Monday, May 9, 2016

New Release! The Captain (Griffin Force #2) by Julie Coulter Bellon

Captain Colt Mitchell is part of the elite Griffin Force team hunting down terrorist Nazer al-Raimi. After an attack on the Canadian Parliament buildings, the team gets good intel on Nazer’s whereabouts. They plan to grab him, but when the mission goes wrong, Colt is captured and dragged away. Bruised, restrained, and disoriented, Colt is stunned to see Brenna Wilson, the Canadian intelligence officer who broke his heart years ago, standing next to Nazer. But how deep is she in the operation and can she help Colt escape?

After the devastating attack on Canadian soil, Brenna is recruited to go undercover to find out what Nazer is planning next. She’s close to her goal until her former flame Colt Mitchell is taken hostage. Walking away from him has always been her biggest regret and she knows she has to save him, even if it blows her mission. Taking matters into her own hands, she pulls off a daring escape, but Colt and Brenna must learn to trust each other again if they want to stay alive. With their hearts and their lives on the line can they survive long enough to stop Nazer from ravaging another country’s sense of security?

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I always feel like such a lucky girl to be able to read and review for Julie Bellon.  Her books are so good- full of military suspense and action but not in an overly graphic way.  I love the bit of romance that weaves it's way through the story.  It's never the center stage but in this case, it was the driving force behind the way the events unfolded.

Colt and Brenna have a history.  They knew each other intimately before but went their separate ways due to Brenna's choices.  Imagine coming face to face with the person you loved when you are a hostage and she is undercover as a slave.  Wild set up, that.  

This book has awesome pacing- never a dull or droopy moment.  I love that.  I started the book dropped right into the very thick of things and it just never let up.  I was completely engaged the whole time.  It left me wondering at the end if that was a shorter book because it felt like it was over too fast.  So good.  I love this series!

Content:  Clean romance, some violence (torture, death, injuries, drugging)

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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