Monday, June 9, 2014

A is for Abstinence by Kelly Oram

Six-time Grammy Award-winning musician Kyle Hamilton has it all—money, fame, talent, good looks, and a job he loves. His only regret in life: walking away from a certain notorious virgin because he was too prideful, stubborn, and even afraid to give her the only thing she asked of him—his abstinence.

Four years and a broken heart later, Kyle realizes that sex isn’t everything, and he suddenly can’t stop thinking about the girl that got away. Virgin Val Jensen got under his skin like no one else ever has. He wasn’t ready for her then, but things are different now. He’s grown up, he’s learned a few things, and he’s finally figured out exactly what he wants, or, rather, who he wants.

Kyle Hamilton wants a do-over, and this time he’s willing to do—or not do—whatever it takes.

First of all, if you haven't read V is for Virgin, you really need to read that book before you read this book.  Kyle and Val's story starts there and continues on in this book, years later.  While V is for Virgin was a YA book, this book moves up into the "new adult" genre.  Because of the content, it is more suitable for mature audiences.  There are no explicit sex scenes, but the whole book revolves around sex, or lack of sex, or wishing for sex or talking about sex.  You get the idea.  It is not a book I would hand to any teenager I know.

As I said, Kyle and Val have grown up a bit since the last book.  A lot can happen in four years, and it has for both Kyle and Val.  Luckily, Kyle is trying to grow up and become more mature about things.  He's decided that Val is the girl he wants and he sets out on a mission to do whatever it takes to get her.

Val is understandably wary of Kyle and his intentions.  She's been burned by him before.  Of course, the flames of passion still burn strong and the chemistry between Kyle and Val is enough to set the book on fire.  Their lusty connection continues to build to bursting.  It must be noted that Val promotes waiting until marriage for sex.  That is absolutely a message I do stand behind for so many reason.  I am grateful to see that she stuck that decision in this book as well.

Kelly Oram really has a gift for writing tangible chemistry.  The dialogue between characters is real and flows so well.  I was happy to see some resolution with Kyle and Val as well as some of the other characters.

This book crossed over my comfort lines with the whole sex theme.  Explicit sex scenes aside, I still wouldn't call this book a "clean romance".  There is also swearing, which goes beyond "mild".  I could have done without that as well.  Both of these are personal preferences, I realize, and not shared by everyone.  The author is very upfront about the content in this book being more pronounced and I'm grateful to her for that.  In the future, I will stick with her YA books and leave the New Adult books to more adventurous readers.  ;)

You can purchase A is for Abstinence at Amazon.  (how is that for alliteration?)


  1. Beautiful alliteration. ;)

    Thanks for the heads up about the content. I have both V is for Virgin and A is for Abstinence, but haven't read either one yet. I love Kelly Oram's books, but she does dance the line of comfortable levels of content.

    1. I agree 100%. I hope you enjoy the books though, content aside. You really can't help but be sucked into Kelly's books. She really is a talented author.

  2. I haven't read these, but even with the mans face not fully on the cover, I can tell he's a hottie...hehehe!

    1. Uh, yeah. That is putting it mildly. He is a hottie. An on fire hottie. :)


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