Saturday, June 24, 2017

Falling for June (Falling series #3) by Heather B. Moore

Once a year, June Dawson goes on vacation with her best friends from high school. When she arrives in Maui, she realizes she's the odd-woman out. With Sydney engaged, and Maria nearly so, June wonders if anyone will ever fall for her. Then June meets Lance, their gorgeous next door bungalow neighbor at the Maui resort, and she's definitely charmed. But after her recent breakup, June refuses to fall for gorgeous, or charming, again.

This is the third story in this three novella series.  You do not have to read them in order but you will probably enjoy the characters more if you do.

I loved the Hawaiian setting.  I wish I were there right now.  It sets up the perfect scenario for romance.  June doesn't have a very high self esteem thanks to a loser ex boyfriend, and she always feels less than what she perceives her friends to be.  She is so surprised when she finds Lance directing his smiles and gaze toward her.  

This is such a quick story- over before you know it but it was very romantic and sweet.  I wish it could have been longer because it seriously took me about a half hour to read.   I enjoyed it though and I think it's a great addition to this series.  I've loved all three of these books.  If you are looking for a quick, bite sized, romantic getaway, check out this series!

Content:  kissing

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