Monday, June 16, 2014

Counting Candles by Dustin W. Bradshaw

How much difference do we make? As James Smith approaches 40, his life is mediocre. But his actions have had a vast impact on those around him. Be touched by the extraordinary impact of an ordinary life.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading Counting Candles.  It was a great change of pace for me, something unlike the other books I've been reading and such a breath of fresh air.  

This is the story of a man.  A husband, a father.  He goes to work every day to provide for his family.  He coaches his son's little league team.  He goes out to lunch with his friends occasionally.  He's a normal, every day guy.  But James's story is so much bigger than it seems and not because he has super powers or celebrity status, but just because of the kind of guy he is.

James Smith is kind.  He is considerate.   He works hard at the things that are most important to him.  He cares about other people.  When you are kind, you touch other people.  It is a story as simple as that.

The opening chapters follow James around a few typical days in his life.  Then, in the chapters that follow, we read about how a few moments of James life changed or helped other people from their points of view.  James doesn't even realize the impact of his choices and words at the time but it all comes together at the end of the book.

What I love about this book is the overall message that the little things do matter.  Kindness matters.  You just never know when a small gesture of kindness will change the world for someone else.  Every person has the opportunity for greatness through integrity and kindness.

This book made me feel good.  It was a good reminder that even I, in my ordinary and maybe even mediocre life can bring about good by small and simple things.  Every choice matters.  I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to read this book.

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Being raised in a small farming community, Dustin Bradshaw thrives on adventure and challenge. Dustin lives by the theme, “If you want to accomplish something, do it!” It was with this attitude that Dustin penned his first book in third grade and, as a senior in high school, entered and won a literary scholarship that he was told no male had ever won. This same adventurous nature has helped Dustin achieve many of his life's goals, including forming that country boy into a accomplished leader. Dustin is now a Foreign Service Officer for the United States Department of State. He and his wife, Hiva, are now posted in Manila, Philippines.

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