Monday, April 22, 2019

Love in Bloom: A Destination of Heart Romance Book 3 by Lisa Swinton

Camille is supposed to keep her stress level down. A fake marriage is definitely against the doctor’s orders. 

Following a collapse at Lakr, her makeup company, workaholic Camille is sent to the French Riviera to reshape her health habits. The beach is beautiful, but boring, until Camille reunites with university chum Tristan. He does things to her heart her doctor wouldn’t approve of.

When he offers her the chance to attend the exclusive French Royal Château and Garden Tour, Camille jumps at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However they’ll have to enter into a fake marriage to go on the tour.

On holiday from his research lab in India, Tristan is delighted to be reunited with Camille, his university crush. With each passing day, his feelings for her grow. Self doubt convinces him that he’s unworthy of her love. Tristan must protect her from the secrets of his past, even if it means breaking both of their hearts.

I was so excited to see a new book in this series!  Camille finally gets her love story.  Camille appeared in the previous book as such a vibrant character I was really hoping this book would be about her.

Camille starts this story out in a bad way.  She is overworked and has a complete physical collapse.  Her mind and body are in need of some healthy R&R and what better place to find that then the French Riviera?!  I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat but not Camille.  She is not happy to be there at all.  Crazy girl.

But then Tristan.  Camille sure perks up at the sight of him!  But poor Tristan is holding on to difficult things from his past and just can't seem to let them go.  He is so convinced in his mind that he isn't good enough for Camille.   There is a lot of frustration on both sides of this story and I felt that too.

I loved that there was some added depth to this story through Tristan's struggles.  It was a slow reveal of information which is really what kept me invested throughout this story.  I loved the concept of second chance at love and the pretend engagement that added some dynamic situations.  Although I love flowers and gardens, that part of the story got a little long for me.  The story definitely slowed down at the long descriptions of the many places the couple toured.  I could have done without quite so much of that.  Overall though, I think this was a lovely addition to this series.

Content:  some descriptions of violence, torture.  Kissing.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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