Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lost King (An Omar Zagouri Thriller #2) by H.B. Moore

Undercover agent Omar Zagouri has been ordered to Giza. A prominent Egyptologist was murdered, and a priceless artifact—the only complete version of the Book of the Dead—is missing. Omar is still reeling from the recent disappearance of his girlfriend, Mia Golding, but he puts his quest to find her on hold to track down the lost piece of history.

Omar’s mission is not just to locate the sacred book; he must also rescue the two archaeologists kidnapped and forced to translate its hieroglyphics under threat of death. Their kidnapper is determined to discover the text’s rumored explosive revelation: that Moses did not receive the Ten Commandments from God but instead copied them from the Egyptians. Though Omar’s need to find Mia grows more urgent, he must focus on finding the enemy who will stop at nothing to ignite a controversy that will change history, and the world, forever.

There are so many things I loved about this book.  This series is one of my favorites by H.B. Moore.  She does a fantastic job of bringing ancient Egyptian history to life.  In this book, we alternate between two stories.  Omar and his mission in the current day and age and Hatshepsut's story from long ago.  

 The pacing of this book is fantastic.  There is never a dull moment- especially when it comes to Omar and his mission.  There are car chases, kidnapping, explosions, gun fights and traitors.  It is exciting and full on the whole way.  I loved it.

Honestly, I think I loved Hatshepsut's story the best.  It was so rich and heartbreaking.  I was caught up in her world- I could see it and feel it and even smell it!  It made me want to dig into the history myself. 

This is the second book in this series.  The first book is "Finding Sheba" and I would recommend reading that book before you start this one.  It will give you the back history you need to understand the characters better.

Content:  Sensuality, sexual situations between a married couple and between unmarried couples.  Some details.

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  1. I didn't love the first book but I'm tempted to give this one a try after reading your review.


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