Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Locksmith by Susan Kaye Quinn

SHORT NOVELLA (STANDALONE) in the Mindjack Universe

When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.

In a world filled with mindreaders, Zeph is a mindjacker who wants to stay hidden—even if it means the cute mindreader in his Latin class is forever out of his reach. He locks and unlocks minds for a ruthless mindjacker Clan in exchange for protection and the chance to have a normal life with his parents and little sister. But when a girl he doesn’t know reveals the existence of mindjackers to the world, Zeph is forced to make a choice: unlock—and ultimately destroy—the mind of a young jacker changeling… or turn his back on everyone he loves.

The Locksmith is a SHORT NOVELLA (STANDALONE) (11000 words or 44 pages), a companion story to the Mindjack Saga (Zeph’s POV), a young adult science fiction series. There are three novels in the original trilogy (Open Minds, Closed Hearts, Free Souls), five novellas that accompany the series (Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe, The Keeper, The Locksmith) and plans for another trilogy in the works.

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I LOVE the Mindjack series.  It's one of my favorites.  If you haven't read this series, you really should.  Especially if you enjoy dystopian/paranormal kind of books.  I am so excited to hear that Susan Quinn has another trilogy based on the Mindjack world in the works!  That makes me happy.

In "The Locksmith", we meet Zeph who can lock down people's minds.  Freaky.  Zeph is young and unsure.  You can sense his hesitancy with pretty much everything.  The ending leaves things wide open for the upcoming trilogy.  It made me anxious to delve back into the Mindjack world again.

This is a super short novella.  I seriously read through it in minutes.  Now I just have to relax and wait.  haha.  Easier said than done!

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