Friday, October 8, 2021

Hudson's Heart by Stephanie Fowers


She's his heart... he just doesn't know it yet.

Hudson Slade has a lot to answer for. His brother crossed the family next door and messed them over bad, but he helped create that monster. Mimi Bridges has forgiven him, but she doesn't know the half of it. Worse, he might look like a tough cowboy, but he's got a soft spot for her.

Getting together with Mimi might be harder than Romeo sneaking in to see Juliet, and unfortunately Hudson knows exactly how that turned out.

Ooh, I loved the tension and the attraction in this story!  Give me a good kiss right away and I'm in.  Hudson and Mimi are so good together but that Hudson sure has his hang-ups.  Good thing his hang-ups aren't bigger than Mimi's spunk and tenacity!  

There was quite a cast of characters in this book so it took a minute to get used to all of them but I think the author did a good job of helping me remember and distinguish between them all.  I was really rooting for  Hudson and Mimi from the very beginning and I love becoming so invested in characters.  Hudson and Mimi have a whole lot of family between them and most of them were also rooting for them to get together.  Some even went to some pretty crazy extremes.  All in the name of love.  (cue hayride kidnapping and cellar lock in)

This was the perfect book to read right now because fall is settling in where I live and the fall setting of this book just felt right.  Snuggle up, get a hot drink and this book!

Content:  kissing, some Christian elements

- I picked this book up on Kindle Unlimited

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