Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Wishing Season by Denise Hunter

She daydreams of whipping up sauces and souffles in her own restaurant. His heart is set on helping foster children. Both dreams are at stake. So are their hearts.

With grand plans to open her own bed & breakfast in Chapel Springs, PJ McKinley can't afford the most crucial part: the brick and mortar. But when the owner of a local historic home announces a contest and promises her property to the worthiest candidate, PJ makes a fervent wish and tosses her name into the hat.

Cole Evans is cool, confident, and successful, but he'll never forget his roots. He's thankful for how far he's come and knows his life could have turned out drastically different. If he can win the stately old mansion, he'll turn it into a home for children aging out of the foster system.

When the eccentric house owner narrows the entries down to only two applicants, she extends the contest, giving PJ and Cole one year to prove which one of them can make the best use of her beloved home. As the pair competes in close proximity, something deeper than rivalry sparks between PJ and Cole. And in this battle, they're likely to lose their hearts.

Whenever I see a new book by Denise Hunter coming out, I grab it on NetGalley if I can.  I love reading anything by her.  If you are looking for inspirational, clean romance then you should read this book.  Or any books in this Chapel Springs series, really.  I've enjoyed them all.

PJ and Cole have a very interesting first meeting.  You will love PJ from the very first few moments of this book.  Cole may take you a few chapters longer but you will love him too.  He is determined to do the right thing all the time.   As Cole's story unfolds, it will break your heart.  Both PJ and Cole are determined and have worthy dreams and goals.  The sparks fly between them from the start and we all know where sparks lead, right?  

If only that stalker-ish ex boyfriend would go away.  If only PJ and Cole could forgive themselves.  If only.

This book was easy to read and a great diversion.  I loved the time I spent with PJ and Cole.  I was sad when it was over because I really wanted more!  

Look for this title to be released December 9th.

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