Saturday, April 22, 2017

Story Tellers: An Evening with Colorful Characters by Covenant Communications

On cold night in the Utah Territory, three opinionated men seemingly by chance find themselves sharing a campfire as they tell tales, swap insults, and expound on their personal beliefs and philosophies. However, one of the men is not there by mere coincidence. Join Porter Rockwell, Mark Twain, and J. Golden Kimball for an entertaining and intriguing evening with three of the most colorful characters of the Old West.

I thought the actors did a great job of portraying these real life characters.  They looked the part and sounded the part too.  I loved the scenery.  I learned things about these three people that I didn't know.  LDS history buffs may find this interesting.

This was literally an hour of three guys sitting around the fire talking.  It isn't a movie so much as a documentary of sorts.  Children will not be impressed by this movie.  My teenager quickly became bored.  Even my adult children were less than impressed.  I think we all pictured something a little different.  It might have been better if there had been some flashbacks to the stories the characters were describing that included movement and acting things out.  Instead, it was just talking, talking, talking.

I think if you go into this understanding that it isn't a movie in the traditional sense, and more of a documentary exploring an idea of what would happen if these three men met one night around a campfire, you will enjoy it more.  The stories shared were interesting, touching and religious.  

Content:  Some talk about polygamy, characters talk about cursing and swearing but you never hear actual words, some religious elements

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