Thursday, October 28, 2021

A Sleigh Ride Kiss (A Christmas Match #2) by Jen Geigle Johnson


A man she disdains and a man she loves. What happens when she finds out they’re the same person?

Odette Goodson lives with her grandmother in the beautiful Cheshire County. This Christmas she wishes for caroling, snow, sleigh rides, plum pudding, and a lit yule log, with friends and neighbors all around. Her matchmaking grandmother wishes for her to marry the Marquis of Wilmington. She’s heard only unflattering things about him. To her grandmother's consternation, Mr. Wardly shows up on a country lane, a man who seems to be everything the Marquis is not.

Henry Wardly, the Marquis of Wilmington, arrives from the East Indies in Cheshire County six months after his mother’s funeral. Mourning her loss, with a new shipping line at stake, and his own estate to salvage, responsibilities in Cheshire county frustrate him and slow his progress. But he cannot help but be jolly at Christmas time particularly after he runs into the lovely Miss Odette Goodson. Things grow complicated when she confuses him for a gentleman farmer and has shown nothing but disdain for the heretofore unknown Marquis.

Grandmother Amelie Laurent Goodson will work her matchmaking magic, but will it be enough to overcome the strong prejudice in Odette’s preconceived notions or the immediacy of Henry’s needs to be in London?

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Are you ready to start reading Christmas books?  It's a little early for me but you will want to pick this one up, even if you just store it away for a month or so.  It's ever so sweet and will bring all the feelings of good cheer and the spirit of winter and the holidays.

Henry and Odette are great characters.  It was so easy to like them from the very beginning.  I just loved how hard Henry tried to please Odette by paying special attention to her.  It was all the little things.  And it was all Odette from the very beginning for Henry.  Sweet, sweet Henry.  Sweet Odette and a very sweet Christmas romance.

This book is on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.

Content:  sweet kisses

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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