Friday, May 26, 2017

Still Falling (Home In You #0) by Crystal Walton

She’s trying to uproot the past. He’s trying to safeguard the future. But neither’s ready for the assignment about to jeopardize both. 

Landing a prominent chair in the Philharmonic Orchestra is part of Bree Ramirez’s determined plans to avoid her old life. Falling smack into her ex-fiancĂ©’s path again? Nowhere close. But with a gang hit targeting her and her brother as loose ends, the pressure to get them out of Queens ushers her straight into the very arms she’s spent the last four years pretending aren’t still home.

On the brink of finally making detective and tackling his parents’ cold case, NYPD Officer Josh D’Angelo is prepared for just about anything. Except playing it cool with the only girl he’s ever loved. Then again, if being assigned Bree’s security detail opens the doors to winning her back, he’ll risk whatever the job requires. Including his heart.

But when Josh’s investigation brings him to a choice he promised Bree he’d never have to make, this unsolicited reunion may cost them their only shot at a second chance

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Things can get super messy when you run into your ex-fiance who was also your best friend.  Bree and Josh have a lot of unresolved feelings and unanswered questions.  Especially Josh, who was left behind without any explanation.  Bree has been running for a long time and has now returned home.  Her dad is in the hospital, a gang is trying to target her family, and now her ex is on her security detail.  Did I mention the word messy? 

I really loved Josh.  I loved his sense of duty, his loyalty and his desire to help everyone.  He is just a stand up, all around good guy.  He's someone I would love to have as a friend.  Bree is a bit more difficult to understand and love, but by the end I liked her as well.  

This is a great series.  I have read each book and enjoyed them all so much.  Crystal Walton knows how to write great characters who come to life in her books.  There is always plenty of real life difficulties interwoven with hope and love.  Whenever a get to read one of Crystal's books, I just get cozy and settle in for what I know will be a fantastic story.

This is a novella in the Home in You series.  Each book can stand alone but if you like a timeline flow, you should read them in order.  

Still Falling – A Novella
Write Me Home – Book One
Begin Again – Book Two

Content:  Some mild violence, some kissing

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm On Facebook! And FREE books!

A few years ago I started a Facebook page and then decided it was just too much so I didn't follow through with it.  Now, 3 years later, I'm ready to jump in again.  If you have any desire to follow me on Facebook, there is a new button on the left side of my blog.  Or, you can click HERE.  I'll post links to my reviews there, but also freebies I hear about (which I don't do much of here) and just more all around book stuff (deals, events, etc.)

And now, here are some book that are FREE today.  I'm a Kindle girl so these books are on Amazon.  If you don't have a Kindle, you can still read these books with the Kindle app on any device.  Please just double check that the book is still free before buying.  Prices can change quickly.  :)

First up, Paige's Turn by Jennifer Peel.  Jennifer is one of my FAVORITE clean romance authors.  I love, love, love her books!  Pick it up HERE.

Next up is another favorite author of mine, Sheralyn Pratt.  This book is King of the Friend Zone and it is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series.  (also clean romance) You can pick it up HERE.

The next book is part of the Fairy Queen series by Amber Argyle.  It is a fantasy book.  This first book kicks off the series and is novella in size.  If you haven't read this series, this is a good starting place to see if it's something you would enjoy.  Most of the book are also on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.  I think the third book in this series is also free right now.  You can find Of Ice and Snow HERE.

Happy Reading this week!!

The Killing Curse (An Omar Zagouri Thriller) by H.B. Moore

Omar Zagouri should have known that the hunt for an ordinary art thief in London would end up being far from ordinary. Abducted and carted across several countries until he’s locked up in the middle of Jordan’s desert, Omar becomes the target of an underground crime organization that dates back to the Crusaders era. As Omar works to uncover the deadly secrets that connect centuries of deceit, he finds himself trying to prevent an honor killing from turning into another tragedy, while exposing the ancient crime organization for generations of lethal corruption.

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Man, I am such a fan of Heather Moore.  I swear she can write any genre fantastically.  This is probably one of my favorite series from her.  I love the edge of your seat, fast paced nature of these thrillers.  I would recommend reading them in order just because there is a progression to the relationship between Omar and Mia that happens slowly throughout this series.  If you don't much care about that side of things (which is honestly such a minimal part of the plot) then I think you can read these book in any order and be happy.

One of my favorite things about this book (and the others in this series) is that it has two stories in one.  You have the modern day thriller going on- edge of your seat, action packed, full throttle- and in between you have a story from long, long ago.  Usually the stories from long ago are a bit less edge of your seat and more personal- full of rich history and intense emotion. The two stories always connect together and it just makes the book so fantastic.  I love the different feel to each side.

Omar is smart and edgy.  He's always in the middle of some dangerous game and sometimes it looks like there is no way out.  I love Omar's instincts and the way he always gets the job done.  Nothing comes easy for Omar.

I blew through this book so quickly.  I couldn't put it down.  It was full on from start to finish- heart pounding and exciting.  The story was so good!

Content:  Violence, frequent mild swearing (which I didn't love), mentions of a couple living together and having a sexual relationship but it's nothing more than a mention.

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

More Omar Zagouri Thrillers:
Finding Sheba
Lost King
Slave Queen
First Heist (novella)
Beneath (short story)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meet Me At Sunrise (Romano Family #2) by Lucinda Whitney

Finding love in eight days was not on the itinerary…

Between a bad breakup and a rocky relationship with her overbearing father, twenty-three-year-old Vanessa Clark has a history of being disappointed by the men in her life. So when her long-lost grandfather reenters the scene and persuades her to tour northern Portugal on one of his cruise ships, Vanessa boards the vessel looking for answers about her estranged family, not looking for love.

Captain Matias Romano has enough to worry about without having to babysit his boss’s spoiled American granddaughter, no matter how good-looking she is. First the issue with the refrigerators, and now the ship's computers are malfunctioning—he’ll be relieved when this trip is over and he can get back to business as usual.
But as Matias plays tour guide on Vanessa’s excursions and they work together to investigate a series of suspicious accidents aboard, they both realize there’s more to the other than first impressions.

Can Vanessa work through her complicated past to make room for Matias in her future, or will they pass like ships in the night?

Releasing today!  This is the second book in the Destined for Love Romance Europe series and I'm so excited!  There are six books total, each written by a different author.  The authors in this series are some of my favorite.  I'm reviewing all but the last book in this series so that makes me happy!  

This book doubles as a part of this series and also another series- Romano Family- by the author, Lucinda Whitney.  It's a fantastic addition to both.  I've been anxiously waiting to read about Matias since finishing Hold Me at Twilight.

I really want to take a river cruise one day.  It sounds fantastic.  Matias is the captain of a river cruise ship and meets Vanessa in less than ideal circumstances.  Both Matias and Vanessa make snap judgments about each other which, of course, are wrong.  For a story that happens in 8 days, things really didn't seem that rushed.  There was a natural development of feelings between the main characters and a progression of the plot that made me feel like it was longer than eight days.

The ending felt good.  There was resolution all the way around with the romance, the family dynamics and the investigation and I'm a girl that likes things tied up with a pretty bow so that was awesome for me.  

Content:  some kissing

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Books in the A Destined for Love Romance: Europe series:
— Desperately Seeking Mr. Right by Sally Johnson
— Meet Me At Sunrise by Lucinda Whitney
— Once Upon a Wish by Danyelle Ferguson
—12 Days to Love by Lisa Swinton
— Kiss Me in the Moonlight by Lindzee Armstrong
— Never Trust the Rain by Laura D. Bastian

Friday, May 19, 2017

Wrong For You by Jenny Proctor + $25 and Book Giveaway

Lane Bishop is a hardworking, intelligent, young woman. With her recent move to Chapel Hill, she is determined to leave behind the drama and effort of keeping up with the dating scene. Even so, Lane somehow manages to get dragged out by a gaggle of girls to go watch boys play soccer. Just watching is not Lane’s forte, so she joins in the fun and leads her team to victory.

Rather than feeling intimidated by the vivacious beauty on the opposing team, Jamie Hamilton is intrigued. Risking his “untouchable” dating status, he decides to pursue Lane—with a little help from his older brother Simon. With Simon’s behind-the- scenes assistance, Jamie proves irresistible, even to a disillusioned dater like Lane. But as she gets to know both brothers, Lane can’t help but wonder—beneath the grand gestures and romantic words, is she falling for the wrong guy?

This book was so fun.  My smile was out in full force with this one.  The scenes played out so naturally and I could easily visualize what was happening.  It was like the perfect chick flick movie playing out in my head.  See?  Fun!

Yes, the plot is a bit predictable but the unknown is how everything is going to work out in the end when two brothers love the same girl.  That's just a mess waiting to happen because these brothers are close.  They have a fantastic family dynamic that includes loyalty and "I've got your back no matter what".  So yeah, things get messy before they get better.

Lane is fantastic.  She is smart, witty, athletic, beautiful, and full of life and energy.  You can see how different parts of her personality are drawn out by each brother.  

I really enjoyed this book.  It light and fun and you have to love a book that brings all the happy, romantic feels with it!

Content:  LDS fiction (some religious mentions although nothing preachy) some kissing

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Compassionate Soldier: Remarkable True Stories of Mercy, Heroism, and Honor from the Battlefield by Jerry Borrowman

Compassionate Soldier illuminates some of the most fascinating and yet largely unknown stories of men and women whose humanity led them to perform courageous acts of mercy and compassion amid the chaos and carnage of war. Arranged by war from the American Revolution to the Iraq War and global in perspective, it features extraordinary stories of grace under fire from valiant soldiers and noncombatants who rose above the inhumanity of lethal conflict and chose compassion, even knowing their actions could put their lives and liberty at risk.

Included in this collection are the stories of Richard Kirkland, a Confederate soldier during the Civil War who disobeyed orders and brought blankets and water to the wounded from both North and South during the Battle of Fredericksburg; Patrick Ferguson, a British soldier during the American Revolution who had the chance to kill George Washington, but refused to shoot a man in the back; and Oswald Boelcke, a German WWI flying ace who was one of the most influential tacticians of early air combat, but was known for making sure the airmen he shot down made it to the ground alive.

These inspirational stories illustrate that even in the midst of unspeakable horrors of war, acts of kindness, mercy, compassion, and humanity can prevail and, in doing so, expand our conventional thinking of honor and battlefield glory.

I love history and I love true stories in history- especially ones that inspire me and bring hope.  This book is full of stories of people who showed compassion, kindness or mercy during the struggle of war.  

The author goes into some depth to describe the events surrounding each person and their circumstances.  This really helps set the tone for what made their acts so profound.  I received an ARC copy of this book so mine didn't have the photos that I think are included in the final copy.  I wish I could see those pictures.  

War brings such devastation and loss.  These stories brought this out but I love reading about people who, in the midst of such devastation and loss, still found a way to extend kindness.  I loved the story of Richard Kirkland who heard the cries of the wounded and dying during an ongoing battle and just had to do something to help.  At the risk of his own life, he carried water to men on both sides of the battle.  He was a young man and died later in a battle but his kindness and mercy will always be remembered.  The other story I really loved was about Edith Cavell who was a nurse and helped wounded men recover and then escape the enemy during WWI.  She put her life at risk and was executed for it.  I loved her integrity because at the end, even though she was warned that people were coming for her, she continued on with her nursing and care.  She didn't run, she didn't lie and she didn't apologize for helping save people.  She died with her head held high, full of confidence and truth.  These are only two of the stories but probably my favorites though all of them are good.

This book was hard to read in many ways, but also brought the hope that good things can still happen in the middle of awful events because of good people who care.  I love that this collection of stories honors a few of those people.

Content:  Some description of war and violence

- I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Desperately Seeking Mr. Right (Destined for Love: Europe) by Sally Johnson

Phoebe wasn't looking for love in London. In fact, she had just gotten off a Reality Love TV show that didn’t end well. A simple baggage mix up introduces Phoebe to Bryan, and suddenly love seems like a possibility. But when the reality of the TV show catches up to her, Phoebe can't help but wonder if she will ever meet Mr. Right.

This is a series I am super excited about.  It has some of my favorite authors and the setting in Europe couldn't be better.  These are novellas, not full length books (boo) so you can read through them quickly.  I love  all these themed clean romance collections that are super popular right now but I just wish they were full length novels.  Novellas are okay, I like them but I definitely know I'm reading a novella.  Sometimes a girl just like to have a bit more time for development.  And kissing.  Especially in books from her favorite authors.

This story is set in London, England for the most part.  It's a place I haven't traveled to quite yet, but it's on the list of places I really want to go.  This romance starts with the normal noticing and awareness.  Then a convenient luggage mix up provides the perfect opportunity for Phoebe and Bryan to meet.  From there they spend some time hitting the local tourist spots.  I liked the normal and natural progression of their time getting to know each other.  Phoebe and Bryan are both just nice people.  They are easy to like.  And what could be more romantic than meeting your love while on vacation in London?  This book was light and sweet.  The glitch wasn't too over the top and the resolution made me happy.  This is a great start to this series and I can't wait to read the next one!

This book is on Kindle Unlimited if you have that!  :)

Content:  kissing

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.