Monday, January 30, 2017

A Season in London (Timeless Regency Collection Book 6) by Elizabeth Johns, Heather B. Moore and Rebecca Connolly

POOR RELATIONS by Elizabeth Johns
As a ‘poor relation,’ Emma Standrich has already pre-empted her dismal Season by applying for a governess post. Her aunt and cousin are kind enough to sponsor her, but in truth, Emma is just waiting for it to all be over. Emma’s grief over the death of her brother while in military service casts a pallor on everything else in her life. When Colonel Shelton, the man who was her brother’s superior, asks her to dance at her first ball, Emma is more surprised than anyone. But she has questions for him, and soon she’s caught up in an intrigue she wasn’t expecting—both of the heart and the mind.

EDWARD & EMILY by Heather B. Moore
As a second son, Edward Blackwood never anticipated becoming heir to his family estate, or the need to find a wife and secure that inheritance. But with the death of his older brother, Edward is thrust into a life he never wanted. When his mother encourages him to be kind to his long-time neighbor Emily Foster, a girl he’d hardly paid attention to while growing up, Edward realizes that returning home might not be such a set-back after all.

A SPORTING SEASON by Rebecca Connolly
Daphne Hutchins is no simpering female who aims for a husband with a fortune. In fact, she’d be more than happy to live her life free of the heartache that men seem to bring. So when she sets out to play the fool in front of the ton during her first Season in order to send all eligible men running, she’s quite unprepared for James Woodbridge. Bored, but with a sense of family duty, James arrives for the Season, anticipating going through the expected motions befitting any gentleman. What he isn’t prepared for is Daphne Hutchins and the way she completely upends his heart.

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If you love Regency romance, you must give this book a look!  There are three fantastic stories by three fantastic authors.  Each story felt fresh and new and maybe just a bit off the beaten regency path- especially the last one.  I've never read a regency quite like that one before.  I really enjoyed all three books.  They were easy to settle in with and made me smile.

I just love these Timeless Collection books.  I know just what I'm going to get with them- clean romance, no matter the genre, by authors I know and love.  Once in awhile I'm introduced to an author new to me, which is also fun.  It's nice to get a variety of authors and stories.  

Content:  Clean

- I received a copy of this book free.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.

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