Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Deja Date by Susan Hatler

She sent Chris Bradley off with a "Rock On Stud" farewell in Truth or Date. She tried to nab Noah Peterson in My Last Blind Date. Blonde bombshell. Office flirt. But things didn't go so well for her in Up to Date... Get ready for Melinda Morgan's story revealed in Déjà Date!!

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I love, love, love getting a new book for review from Susan Hatler and I love the Better Date Than Never series.  This is book nine in this series of short stories  where Melinda finally has her story told.  Yay!

The good thing about short stores is you can read them quickly and have a romantic indulgence in no time at all.  The bad thing about short stories is they are over so fast it leaves you wanting more.  That's how I felt about this book.  Over too fast.  I want more.  Oh, and I want a marshmallow fudge bar too.  (what?  Melinda drools over them the whole book and now I want one too!)  Romance and chocolate is a winning combination.  :)

I love Nate and I love Nate for Melinda.  This is a second chance at first love kind of book and it's clean with some happy kissing.  The perfect evening getaway.  

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Melinda's story!! Mary Ann's story is coming up next. :) Xoxo, Susan


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