Friday, May 19, 2017

Wrong For You by Jenny Proctor + $25 and Book Giveaway

Lane Bishop is a hardworking, intelligent, young woman. With her recent move to Chapel Hill, she is determined to leave behind the drama and effort of keeping up with the dating scene. Even so, Lane somehow manages to get dragged out by a gaggle of girls to go watch boys play soccer. Just watching is not Lane’s forte, so she joins in the fun and leads her team to victory.

Rather than feeling intimidated by the vivacious beauty on the opposing team, Jamie Hamilton is intrigued. Risking his “untouchable” dating status, he decides to pursue Lane—with a little help from his older brother Simon. With Simon’s behind-the- scenes assistance, Jamie proves irresistible, even to a disillusioned dater like Lane. But as she gets to know both brothers, Lane can’t help but wonder—beneath the grand gestures and romantic words, is she falling for the wrong guy?

This book was so fun.  My smile was out in full force with this one.  The scenes played out so naturally and I could easily visualize what was happening.  It was like the perfect chick flick movie playing out in my head.  See?  Fun!

Yes, the plot is a bit predictable but the unknown is how everything is going to work out in the end when two brothers love the same girl.  That's just a mess waiting to happen because these brothers are close.  They have a fantastic family dynamic that includes loyalty and "I've got your back no matter what".  So yeah, things get messy before they get better.

Lane is fantastic.  She is smart, witty, athletic, beautiful, and full of life and energy.  You can see how different parts of her personality are drawn out by each brother.  

I really enjoyed this book.  It light and fun and you have to love a book that brings all the happy, romantic feels with it!

Content:  LDS fiction (some religious mentions although nothing preachy) some kissing

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