Friday, January 6, 2017

Movie Review: The Last Descent

The details of the passing of John Jones in Nutty Putty Cave have been well documented, but his story did not end there. Witness the power of love, family, and the Plan of Salvation in this critically acclaimed film that shows that family bonds extend beyond this life.

Ugh.  It's almost impossible to review movies like this one.  It's based on a true story and honestly, it's just sad.  I know it was supposed to inspire me, and I came out of it feeling extraordinarily grateful, but I was just not inspired.  I was sad.

John Jones and his brother decide to go explore the Nutty Putty cave in Utah.  They weren't well equipped and they just shouldn't have gone in that cave as unprepared as they were.  It is well know to be dangerous.  Long story short is John gets stuck.  Wedged in an impossible position, upside down.  It's horrifying.

My gratitude expands for the many, many people who fought so hard to save him.  Emergency crews, rescue crews, the sheriff's department, doctors and so many more, working so hard and trying for so long.  So many people giving their all to try to save this one man from a very dangerous circumstance at personal risk to them all.  That is amazing to me and shows the best part of humanity.

As the movie goes on, we get glimpses into John's past, including the courtship of his wife.  It's a sweet story, but just made the reality of his situation all the more heartbreaking.  John is a champion through it all- so humble and grateful.  But in the end, he still dies.  It's just sad.  The whole deal.  Sad.  

So, if you want a tear jerker story- this is your movie.  If you are into movies based on true stories, then you should check this one out.  If you have a loved one who loves to explore caves, you should NOT watch this movie.  :)

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  1. I don't think I could handle this! I've read too many sad books lately and a sad movie would make me cry for days. It sounds like a good story, though.


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