Thursday, May 8, 2014

Faith Departed by Elizabeth Maddrey

Starting a family was supposed to be easy.

Twin sisters June and July have never encountered an obstacle they couldn’t overcome. Married just after graduating college, the girls and their husbands remained a close-knit group. Now settled and successful, the next logical step is children.

But as the couples struggle to conceive, each must reconcile the goodness of God with their present suffering. Will their faith be strong enough to triumph in the midst of trial?

This book tackles a subject that will hit close to home for a lot of people. Even though I personally haven't had these particular struggles, there are people close to me that have and it is a very hard thing.

I thought the author did a good job of bringing out the myriad of emotions that surround this tough topic of infertility and conception frustrations. June and July are both dealing with their own struggles and are having a hard time. With each other, with understanding, with God.

The couple scenes of June and/or July with their mother really threw me for a loop. Do mother's today actually act that way? Say those things to their own kids? It makes my heart sad to think that a mother could attack and belittle her child over things they have no control over. So, so sad.

I actually really liked that both June and July questioned themselves and God. I think that struggles and questions can lead us closer to God if we'll let them. This is, obviously, a Christian Fiction book and it deals with these two women and their relationship with God.

One of the reasons I like books like these is that it helps me remember that there are people out there struggling with things we may not even have a clue about. Sometimes it's hard to know that but it always reminds me of a quote I love. "Be Kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Knowing and understanding someone's struggles can help us be more kind but even if we don't know, we should always extend kindness.

My thanks to the author for allowing me to read and review her book. You can purchase "Faith Departed" at Amazon.

Elizabeth Maddrey began writing stories as soon as she could form the letters properly and has never looked back. Though her practical nature and love of math and organization steered her into computer science for college and graduate school, she has always had one or more stories in progress to occupy her free time. When she isn’t writing, Elizabeth is a voracious consumer of books and has mastered the art of reading while undertaking just about any other activity. She loves to write about Christians who struggle through their lives, dealing with sin and receiving God’s grace.

Elizabeth lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with her husband and their two incredibly active little boys. She invites you to interact with her at her website or on Facebook:

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  1. Wow...this sounds like a good one. I had infertility issues, so I am afraid it will hit a little too close to home...But thankfully in time we were blessed with 3 great kids. Great review. Thanks for sharing :)


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