Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WhipEye by Geoffrey Saign

Samantha and her neighbor, Jake, have no idea that Samantha’s best friend, a parrot named Charlie, is a thousand years old. Charlie is also at the center of a secret battle between an ancient, evil man’s monsters and magical creatures. When Charlie asks Samantha and Jake to protect him, they are chased by monsters from both sides. To save Charlie, and two worlds, Samantha and Jake have twenty-four hours to figure out how to use the supernatural staff, WhipEye, and find the courage to confront what they fear most…

WhipEye is a MG fantasy adventure book with some mystery and magic thrown in as well.  I'm not sure how MG this book actually is, it felt more YA with MG kids in it.

Charlie is a parrot, a talking parrot with a big problem and he needs help.  Sam and Jake are pulled in to help Charlie in a quest to save two worlds from the evil Magnar who has been holding Charlie captive for many years.  There are lots of monster like creatures who chase after Samantha and Jake.

One thing I think the author did a good job of was describing scenes so that I could visualize them in my head.  I had clear pictures of places and things that were happening.

I'm not sure this book was up to par with the many other MG books I've read through major publishing companies, but it was okay.  The writing was a bit rough around the edges- the flow, the dialogue.  I didn't find myself personally connecting to the characters but it was a fun story and if you enjoy fantasy/magic/adventure type books you may really enjoy this one.  It just wasn't a great fit for me.

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