Monday, October 6, 2014

Focused: Keeping Your Life on Track, One Choice at a Time by Noelle Pikus Pace

In her first book, Olympic silver medalist Noelle Pikus-Pace shares ten vital lessons that have been instrumental to her success—in sports and in life. From overcoming devastating injuries to pursuing her dreams despite feelings of inadequacy and loneliness to maintaining her values in the face of extreme pressure, Noelle tells of heartbreak and triumph in a warm, conversational style as she shares insights to help others focus on the right priorities and find the faith to stay strong. With dozens of full-color photographs, motivating observations, and soul-searching reflections, chapters such as "You Always Have a Choice," "Dare to Stand Alone," and "The World Is Watching" offer a unique perspective for readers of all ages as they strive to stay on track the challenges and opportunities of everyday life.

I love reading books that inspire me to be better.  I also love reading about people who have been in the world's spotlight and stood out for their perseverance, optimism and strength of character.  This is one of those kind of books.

Noelle is an athlete through and through.  She has the heart of an athlete.  In this book Noelle not only shares her experiences but what her experiences taught her.  I love the way that Noelle has taken every hard experience and used it to become better and stronger.  Her positive attitude and outlook really make this book stand out.

One of the things I enjoyed about this book was the conversational approach.  I really felt like I was hanging with Noelle and she was just telling me about things.  The book doesn't come off as "I'm better than you".  It felt like a friend giving encouragement and support because she knows all about dealing with tough things.

I loved the inspirations quotes and pictures sprinkled throughout this book.  Even the font changes made this book so appealing.  The messages found in this book can be applied to everyone.  They are based on faith and are full of optimism and strength.  It's all about choices and we make thousands of choices every day.  Where will our choices lead us?  We always have a choice.

I really hope I can convince my teenage daughter to read "Focused".  There are so many words of wisdom that she could benefit from.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to read and review this book.  I am a better me for having read it.  My thanks to Deseret Book for allowing me the privilege.

"It is easier to stand with courage in the days to come if you decide today who you are and what you stand for."

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