Monday, June 19, 2017

Onboard for Love (Billionaire Beach Romance) by Cami Checketts

Alicia Noir believes her ex-husband's race car is more important to him than his family. When their eight-year old son pulls them into the cruise vacation of a lifetime, she has to find a way to resist Trav's charm, his well-formed chest, and especially his unending kindness. Will vacation reignite their love or is their romance destined to crash and burn for the final time?

Cami Checketts specializes in sweet, romantic stories.  I feel like she writes them just for me- because if I am in the mood for some feel good romance, Cami is an author I look to.  She makes reading effortless and easy- the perfect diversion.

I think this book is my favorite of Cami's most recent.  I loved Trav, his kindness, his sincerity and his persistence.  He really wants to understand Alicia and fix whatever went wrong.  Did I mention he is kind?  Kindness is really so sexy.  I really just loved Trav.  

When you add in an energetic eight year old boy, a cruise through the Caribbean and all kinds of misunderstandings- well, it's the perfect set up for romance with a side of frustrating hair pulling!  But all's well that ends well and this one ended SO well.  It made me happy!

You can pick this on up on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.  I LOVE Kindle Unlimited!

Content:  clean, kissing

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  1. Thank you, Aimee! I fell in love with Trav too :)


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