Friday, November 13, 2015

Puzzle Pieces by Betsy Brannon Green + $25 and Book Giveaway!

Presley DeGraff is a young woman on the run. With nothing but the clothes on her back, her escape from the ruthless manipulations of her former fiancĂ© leaves her with little time to hide. There is only one person to whom she can turn, only one place she may be safe . . . Haggerty, Georgia, is known for its Southern hospitality and quirky inhabitants. For Presley, her Aunt Violet’s home in the tiny town is a lifesaving haven. Her aunt, along with a cast of delightful friends and neighbors, warmly welcomes her. For the first time in so long, she feels hope—a hope that hinges on hiding her past. But the dreams of solitude that she had envisioned quickly fade when a disturbing discovery is made in her aunt’s backyard: a human skeleton. At the first hint of crime, Haggerty’s own amateur sleuth, Miss Eugenia, is on the case. Along with handsome Haggerty resident Mac and sprightly ninety-nine-year-old Loralee, Presley is quickly drawn into a mystery spanning generations of Haggerty’s history. But when news coverage of the investigation digs up Presley’s own secrets, it’s up to her new friends to come to her aid, by whatever means necessary.

This book started out with a well thought out and executed escape.  It had me interested and excited about where this book was going.  Then it just dropped off.  Everything slowed down to a snail's pace and I was so frustrated!  So my advice to anyone reading this book is expect a cozy mystery with a slow moving plot set in a small southern town.  

I've read lots of other books by this author and many of them set with these same characters.  The older women in this book have made appearances in the other Haggerty books so in a way it was like visiting with old friends.  I really liked Mac.

Presley's story starts off with a bang and then fizzles as she gets to Haggerty.  Her back story comes in little bits as she and the other residents get caught up in the mystery surrounding a human skeleton found in her aunt's backyard.  Of course things pick up toward the end, the gaps are filled in and the whole story breaks loose, but it takes some patience to get there.  

This book is a clean, cozy mystery.  It is big on southern charm and quirky characters.  Small towns know how to rally around their own and that is exactly what the characters in this book do.  It has all sorts of feel good things going on.  

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