Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hit and Run Love (Magnolias and Moonshine) by Jennifer Peel

When it comes to life, Kallie Clemmons is on top of her game. A no-nonsense lawyer, with beauty and a kind heart to match. But when it comes to love, she runs the other way. That is until she runs, literally, into her old college boyfriend, Officer Harrison Monroe. This time around, Harrison isn’t going to let her do another hit and run. He’s determined to find out why she left him five years ago, without even a goodbye, and if at all possible, convince her to give up her running shoes.

What Harrison doesn’t know is that the key to their future hinges on her past and the secret she’s kept from him.

Will Harrison be able to unlock her secret and help her overcome her fears? Or will he have Kallie running scared?

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This is the last book in this Magnolias and Moonshine series.  I've been enjoying the few titles that I've read.  There are twenty books, ten sweet, and ten spicy.  The sweet romances have a pink cover and the spicy (adult content) a purple cover.  I love the color coding!

Kallie and Harrison have a history.  They used to be together in college but Kallie ran away scared and hasn't seen Harrison since.  They literally "run" into each other one day and so begins the chase.  Harrison is the most persistent guy and ever so sweet.  I loved him.  This novella works because you know Kallie and Harrison have a history.  Their love isn't new, it's just re-kindling.  But it gave me butterflies like it was new!  ;)

If I were to offer a complaint it would be that this book was too short.  I wanted MORE.  More time with these characters, more of their story, just MORE.  

Jennifer Peel is my favorite.  She writes stories that just feel good to my heart and soul.  Her characters are full of life and personality.  I am so spoiled by her books.  That's why I wanted more from this story.  I wanted this to be a full length novel because it was over way too soon.  I know what a full length novel from Jennifer feels like.  When I voiced this to her over Facebook she told me she felt the same way and was thinking of maybe writing a follow up.  Well, that made me happy!

This was a fun novella, light and enjoyable!  

Content:  Clean, some kissing

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

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