Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Soul's Kiss by Debra Chapoton

When a tragic accident leaves Jessica comatose, her spirit escapes her body. Navigating a supernatural realm is tough, but being half dead has its advantages.

Like getting into people’s thoughts.

Like taking over someone’s body.

Like experiencing romance on a whole new plane - literally.

Jessica learns an amazing truth as she struggles to return to her body before the doctors pull the plug, only she can’t do it alone. Now the only two people willing to help Jessica’s splintered soul are the two she’s hurt the most. They must find a way to guide her soul back to her body ... before it’s too late.

I haven’t ever read a book quite like this one before.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going into this book but I was pleasantly surprised.

Jessica finds herself in an in between state- her body is in a coma, unresponsive, but her spirit is full on and active.  Jessica finds she has the ability to get into people’s heads and know their thoughts and see their memories.  By doing this, she is able to uncover the truth about some events involving her friends and herself.

I’ll admit I was a little bit creeped out by Jessica’s mind traveling ability.  Can you imagine?  Someone else in your head?  <creepy shivers>  Then she gets stuck inside someone’s mind and can’t get out.  Yikers!

What I liked about the book was that each chapter was written from different points of view.  All the characters, including Jessica, had their moment.  I liked gaining information that way and I thought it added a lot to the book.

When Jessica entered someone’s head, she always came away with a part of them and left some part of her or other’s she had touched behind.  So, that means that eventually, everyone that had Jessica in their mind also had bits of the other people too.  Memories, mostly, that weren’t their own.  Wow.  It all sounds so strange, right?  But, kinda cool too.

I enjoyed reading this book.  It was interesting and kept my attention the whole way through. 

Content:  There was some mention of teenage sex although nothing is described in detail.  But, you do know it happened.  There is also a group of teenagers who deliberately set out to hurt other teenagers.  They are mean and do things that are against the law.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review. You are an insightful reader and an A+ reviewer.

  2. That is because teenagers are mean to each other...hehe! This sounds great. Great review :)


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