Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Peppercorn Project by Nicki Edwards

One heartbroken woman. One bitter cop. One community to save them.

After the tragic death of her husband, single mum Isabelle Cassidy is bereft and broke. When she hears about The Peppercorn Project – a scheme that offers affordable rent in the tiny but vibrant town of Stony Creek – Issie sees it as her family's best chance at a fresh start.

Newly single police officer Matt Robertson moved to Stony Creek to lick his wounds after a bitter divorce. Wanting only peace and quiet, Matt is against the Project, seeing it as a threat to the peace he's found in the country town – until he meets Issie. Despite himself, Matt is drawn to the widow and feels inexplicably protective of her fragile family.

Just when Issie begins to imagine a future with Matt, an accident proves how far she has to go before she can move beyond her grief. But the citizens of Stony Creek won't rest until they see these two broken souls find a new beginning, together.

Can Issie move beyond the pain of her past and entrust Matt with her family, and her heart?

Happy release day to The Peppercorn Project!  

I've always wanted to go to Australia.  It's interesting to me how I could tell that this author was actually from Australia verses someone from America trying to write about Australia.  :)  I loved the way the words sometimes threw me for a loop but because of context clues I knew what they meant.  I once had a friend living next door to me from Australia and this book just reminded me of her.  I could almost hear the accents.

Issie is broken.  No doubt about it.  She is managing and surviving but not really living.  When she shows up in the small town of Stony Creek, the people there are determined to save her and her children.  I really loved the small town, community feel to this book where people know how to take care of each other.  Issie is the underdog and it is easy to root for the underdog.  It was satisfying to see her emerge from darkness and find her footing again.

This book was really slow moving for me.  I had a hard time staying with it at some points because I just wanted things to move along more quickly.  I was a little let down by the "suspense" moments.  I thought with the build up there would have been more to it.

The last third of the book was the best bit for me.  Things pick up a bit- there is more movement and dialogue.  Relationships grow.  Everything goes crazy and then comes back together.  I love where and how the book ended.

A solid 3 stars for this one!

Content:  Fade to black, behind closed doors sex.  Some innuendo.  Mild swearing and profanity.

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  1. Sometimes the ending does it all. I try to plug through the slow parts in a book, afraid I just might miss something big:)


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