Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer Campaign by Carla Kelly

Miss Onyx Hamilton is about to make what everyone agrees is a perfect marriage―until handsome Major Jack Beresford comes galloping into her life. But with his fortune and connections, Onyx knows he’d never ask for her hand, would he? New and longtime fans alike will relish this delightful romance from Carla Kelly. Charming, sweet, and full of fun, it’s simply impossible to put down.

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Carla Kelly's books are always enjoyable.  She knows how to draw the reader in with well defined characters and settings you can imagine in your head.

Onyx is a strong character.  Carla Kelly doesn't write her female leads any other way.  Onyx has led a hard and unfortunate life but she is resilient and knows how to adapt and work hard.  She also has a tender heart and a desire to please and take care of other people.  She is easy to like.

Jack just wants to go home.  He's faced the brutalities of war and needs time to heal, body and soul.  Jack is a protector though.  It's in his nature.  Oh, and he wants Onyx.

This book is sweet and charming.  There is witty banter and a gentle romance.  This book, to me, was more surface than some of her more recent books- not as meaty.  But still really good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is a clean regency romance.  My thanks to Cedar Fort for providing a copy of this book for review.

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