Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Soldier's Bride by Rachelle J. Christensen

As WWII ration cards and battle scars become commonplace across America, it seems to Evelyn that even love is rationed out. When she finds a message from her late husband tucked inside a music box, Jim’s words have the power to change her life: Don't die with me.

Words written out of love, long-lost but never forgotten.

Grief stricken, Evelyn is unsure of how to honor his request, but she finds the courage to keep on living. Jim’s note urges her to give the music box away to unlock the secret within, and although it breaks her heart again, Evelyn trades the music box for a cradle to hold her infant son. Thus begins the decades-long journey of the music box, mending broken hearts, reuniting lost loves, and giving people the courage to heal themselves along the way. This romance crosses battlefields and time as the music box touches the lives of two soldiers, a broken father, a crippled child, a struggling farmer, and a woman once called the soldier's bride.

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I wasn't exactly sure what to expect going into this book.  It didn't sound like the typical romance and I wondered if this was multiple stories put together in one book.  I guess that was the surprise for me because this book was several stories woven together but always with the same few key characters in the mix.

This book was full of love and struggle and forgiveness and healing.  The characters all go through heartache and growth.  The struggle felt real.  I loved the miracle and magic of the music box and how it tied every story together.

This is what I would term a "feel good" book.  It kind of reminded me of a Hallmark Movie. 

Content:  An almost rape scene

I received a copy of book in exchange for my honest review.

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