Saturday, November 22, 2014

From the Ashes by Julie Coulter Bellon

**This novella is a continuation of Colby and Sophia's story from Ashes Ashes (Hostage Negotiation Team #2)**

As a suspect in Senator DeMarco's murder, Sophia Naziri worked hard to bring the true killer to justice and prove her innocence. But she pays a high personal price trying to clear her name when she's held hostage and nearly killed---and Sophia can't put it behind her just yet.

Matters get even more complicated when classified information regarding the murder is leaked. Sophia is besieged by the press and trapped even further by the memories that won't let her move on. In order to escape the situation, Sophia heads to a secluded cabin with Detective Colby Black so they can lay low and figure out who the leak is. But can Sophia find the peace she craves? Or will the circumstances that brought her and Colby together now drive them apart?

I'm always excited to read books by authors I love.  This little bonus piece is a novella that comes after "Ashes, Ashes", book two in the Hostage Negotiation Team series.  You really need to read that book before you pick up this novella or you will be hopelessly lost.  But if you haven't yet read this series by Julie Bellon, you really, really should.  It is a fantastic romantic suspense series.  The tension never lets up.  It's one of my favorites.

As for this novella, I loved it.  It wasn't so intense in the suspense department but it gave me that P.S., the happily ever after kind of note at the end.  More detail of how things go after the main intense drama and action.  It was the after effects.  What happens when Sophia and Colby come home?  It isn't all sunshine and lollipops but there is for sure some sweetness in there.  :)  This is a super quick read and I hope Julie does more of these for the other books!  So fun.

My thanks to Julie for letting me read and review for her.  I love being a part of her SWAT team!  What could be better than reading and reviewing for one of your favorite authors?  Not much!  Reading is happy.


  1. I just read that the other day. I agree with your review. It was a great little book. I loved it.

    1. Yay! I love Julie's books. I'm glad to hear you loved it too. It was such a quick read- over before I knew it. :)


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