Saturday, October 11, 2014

Janitors: Strike of the Sweepers by Tyler Whitesides

The stakes have never been higher, and you've never seen squeegees do this before! It is a wild and slightly unsanitary ride as Spencer, Daisy, and the rebels find themselves chased by Mr Clean's new and terrifying breed of toxite—the Sweepers. Time is short. With the fable Manualis Custodem in hand, Spencer must figure out how to summon the founding witches if they ever hope to mop up and save education.

I am always excited to see a new Janitors book come out.  This is the fourth book in the series and it isn't over yet!   Tyler Whitesides writes with imagination and creativity.  Every book I say to myself, "how does he come up with this stuff?!"

These are middle grade books and some of the best I've ever come across.  If you have a reluctant reader, this might be a good series to perk their interest.  I actually think this series would be awesome read aloud.  If my kids were younger, this is the one I'd be reading them.

In this book, my favorite things were the squeegees that when rubbed on glass create a portal to get from one place to another.  I can think of a lot of people I would love to squeegee with!  To be able to travel home to see my parents with the swipe of a squeegee would be awesome!!  The other thing I loved was the Thingamajunk.  I think I want one of those.

My favorite quote is found on page 92.  "Because victory will come to those who fight for what is right.  It won't come without its fair share of pain and suffering.  No victory comes without sacrifice.  But it will come.  We just have to stay the course."

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  1. I'd never heard of this series (but I'm also 25, so I'm a bit beyond the target audience and am not around kids), but it sounds amazing! I think more books like this would be really helpful in getting more people to read. Pretty sure most of my classmates from before college haven't picked up a single book since the mandatory reading then.


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