankfully, she’ll never see the handsome stranger again. Until she heads home with Justin for the holidays and learns that the sexy stranger is none other than Justin’s older brother, Matt.

Matt Ellis is trying to be on his best behavior for his mother—it is Christmas, after all. But when he recognizes the beautiful woman from the elevator—the one he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about for months—his best behavior is being held by a thread. Matt’s always sacrificed for his family, and nothing is more important than their happiness, but the more time he spends around Kennedy, the more he wonders if her supposed "right match" might just be the wrong brother.

Love, love, love, love!  Here I give you my biggest dreamy, happy sigh.  <SIGH>  If you are looking for the perfect holiday romance to snuggle in with this month (Or today.  It really should be today because honestly?  Why wait?!) then look no further because this is your book.  I inhaled this book.  It was so fun to read.  I kind of want to go back and read it again.  If I had time, I totally would.

Kennedy has a growing business and the perfect boyfriend.  After all, he was her perfect match and Kennedy is in the business of knowing such things.  Then Kennedy finds herself stuck in an elevator with a handsome stranger and what happens?  A kiss of course.  A zingy, heart stopping kiss that neither participant can forget. 

Matt is so swoon worthy.  Even when he is being ornery to Kennedy upon first seeing her at his family's house for Christmas, he is swoony.  I just LOVED Matt.  He is so good to his family and he is so good to Kennedy.  Well, after said ornery business is over.  Matt was so easy to like and so easy to root for.

Jennifer Shirk is one of my favorite authors in the clean romance world.  Her characters have great personality and I'm always drawn to them.  I follow Jennifer Shirk and I'm always watching for new books by her.  I think this one is my new favorite!

Content:  mild swearing, kissing, casual drinking

- I received a copy of this book for free.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Enjoy the following excerpt!

Matt looked at his sister. “What do you think?”

“We can let her in on the secret,” Caitlyn said with a huge grin. “She’s definitely one of us.”

Matt hesitated. “Okay. The truth is…we all hate the fruitcake.”

“I knew it!” she exclaimed then frowned. “But I don’t understand. Why pretend to like it, then?”

“Honestly? Because none of us has the heart to tell her the truth. It makes her so happy. She’s one of the two percent who actually enjoys it.”

“And your dad,” she added. “He liked it, too. Your mom said so.”

 Matt shook his head gravely. “No, he hated it the most.”

 Kennedy blinked then looked to Caitlyn. “He did?”

“Yup.” Caitlyn shrugged. “Like Matt said, we didn’t have the heart to make her feel bad on Christmas. At least this time she didn’t put any figs or dried pineapple in it. That was a particularly bad year. Although Justin tolerated it the best out of all of us.”

Kennedy cracked a smile. “So your mom goes through all this trouble of making a fruitcake every Christmas and she’s the only one who eats it?”

“Oh, no,” Matt assured her. “We’ll all choke down a slice. You, too, since you’ll soon be part of the family. And we’ll all tell her how great it is. It’s tradition.”

“Tradition,” Caitlyn echoed firmly.

Kennedy laughed. Oh my, if she didn’t already love this family, this aspect of it only endeared them to her more. “Well, your secret is safe with me. I love traditions myself.”

“That’s good,” Caitlyn said, cracking herself up, “because you and Matt are standing under the mistletoe.”


Kennedy cautiously looked up as if to find the Sword of Damocles dangling over her, but instead found a small green ball of mistletoe tied up with ribbon. Crap! Her gaze dropped to Matt, who held a gleam of interest in his eyes, and her cheeks caught fire.

“Oh, well, that’s a silly tradition,” she said hurriedly, “I mean, we don’t have to do that.” Do we?

Barbara walked back into the room. “What don’t you have to do?”

Caitlyn pointed to the ball. “Matt and Kennedy are under the mistletoe.”

“Oh, how nice,” Barbara said, clasping her hands. “Kiss her, Matt. It’s Christmas after all.” 

Matt glanced at Kennedy and stiffened, but without further argument leaned in to her. Her heart fluttered like a hummingbird in anticipation. She caught the pleasant scent of pine and soap on his skin as he brushed his lips against her cheek, hovering for just a few brief seconds before he was once again at a safe distance from her. Such a simple kiss, yet her emotions whirled and skidded.

“I’d better get going,” Matt murmured, backing into the door.

His mom frowned. “Are you okay, dear? Maybe you should sit down a bit first.”

“No, I need to get kissing—er, going. I need to go.” His gaze reluctantly returned to hers, and his voice dipped. “I’ll see you tomorrow night?”

She nodded, not trusting her voice. Then he was out the door as if suddenly spooked.

Unfortunately, she knew exactly how he felt.

Jennifer Shirk has a bachelor degree in pharmacy-which has in NO WAY at all helped her with her writing career. But she likes to point it out, since it shows romantic-at-hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and mind-numbing educations.

She writes sweet (and sometimes even funny) romances for Samhain Publishing, Avalon Books/Montlake Romance and now Entangled Publishing. She won third place in the RWA 2006 NYC's Kathryn Hayes Love and Laughter Contest with her first book, THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME. Recently, her novel SUNNY DAYS FOR SAM won the 2013 Golden Quill Published Authors Contest for Best Traditional Romance.

Lately she's been on a serious exercise kick. But don't hold that against her.

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Silver River Secrets by Linda Hope Lee + $50 and Book Giveaway!

Silver River SecretsSilver River Secrets
by Linda Hope Lee
Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
December 1st 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Tragedy made them strangers. The truth could change that…

Lacey Morgan's grandmother is the only reason she has to ever set foot in Silver River. Her hometown is populated with too many ghosts and memories. Too many painful reminders. Including Rory Dalton.

In all her brief visits over the past ten years, they've barely spoken. Locked on opposite sides of the tragedy that tore their lives apart, they buried their feelings along with their parents. But this trip is different. She will stay a little longer. Dig a little deeper. And try to solve the mystery that has kept them from the truth…and each other.

Lacey is determined to prove her father innocent in a murder that was committed ten years ago.  Even though he was found guilty, convicted and sent to prison where he later died, Lacey believes in his innocence.  I had to admire Lacey's determination.  Everyone was against her and tried to dissuade her but Lacey pushed on because that was what her heart was telling her to do.  I also loved that Lacey never became rude or mean, even when it seemed she could justifiably do so.

If I had just one word for this book it would probably be gentle.  Harlequin Heartwarming line is perfect for a gentle, clean romance.  This book has a bit of mystery thrown in but it never became heart pounding or intense.  It stayed well within the gentle and calm boundaries.  It was maybe a little too gentle and calm for me.  I would have liked to have been drawn in a bit more with my emotions but overall this was a good book.

Content:  Clean

- I was provided a free copy of this book from Prism Book Tours.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Linda Hope Lee writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and mysteries. She enjoys traveling especially to small towns in search of story ideas. She's also an artist, specializing in watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil. Photography provides inspiration for both her writing and her art. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where many of her stories are set.

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Tour Schedule

November 29th: Launch
November 30th: Mommabears Book Blog
December 2nd: I Am A Reader & Heidi Reads...
December 3rd: Zerina Blossom's Books
December 5th: Getting Your Read On
December 6th: Grand Finale

Tour Giveaway

- 1 winner will receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card & copy of SILVER RIVER SECRETS by Linda Hope Lee (print if US, ebook if international)
- 3 winners will receive a copy of SILVER RIVER SECRETS by Linda Hope Lee (print if US, ebook if international)
- Open internationally
- Ends December 12th

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Liberty (Citizens of Logan Pond, #2) by Rebecca Belliston

Live free or die . . .

Chicago is burning, a rebellion rises, but that’s the least of Carrie’s concerns. Patrolman Simmons is assigned new partners who threaten the security and secrecy of Carrie's clan. Tensions are high, lines are drawn, and Carrie feels a wedge growing between her and Greg.

Haunted by past mistakes and impending tragedies, Greg knows he should distance himself from Carrie. He knows he should let her love the patrolman who can save her and her siblings, especially with money and resources dwindling. But knowing and doing are different matters. He's busy hatching a plan to salvage things when his citizenship backfires, and he’s asked to do the unthinkable. In this stunning follow-up to Life, loved ones are lost, allegiances are tested, and old enemies plot revenge. At every turn, the citizens of Logan Pond must ask:

What price would you pay for the liberty of those you love?

This is the second book in the Citizens of Logan Pond series.  I would highly recommend reading the first book, Life, before you delve into this book.  The books are dependent on each other and you would be missing so much if you didn't read them in order.  This is a dystopian book, set in the future of America.

I had a hard time with the main character, Greg, in the first book.  I didn't like him very much.  I have to admit that he grew on me a bit in this book but he still isn't my favorite.  I am grateful for the gentle shift in his attitude though.  It was much easier to find and attach myself to those redemptive qualities in this book.

This book brings all kinds of hardship and struggle to the characters of Logan Pond.  The story line really picks up and tensions increase.  It was like the first book was completely meant to introduce characters and set the stage for this book.  I did enjoy this book more than the first and boy, did it leave off in a doozy of a way.  Talk about a cliffhanger!  I will be picking up the third book in this series for sure.  It's on my review schedule for the first week of January and I'm looking forward to the climactic conclusion!

Content:  Some violence but otherwise clean.

I was given a copy of this book by the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Movie Review: The Christmas Project

Are you looking for a new family film for the holidays?  I've got just the movie for you!  The Christmas Project is full of sibling antics, school bullies, first crushes and of course, an overall message of kindness that will bring the Christmas spirit right into your homes and your hearts.  

I love movies that deliver on the "feel good" and I especially love movies that the whole family can enjoy together- from young to old.  

This movie is perfect for a family fun night.  Pop some popcorn and snuggle in.  Be prepared to smile a lot.  Check out the trailer and links below for more information.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pass Interference by Cami Checketts

Hyde Metcalf, wide receiver for the Denver Storm, is recovering from pneumonia and needs the best personal trainer in Colorado to get him in shape for the season. With his dad missing again and his mom fighting Alzheimer’s, it's crucial he stays close to home.

Lily Udy idolizes Hyde Metcalf and the Denver Storm. Her dream is to be a team trainer someday. When Hyde walks into the gym she’s working at and her boss gives her the opportunity to train him, it’s more than a dream come true.

Hyde thinks he may have found the perfect trainer and maybe more with Lily, until another man who wants Lily for himself, the media, his mom, and a horrible accident come between them. Happily ever after may be a pass that neither of them can jump high enough to reach.

Today I have a book written by Cami Checketts, who is one of my favorite, trusted authors in the clean romance world.  She has guest authored this book in the Last Play series by Taylor Hart.  (also one of my favorites!)  It's just awesome all the way around.

This Last Play series revolves around professional football players.  I've read every single one of them and enjoyed them all so much.  Occasionally characters from previous books make an appearance and it makes this whole series feel a bit like coming home.

The sparks immediately fly between Hyde and Lily.  Lily may have a bit of fan girl syndrome when it comes to Hyde and because of that she is determined to get him into top shape for his upcoming football season.  As Lily gets to know Hyde, she realizes that he is a great man on and off the field.  I loved how their relationship progressed so naturally from attraction to admiration and friendship to more.  Lily's family was a fun addition to the story and brought a lot of moments of connection for me as a reader.

This was the perfect book for me to read this week.  I needed a good, romantic escape after reading a book that had my heart pounding with anxiety and suspense!  Pass Interference had me smiling and made my heart happy.  

Content:  Clean

- I was given this book for free.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Forgotten Carols 25th Anniversary Tour + Enter to Win Four Tickets!

Popular Musical Production ‘The Forgotten Carols’ celebrates 25th Anniversary
The Forgotten Carols, a seasonal concert favorite, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.  Michael McLean, a well-known performer, composer, songwriter, author and director staged his first one-man concert in 1991 with the hopes of it becoming a tradition families would enjoy. For those first performances McLean played all the parts to give people a sense of how families could create their own narration at home.
Over the course of the last 25 years, McLean’s modest one-man show has evolved into a huge theatrical production with over 1 million concertgoers enjoying the music that has become a time-honored Christmas tradition and attracts repeat attendance from guests of all ages. The show has been produced all over the world in limited runs, including shows in Ireland, Germany, England and even Ukraine. “One of the great things about touring is seeing the familiar faces that have been coming for years and are part of the Forgotten Carols family,” shares McLean. “New comers and longtime devoted fans of this production keep the magic of the performance alive. We embrace, giggle, and sometimes cry at these reunions.” 
The Forgotten Carols 2016 concert schedule includes performances in four states Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. The production has arranged over 20 shows in 12 different cities and showcases an elegant arrangement of special musical choral performances and solos. McLean stars as one of the musical’s primary characters, John, an elderly gentleman who helps Constance, a young nurse who can’t be bothered with Christmas, discover a new love for the season.  
Each year, local community and student choirs are invited to perform alongside the professional Forgotten Carol company members during the concert in their cities. It’s important to McLean and the show's producers to preserve this tradition that keeps the magic alive for an enchanting experience each year.
Performance tickets are on sale now. For a complete listing of concert dates and locations or to purchase tickets visit the website at www.forgottencarols.com.

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New Books and a Fun Giveaway!

I'm thrilled to announce three fabulous clean romance books being released this week, just in time for the holidays. Also, please enter to win $75 prize money and a gift basket from Suite 716 through the Rafflecopter below.
Happy reading!

When Everly Watson goes on a Hawaiian holiday, she never expects to fall head-over-heels for movie star Christian Ross. But her life is fraught with betrayal and deceit. Will Everly find the courage to love again? Or will her complicated past lead to her undoing?
Buy Love on the Rebound here.

Hyde Metcalf, wide receiver for the Denver Storm, needs a fabulous personal trainer to help him recover from pneumonia. He is more than intrigued by the beautiful Lily Udy, who seems to idolize him … until the media and his competition get involved.  

Buy Pass Interference here.

When billionaire, Nathan Sterling, decides to spend a relaxing week before Christmas in Park City, he never imagined he'd meet a hot ex-Olympian skier and he really never imagined ... she'd be getting married in three days.
Buy The Christmas Groom here. 

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