Monday, November 2, 2015

Getting Kole for Christmas by Kimberly Krey

Kylie’s been crushing on Kole for two years now, but can she get him to see her as more than a friend?

For years Kylie has watched her older sisters get asked to every school dance there is. Yet once she’s old enough to go, the invites are in short supply. While getting overlooked has never felt good, it hasn’t really hurt the way it does this year. Because now there’s someone she really wants to go with: Kole Kingston. Kole is charming and funny. Gorgeous and kind. And everything she wants in a guy. Trouble is, he’s also her very best friend. Can Kylie tear herself free from the friend-zone in time to get asked to the Christmas dance? Or will she – like so many others – find that a romance between them will never be?

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I am so super-dee-dooper excited that one of my fave's in the writing world dipped her foot into the YA genre!  Yay!  This YA novella tells me that she should do more than dip, she should immerse.

I think the two words I would use for this novella are "so cute".  From the cover to the sweet story inside, cuteness is everywhere.

Kylie is one of many teenage daughters in her family.  She often feels lost in the shuffle of everyone else.  Her teenage insecurities shine through- spot on.  The whole anxiety about getting asked to a school dance and watching everyone else be asked?  Yeah, that has happened in my house on more than one occasion.  I felt like I was reading a story about my daughter!  

Kimberly Krey nails the whole thing because Kylie's voice is perfect.  I loved Kylie and I loved Kole.  What a sweet, sweet story.  It made me smile.

And now Kimberly Krey has starting something.  I can't wait to see what she come up with next!  

Content:  Clean!  :)


  1. I actually ran across this book on a website that reports about new LDS books, whether it's written by an LDS author or has it's theme. I really think this sounds good! I really adore the title of the book! I'll try to check it out sometime

    1. I hope you do. It was so cute! It's short so it won't take too long to read it. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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