Thursday, October 3, 2013

Two Room Flat by Jill Urbach

Spicy fiction made novelist Claire Gissler a star, but she can’t pen a sentence to save her life since her husband’s accidental death two years ago. Now, deeply in debt, her only hope of reviving her crumbling career is to flee small town America for big city London. Trouble is, she can’t afford the move. That is, not until handsome Adam Lambright — her husband’s best friend and the man she blames for his death — offers to let her stay in his flat... with him.

Adam Lambright used to know how to smile, how to have fun, how to love, but that was before watching his best friend die and his wife wither away from cancer. Now, ticked off at God, he’s vowed never to love again. That doesn’t mean he can’t help out his best friend’s widow. Heck, her life’s more of a mess than his own.

Seeing no other possible option, Claire moves to London. In that exciting city, she faces the challenges of rebuilding her career — and the attentions of her sexy English publicist. But, it’s her growing feelings for Adam that present the biggest challenge: learn to forgive or face heartbreak once again.

Claire and Adam definitely have history together.  Before their spouses died, they were friends as couples.  Since their spouses died they are barely even civil to each other.  That makes for some major conflict and tension as the regain that friendship and feel it morphing into something more.  It happens pretty slowly as they find some common ground and then start spending more time together.  They learn how to be friends and support each other.  I like that the relationship grew from that instead of attraction first.

I really liked the tension and the build up.  The attraction is real and zingy.  I liked that this couple was more mature, not the usual young twenty-ish.  It's nice to change that up a bit now and then.  (or maybe it's just because I am getting older and like when I'm not the oldest one in the book/reader relationship.  ha!)  

I love the London setting.  I can't wait to get there someday and this book had me dreaming of that day.  

For me, this book was on the spicier side of sweet.  There was a lot of talk about sexual things and situations although no actual sex.

You can find this book on Amazon for just $2.99!

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