Thursday, October 17, 2013

Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection: Review and Giveaway

Come explore Regency London with Carla Kelly! This collection features four stories that will warm your heart with Christmas cheer: "The Christmas Ornament," "Make a Joyful Noise," "An Object of Charity," and "The Three Kings." Filled with romance and a touch of humor, these stories are sure to find a place in your heart and remind you that Christmas is a time for love.

I am a Carla Kelly fan.  It's true.   In this book, you will find several short stories with a Regency setting.  I loved them all.  They were perfect little romantic stories that can be read straight through or one at a time if you are the kind of person that likes to draw things out to make them last.  (Kind of like sucking on a piece of candy verses chomping them right away.  Guess what kind of candy eater I am?!  Chomper.)

I'll admit, I didn't take time to savor these.  I read one story after another, almost straight through.  They were so sweet.    I just couldn't help myself.  The characters, the settings, and the Christmas feel all make these short stories feel so good.  I think my favorites were "The Three Kings" and "An Object of Charity".  I think what I love about collections of short romance stories is that I get multiple happily ever after endings.  What's not to love about that?!

This would be the perfect holiday gift idea for Regency romance lovers.  Or clean romance lovers.  Or it would be the perfect way to give yourself a little indulgence.  (think of your cozy reading place, with your favorite cold weather beverage...)

You can purchase Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection at Amazon in print or ebook.  You also have the chance to win an ebook copy of this book, thanks to the awesomeness of Cedar Fort.  :)

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