Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Still Life (Chesapeake Valor #2) by Dani Pettrey

Work hits too close to home for crime scene photographer Avery Tate when her best friend disappears. The only lead is a chilling photo of her--apparently dead. As Avery, her boss Parker, and his friends dig into the case, she's forced to confront her feelings for Parker when they come face-to-face with a dangerous criminal.

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This is the second book in the Chesapeake Valor series.  I loved the first book, Cold Shot, and I knew I would be coming back for more in this series.  Dani Pettrey is one of my favorite authors in the Christian Fiction world.  

I have to say that this book gave me the willies.  It was creepy and the whole plot was a little (or a whole lot) twisted and dark.  This book felt a bit different than other books Pettrey has written and I can't say that I loved this book as much as previous books I've read, but it definitely had my attention.

I do love how we have the same main characters in every book.  They all work together and separately so we have a chance to know them all bit by bit.  There were two different story lines happening here (actually, there were three but one is really in the background) so I'm anticipating the one that didn't reach a resolution will continue on as the main focus in the next book.

This book has a lot of characters but I never felt like I was lost or couldn't keep track of who was who.  It took me a quick minute to remember the previous book and how all these characters were interwoven, but once it started coming back, it was easy to relax into the story.  Well, as relaxing as a creepy, twisted story can be.

I read through this book quickly (but not at night!).  I suspected everyone at some point or another of something and I didn't see that ending coming at all.  Crazy!  I will be coming back for the next book, I just hope the creepy, dark, twisted stuff is taken down a notch.

Content:  Violence, some graphic and disturbing scenes, murder.  Innuendo, some references to drug use, sexual activity with no details.  No swearing or profanity.  Some light Christian elements- characters praying for help.

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