Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rebel Princess by Janice Sperry

Meet the upside-down fairy-tale princess! Raven Perilous is not nice because nice princesses get locked in towers. When Prince Charming shows up, Raven—who is not in distress—decides to show him who’s boss. This enchanting adventure, filled with magic forests and mystical creatures, will captivate fans of fairy tales everywhere!

Aw, this book was so cute.  A middle grade level read for sure, clean and did I mention cute?  This is a book perfectly geared for the pre-teen as the main characters are about 13 years old.

Princess Raven has been living in the "real world", trying to avoid being locked in a tower.  She is not very nice and has been cursed to spew frogs and slugs when she says unkind things.  EEWWWW!  Despite trying not to be very nice, Raven really is a good girl.  She tries to obey her parents and in the end, she does figure out the whole nice thing.  Raven isn't your typical princess (grunge is more her style) but she is endearing even when she is being a little bossy.

Raven has an evil twin brother (who really isn't so evil) and when she meets Prince Charming the three of them are sucked into fairy tale land and thus begins a magical adventure together.  

Prince Charming loves his sword, has been put under a spell to turn into a rat and isn't so very charming.  They meet all kinds of fairy tale creatures on their quest to get home- dragons, tooth fairies, princess's, the muffin man and many more.  The three young royals have to learn how to work together and get along.  Luckily they have a little bit of help along the way.

I thought this book was cute.  (I think I've said that before?)  It's fun and young readers will really enjoy this light hearted read.  My 11 year old daughter will be a perfect fit for this book.  I'm adding it to her summer reading list!

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