Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What is Lost (What is Hidden #2) by Lauren Skidmore

Angry at his failure to exact vengeance on the prince, mask maker Joch flees Venesia to find his lost love. When a red-cloaked assassin promises answers, he has little choice but to trust her-though he may be walking into a trap. Unravel the deception in this dazzling story of second chances that will keep you guessing to the last page.

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I loved the first book in this series, What is Hidden.  It was fantastic so I was excited to read this follow up book.  As per usual, I don't really read blurbs and back covers very often- especially by authors of books I've already read.  I like to be surprised.  Sometimes I am REALLY surprised when I start reading.  Like this time.  I wasn't expecting this book to be about Joch, aka The Chameleon.  

Joch isn't the good guy in the previous book.  That alone makes you wonder about reading and liking this book, right?  But, trust me.  You should read it.  Especially if you read What is Hidden and liked it.

Learning more about Joch and his history helped a lot.  It's always good to be reminded that there is always more to a story or person than what meets the eye.  In this story, Joch is on a quest to find his lost love, his first love, his friend.  He is quite single minded and determined.

I have to say that I wasn't really kept guessing until the very last page.  I had it nailed almost from the beginning but it was still a good journey in reading.  My ideas about Joch changed a bit from the first book but I didn't end up loving Joch.  This story, to me, feels like the middle bit of a story.  The characters are being set up and moved around and we are given more pieces to the puzzle but there is still so much more to come.  The ending really left me hanging.  I felt a sense of discontentment for sure.  A little bit of sadness too. Ugh.  I'm looking forward to reading the next book.  When does that come out?!

Content:  Clean

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