Monday, November 30, 2015

Heir to Edenbrooke (A Proper Romance) by Julianne Donaldson

Philip Wyndham has never envied his older brother for being the heir to Edenbrooke. He would much rather carve out his own destiny than live under the constraints of that position. But when his older brother dies unexpectedly, Philip's life is turned upside down as duty requires him to give up the life he planned. Philip takes on his new role as the most sought-after bachelor in London with alternating reluctance, boredom, and resentment. But all that changes the night fate leads him to an inn, where he meets the incomparable Marianne Daventry.

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The biggest problem I had with this novelette was that it was WAY TOO SHORT!  I want more.  Greedy?  Maybe.  But now that I've had a taste of Philip's side of things, I want it all. This novelette gives some insight into Phillip's life and how he came to be the heir to Edenbrooke and takes us up through his first meeting with Marianne.  I loved it.  Love, love, loved it.

BUT.  I want more.  I want the whole Edenbrooke story told from Philip's point of view.  This little story filled me with longing to read Edenbrooke again, to go back and relive that fabulous love story all over.  Sigh.  This was a perfect little snippet.  If you have read Edenbooke, this is a must read.  If you haven't read Edenbrooke, you really should.  It's one of my favorite books.

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