Tuesday, April 5, 2016

House Without Lies (Lily's House Book 1) by Rachel Branton

Her Dream Didn’t Include Falling in Love
Lily has a dream, a dream of a big house without lies, a place of refuge for runaway girls. She knows what it’s like to grow up feeling unloved, and she now fills every space in her tiny apartment with endangered teens. They don’t have everything they need, but together they have enough.

Or so she thinks—until she meets Jameson and glimpses the mysterious something between them that just might mean real love.

Jameson, who works as a teen counselor, believes the only way Lily can really help the girls is by certifying as a foster parent and going through the system. But becoming legitimate may mean losing some of the girls to the families who threw them away, and Lily hasn’t worked hard to save the teens only to abandon them now.

It seems Jameson will be one more entry on the very long list of things Lily has given up for the girls. What other choice is there when she is all they have?

When two of the teens’ fathers come looking for them, and another one’s mother plans to put her daughter in danger, Lily’s life spins out of control. They need a new home—and fast. A safe place. A house without lies.

Editorial note: House Without Lies is a clean, contemporary romance with a satisfying ending (no cliffhanger). There are currently two sequels that tell the stories of other characters connected with Lily’s House: Tell Me No Lies and Your Eyes Don’t Lie. Another novel and several novellas are in the works.

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There are so many different reasons to love a book.  This book is a clean romance, which I love, but there are a lot of clean romance books out there.  This one stood out because it was equal parts plot and character driven.  There was such a good balance of both going on that I was completely absorbed into everything.  I didn't want to put this book down.

All I know is that we need more Lily's in this world.  While reading, I wanted to be Lily.  Or someone just like her.  She has a ginormous heart, dedicated to helping girls that cannot help themselves.  I loved her determination and her protective nature.  

Yes, there was a growing romance with a few bumps happening throughout this book but the main focus of this book really was Lily and her relationship with the girls under her care.  Jameson just gradually found his way into Lily's life and goals.  

There were a lot of characters in this book which can be so overwhelming as a reader but each character in this book was so distinct in personality and traits that I had no problem keeping everyone straight.  I am so glad that while this is the beginning of a series, this book ended happily and with resolution.  The other books that follow will be based on different characters and can each stand alone.  That's my favorite kind of series!  I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series that revolves around Lily's sister.

Content:  Clean romance, some talk of drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse

* I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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