Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amazing Hairstyles from Easy to Elegant by Becky Porter

Tired of bad hair days? Popular hairstyle blogger Becky Porter teaches you the basics of braids, buns, and twists, and helps you combine them to create amazing hairstyles for any occasion. Go from drab to fab at any age with the easy, step-by-step tutorials in this essential guide.

I think it's important to note first that I am not a very talented hair stylest.  I have two girls and really, I have only mastered the very basics.  I have always wanted to try some fancier things though and this book gave me just the nudge and help that I needed.

I love the easy to understand instructions and the pictures too.  When I am learning to do things, it's so much easier for me to have a book or actual written instructions in front of me.  With this book, I don't have to pause or stop a video and I don't have to take my computer or tablet into the bathroom.  I like that my girls can read me these instructions as I go too.

My oldest daughter even tried some of the fancier braids herself and she did an awesome job!

This book is awesome.  I'm so glad to have it in my house.  I think it's a book that will be used over and over.  I'm envisioning some fancy styles for junior prom right now!  

This would also be a fun gift for any girl along with some bobby pins and other hair tools this book recommends.  I actually think I'm going to do this for my nieces!

You can purchase this book at Amazon and Cedar Fort.

My thanks to Cedar Fort for sending me this book for review.

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  1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to review our book. I'm so glad you found it helpful and were able to recreate some of the styles. I hope you'll continue to find it helpful, as well as things on our blog to help you create some even fancier and fun styles! Thanks again for your kind words and for reviewing our book!


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