Monday, September 21, 2015

Burk's Surrender (Harmon Heritage #3) by Dora Hiers

Deputy City Manager Burk Harmon has always been the strong one for his family, but recently those responsibilities have dwindled. When Lacie Heatherton, Assistant Director for Parks and Recreation, ropes him into a city-sponsored trip to the mountains with fifty seniors, Burk has two things on his mind: considering a possible promotion and wooing Lacie past friendship and into a future. Lacie has emotional scars and a thirteen-year-old daughter to remind her that men can be cruel and unforgiving. Can Burk convince Lacie to relax her "no dating" policy or will he surrender his dreams of family and love?

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I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing all three books in this series and I have really, really enjoyed them.  The Harmon Heritage series is based on three siblings who have had a tough go in life.  Each of them deals with the hard things differently, but Burk has dealt the best, I think.  He has been the one to carry and support his family.  Now that his siblings are finally settled, Burk is able to turn his attention to his own life and finally go after what he wants.

I like Burk.  He is strong and he is a thinker.  He knows what he wants and he knows what he has to do to try to get it.  Burk is kind and knows how to show a girl that he cares.  I was all in and rooting for Burk from the very beginning.

The story flowed well.  The characters are flawed and endearing.  I was easily drawn into the story and I loved how it played out in my head.

My one peeve was how the author kept telling me how Burk and Lacie smelled.  In almost the exact same words, over and over.  I only need to be told once and maybe reminded in a different way another time.  I started rolling my eyes whenever the whole scent thing came up.  Enough with the smell thing already.

But, other than that, I really did enjoy this book.  This author has a great way of writing and I love how easily I can fall into her books.  This is a Christian fiction book.

Content:  Clean.  No swearing or sexual content.  Mention of rape but nothing in detail.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet review, Aimee. So glad you enjoyed the entire series! I'll try to keep that scent thing in mind. :)


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