Thursday, September 1, 2022

Sinister Secrets by Traci Hunter Abramson, Clair M. Poulson and Paige Edwards


Traci Hunter Abramson: Secrets of St. Augustine

FBI Special Agent Doug Valdez is in France looking for money launderers. The last thing he expects is to find a young girl fleeing for her life or the deadly game of cat and mouse that ensues.

Paige Edwards: In Plain Sight

Jaclyn Girard was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now she’s caught in the middle of a deadly investigation. With danger mounting, she must work alongside FBI operative Cody Ackert if she hopes to survive.

Clair M. Poulson: Hounded

Recently retired Army Ranger Renn Huitt has found the perfect job. Working for Bob, a private investigator nearing retirement, should be easy. But Bob has put a lot of people behind bars—people who hold a grudge. And now they are coming for him.

Secrets of St. Augustine: 5 stars
If you have read any of this author's books, Agent Doug Valdez will be familiar to you.  He's been in quite a few books so his character was familiar to me.  Even if you haven't read about him before, his general backstory is covered so you will have a good idea just how awesome he is.  This story is action packed and fast moving starting in France and then through Europe.  Poor Layla.  The history of her short life so far will break your heart.  Doug was the perfect person to cross paths with her and save her.  I loved this story!  (no romance here, but definitely love!)

Hounded:  3.5 stars
Author Clair Poulson is going at knowing his terminology and the way the police process works.  His stories always sound believable and reasonable.  There was a lot going on in this story, and there were a lot of people involved.  I didn't have trouble keeping them all straight, I just had trouble connecting to the characters and to any sort of emotion.  I liked the strong men who had strong women helping them though.  That felt good.  (mild romance)

In Plain Sight:  5 stars
This story was such a good balance of all things emotional and suspenseful.  I loved the dual perspective from both Cody and Jaclyn.  Jaclyn's family was brought into the story and it really made things feel homey and gave that touch of realistic as they all shared a cramped apartment for a bit.  The food, the sleeping, the bathroom.  There was plenty of action and tension to keep me reading, anxious and invested all the way through.  My favorite of the three novellas in this book.  (This novella held the most romance.)

Content:  peril, violence (running, chasing, gunshots, fighting).

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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